The spacex engineering team apparently got the data it needed from the test flight of sn15 because the company scrapped plans to fly its next prototype. The sn16 in favor of moving toward higher flights, however, activity at the starbase now seems to focus much on building up capabilities for an orbital launch attempt of the starship system and the tests of bn3 ship 20 named aptly so because spacex has abandoned the sn nomenclature. For starship prototypes instead calling them ships now seems to have been forgotten, but this is an indispensable part of this orbital flight test. What is the current status of ship 20 spacex has been also building ship 20 step by step. It is standing in mid bay now, while most of sn20s upgrades are a mystery. Much of the ship 20 rocket is already complete in a high bay facility in boca chica texas, like starship sn15, which musk said sported hundreds of improvements. Next major technology, rev is at sn20 those ships will be orbit capable with heat shield and stage separation system. Ascent success probability is high. However, sn20 plus vehicles will probably need many flight attempts to survive: mach 25 entry, heating and land intact. So what exactly are the differences of ship 20? In addition to hundreds of internal improvements, that spacex did not reveal, one of the enhancements is physically visible. First spacex has significantly increased the number of heat shield tiles on this starship prototype on may 13th. Many thermal protection tiles were seen on the potential ship 20 section.

There is a difference compared with s15 and the arrangement of the heat shield. There will be gaps to separate the parts so that they do not form a seamless block surrounding the body of starship engineers. Have tested coupon samples of heat shield material on the starship’s stainless steel skin, but the orbital clasp rocket will require a more extensive thermal barrier to withstand the super hot temperatures of atmospheric re entry. So how many heat shields does s20 need for orbital flight? The number of spaceship thermal protection system or tps tiles on the sn15 prototype is around 829. I predicted there are more than 10 000 heat shields on s20 and what about you what’s? Your guess. Let us know in the comments below next. The ship’s thrust dome spotted in work at boca chica earlier last month, has already confirmed that the prototype will be the first with the necessary hardware for raptor vacuum engine installation talking about raptors for ship 20. Last month, spacex sent starship’s first vacuum raptor engine to boku chica. Three of these are used on an orbital starship so that it can travel at optimal efficiency in space. Musk has already confirmed on twitter that this engine, indeed, is for starship sn20 and for the first orbital flight. He also said that spacex is currently at 378 seconds of specific impulse and targets over 380 seconds specific impulse down the road. Those are some awe inspiring numbers and, in a nutshell, mean that this engine is very efficient.

S20 will be the first starship to attempt to static fire six raptor engines potentially producing more thrust than a falcon 9 booster elon musk used to say the best part is no part, spacex never stops improving. They have also continuously applied this rule on the raptor engine. Looking at the appearance shows that the pine system around the raptors have been refined and neater than before. Remarkably, its color is greener, it’s easy to see when we put rb59 and raptor 18 side by side. In addition, spacex also plans to use its starlink internet on s20 in this flight in order to demonstrate high data rate communications between the new launch system and the ground throughout the course of the trip to space and back if it works, it could provide better than Ever live data for spacex during its test flight, which should help with the starship and super heavy launch systems, development, and it could mean better, more spectacular views for those of us just watching from home via live stream 2., including starlink as the communications method for telemetry And other communications during the launch is definitely a functional improvement for ship 20 if it works as described but it’s even more of a flex for the company in terms of showing off starlink’s capabilities. Surely this couple will go to mars together once we take people to mars, they’re going to need a capability to communicate. In fact, i think it will be even more critical to have a constellation like starlink around mars, ceo of spacex shotwell said this week.

John randolph took a picture of the nose cone with an amazing design. There are a lot of people guessing. It will be used for the s20, but we’re still waiting for confirmation from spacex spacex guys really have some good humor. First, those raptor engine names and now this a twitter had shared this picture and said spacex just effing around now. So there are many things to prepare to fully assemble ship 20 and then it will be connected with b4 b4 also started stacking in high bay. Now spacex will need five or six weeks to do that i’m. Really looking forward to that day. This is the first of a new generation of starship prototypes with features that will allow them to ascend into space and then return to earth. And now we move to another news: article about china, space, the china national space administration, published on thursday three pictures taken recently by its zhurong mars, rover that showed the parachute and bowl shaped back shell used in the rover’s landing the pictures, one color and two black And white were shot by zhu rong’s navigation camera on monday, as the rover was traveling southward for its scientific exploration, the administration said in a statement released with the photos. Jurong landed on mars on the 14th of may after three months in orbit, making preparations for its landing attempt. The 240 kilogram solar powers do wrong, captured the image of the discarded items on july 12th, beijing time at a distance of 30 meters away.

The rover has now driven 450 meters in utopia planitia as of july 15th, beijing time. According to the china lunar exploration program, the parachute and back shell are located around 350 meters, south of the rover’s landing platform. The heat shield from the landing sequence is located. Hundreds of meters further to the southwest china, has not announced a plan for jurong’s drive route nasa’s opportunity. Rover imaged its own heat shield back in december of 2004. jurong, has been operating for 60 souls and has a primary mission of 90 souls or 92 earth days. It is currently unknown if jurong’s mission will be extended beyond this china’s tian wen 1 orbiter, which carried zhurong and entered mars orbit february 10th, is currently in an 8.2 hour orbit, allowing a pass over utopia planitia once per soul, to help relay data to earth across Hundreds of millions of kilometers of space jurong is equipped with six science payloads, including a laser induced breakdown, spectroscopy instrument for analyzing, surface elements and minerals, panoramic and multi spectral images, a climate station magnetometer and a ground penetrating radar, peter grindrod at the natural history museum of London said the orbital images of the immediate landing area show nearby bright, linear features that are probably a type of feature called transverse aeolian ridges, which would be of interest to scientists. Jurong visited one of these features on june 26th, soul, 42. According to clep, there are numerous interesting raised mounds in the region, which could be inverted impact, craters or possibly, small volcanic domes, which some other features could be the result of tectonic activity, jurong’s route and ability to access.

These areas will, however, depend on science objectives and priorities and the duration of its mission. Meanwhile, china’s u22 rover is expected to complete its 32nd lunar day july 16th. As the sun sets over von carmen crater on the lunar far side, the 140 kilogram solar powered rover has covered 738.6 meters since landing in january of 2019.. A chinese science outreach account noted on july 13th that jurong has covered ground much more quickly than u2 2. Due to greater autonomy and ability to negotiate obstacles, u2 is also required to power down for the deep cold of lunar knights and high solar radiation of lunar nunes that’s, all the information we have for today. Let us know what your thoughts are on. Today’S topics in the comments below remember thumbs up if you enjoyed the episode and subscribe, if you haven’t and don’t forget to hit that bell to be notified of future tech fans content.