During the last two months, spacex has put all its concentration into preparing for the first trajectory flight. Spacex has constructed a massive launch tower to support a full stack of the super heavy booster and the starship upper stage, and recently the segment eighth of the tower was shipped to the launch site, so the tower was gradually assembled near completion. However, the us federal aviation administration or faa has warned elon musk space company spacex that its environmental review of a new tower at its boca chica launch site in texas is incomplete. The agency could order spacex to take down the tower and added that the company is building the tower at its own risk. So why did the faa give such a warning? On may 6, the faa sent a letter to spacex mentioning that recent construction activity on one of the two proposed towers may complicate the ongoing environmental review process of the starship super heavy launch vehicle program. The agency further emphasized that the 480 foot tall integration tower is substantially taller than the water and lightning towers assessed in the 2014 environmental review. Based on the review. They could order spacex to make changes that would have to be made at the launch site, including to the integration towers, to mitigate significant impacts, and so how have elon, musk and spacex responded. Well. Spacex did not respond to a request for comment, but musk has repeatedly criticized the faa and the u.s regulatory system back in may spacex told the faa.

It did not believe the review was necessary because it only intends to use the integration tower for production, research and development purposes and not for faa licensed or permitted launches. However, the faa cited a spacex document that the towers would be used to integrate the starship super heavy launch vehicle uh. Before we move on i’d, like to inform you first that pronouncing faa is a bit of a tongue twister so from here on i’ll, be just calling it fair. Just for the sake of time. Thank you so much for understanding. So what were the conflicts between elon musk and the fab before on june 29th? Musk lamented the delay in the launch of the transporter 2 mission in florida he criticized the faf via twitter. An aircraft entered the keep out zone which is unreasonably gigantic. There is simply no way that humanity can become a space faring civilization without major regulatory reform. In another case, earlier this year the fair said spacex’s december launch of starship sn8 violated its license requirements effective march 12th. The fab began requiring an agency safety inspector at all. Spacex launches to ensure compliance with federal regulations to protect public safety. On march 12th, fat administrator, steve dixon spoke with musk for 30 minutes to stress the fast role in protecting public safety by ensuring regulatory compliance. He made it clear that the fat expected spacex to develop and foster a robust safety culture that stresses adherence to fat rules.

Now let’s move on to something less bothersome. Booster 3 is ready for static fire test. This week, the company added three raptor rocket engines to booster 3, which are rc 57 59 and 62.. Preparations for the static fire test will take place next week. The road closure schedule indicates a potential test window next monday july 19th, from noon local time to 10 pm the company rolled out booster 3 to the launch pad at the beginning of july. This is the first full scale, booster prototype to actually undergo testing, and it has passed cryogenic pressure tests of its fuel tanks. Spacex founder elon musk has said: booster 3 will not launch, but if all goes well with its ground testing, the company will proceed with a launch of booster 4.. This rocket is already being built at high bay, a few kilometers from the launch site in south texas. In parallel, spacex has been building ship 20.. This is the first of a new generation of starship prototypes, with features that will allow them to ascend into space and then return to earth. Ship 20 is in the process of stacking in mid bay. All this work on rockets, the tower and ground systems is in preparation for the test launch of super heavy and starship in the next months. However, regulatory hurdles remain in addition to all the technical work and testing to be done. Spacex still needs to obtain launch permissions from pha, as of may pha has yet to make a decision on whether to allow spacex to launch orbital starship missions from south texas anyway, let’s switch gears a bit here, nasa conducts the fifth test for its rs 25 engine On wednesday, nasa conducted a fifth rs 25 single engine, hot fire, which is part of its ongoing seven part test series supporting the development and production of engines for the agency’s space, launch system or sls rocket on future missions to the moon.

How did the engine test go? Operators fired the engine for 500 seconds more than eight minutes on the a1 test, stand at stennis space center in hancock county, providing data to aerojet rocketdyne the lead contractor for the sls engines, as it produces engines for use after the first four sls flights. With testing of rs 25 engines for the first four artemis program missions to the moon, completed nasa officials said, operators are now focused on collecting data to demonstrate and verify various engine capabilities, evaluate new engine components, manufactured with cutting edge and cost saving technologies and reduce operational Risk during wednesday’s test, the team fired the engine at 111 percent of its original power level for a set time, the same level that rs 25 engines are required to operate during launch, as well as 113 percent, which allowed operators to test a margin of safety. Now, for our last bit of news, an update on the james webb space telescope, which replaces the hubble telescope, the international james webb space telescope, has passed the final mission analysis review for its launch on an ariane 5 rocket from europe’s spaceport in french guiana. How do experts rate web the mission analysis, review, carried out by ariana space and esa or european space agency confirms that all launch systems, such as the telescope rocket ground systems and launch teams are set for launch? The review also confirms that web itself and its flight plan are ready for the mission to begin web will be the largest most powerful telescope ever launched into space.

The telescope will observe the universe in the near infrared and mid infrared at wavelengths longer than visible light to do so. It carries a suite of state of the art, cameras, spectrographs and coronagraphs. What are the duties of the partners involved in the web mission? Web is an international partnership between nasa, esa and the canadian space agency. Sisa isa is providing the observatory’s launch service using the ariane 5 launch vehicle working with partners. Issa was responsible for the development and qualification of ariana 5 adaptations for the web mission and for the procurement of the launch services. Web’S partners are working towards the launch readiness date of october 31st. 2021. The precise launch date following the 31st of october depends on the spaceport’s launch schedule and will be finalized closer to the launch readiness date, and that concludes today’s episode. We’D also like to take the time to thank you for your support of tech fans. Our content continues to improve in quality all thanks to viewers like you now, if you have any thoughts about the episode, please leave a comment down below thumbs up if you liked it subscribe. If you haven’t and don’t forget to hit the bell to stay up to date on future tech fans content once again, thank you.