. We have a bunch of information to start todays, video., First off Inspiration4 posted a Tweet of Generosity, Prosperity, Leadership and Hope. All smiles for our Inspiration4 crew. During Dragon simulations at SpaceXs headquarters in Hawthorne California., There was a Tweet posted by Michael Sheetz about the Crew 2 capsule Endeavor being moved soon.. It says NASA on July 21 will broadcast the SpaceX Crew 2 astronauts relocating Dragon Endeavour from one ISS dock to another, to open up a port for Boeing’s uncrewed Starliner capsule. During the OFT 2 mission, which is scheduled to launch July 30.. Somebody posted a speedtest result from their Starlink internet with some very impressive speeds. Musk responded and said Glad its working. The sheer amount of work done by SpaceX engineering production, amp, launch teams is amazing., Ping should improve dramatically in coming, months. Were aiming for lt20ms.. Basically, you should be able to play competitive FPS games through Starlink. In response to that Musk was asked, Is ping being improved due to new satellites with better hardware or just more satellites on earth orbit? He responded with More ground stations. Amp, less foolish packet routing will make the biggest differences. Looking at the speed of light as 300km per millisecond amp satellite altitude of 550km average photon round trip. Time is only 10ms, so a lot of silly things have to happen. To drive ping gt20ms. Musk was then asked Does having Laser links present in the newer satellites, help in improving speeds, amp, reducing the latency Or they’re mainly to provide Internet connection in the Polar regions.

He responded and said Laser links in orbit can reduce long distance latency by as much as 50, due to higher speed of light in vacuum, amp shorter path than undersea fiber.. In response, he was also asked: What wavelength are you using for laser crosslinks …, or is that top secret Musk responded with Similar to fiber optic.? We are trying to ride the terrestrial fiber optic laser technology, forcing function but modified for use in vacuum.. He then responded to his own Tweet with. If we can do this successfully, then anything developed for groundundersea fiber is automatically better. In orbit. There was another tweet asking No need for base stations. Eventually, Musk responded with Some traffic could just go terminal, gt, satellite gt, satellite gt terminal and never touch the regular Internet.. John Kraus posted a super cool shot of the new droneship, A Shortfall Of Gravitas as it arrived at Port Canaveral in Florida., Musk, responded and said Version 3 of the SpaceX droneship. Team. Did great work Will be epic to see the deep sea oil rigs converted to ocean spaceports for Starship. Heres a view of the orbital launch site as it progresses.. There is some interesting Boca Chica news posted in this CNBC article regarding the FAA and launch site.. It says The Federal Aviation Administration warned Elon Musks SpaceX in a letter two months ago that the companys work on the launch tower for future Starship rocket launches is yet unapproved and will be included in the agencys ongoing environmental review of the facility in Boca Chica Texas.

Heres the cryo tank shell construction at the propellant production site. Work continues on the 8th and final integration tower segment.. This integration tower segment has since been rolled to the launch site.. This interesting unknown structure was spotted attached to a crane. Heres, a view of the other mystery structure continuing to be worked. On. There was a nosecone spotted moved to the scrapyard.. Somebody asked Elon Musk. Any Starship update to look forward to in the near future Would love to hear more about Starships, rapid reusability with catching system etc. He responded with Some of these design. Trades are still open but will be resolved. Soon. StarshipGazer posted a really cool shot of a flap spotted with heat shield tiles on it. I guess this will be for Ship 20, which is going to orbit.. There was another new Raptor engine spotted delivered. Work continues below Super Heavy Booster 3. You can see the 3 Raptor engines., So there was no static fire on Thursday last week, but here we can see the road and beach closures.. As of now. There is a closure of tomorrow, Monday 19th for the first Super Heavy static fire.. Then they have backup closures posted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyday Astronaut, also posted a Tweet saying: Get your bookmarks ready as we’re keeping track of SpaceX’s Booster and its progress towards a static fire NET next week, Read up on what happened so far and bookmark this article To stay, updated, Musk, responded and said, Probably Monday.

. This Super Heavy Booster 4 section was spotted.. This Super Heavy Booster 4 aft section was also spotted outside the High Bay.. The Booster 4 common dome was seen being stacked inside the High Bay.. Here you can see more booster sections waiting to be stacked. As usual to finish our Sunday, video heres, the latest Starbase production diagram thanks to Brendan Lewis.. As always, I have to say thanks to Mary or BocaChicaGal, who is out in Boca Chica, all the time filming the amazing content., Also thanks to the NASASpaceflight team working hard behind the scenes on their great videos, livestreams and other space, content. Thats it. For this episode of TheSpaceXShow, I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to hit the like button and leave a comment down below. If you want to stay updated with SpaceX info, make sure to subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified. When I upload.