Why and when you can buy a graphics card at a reasonable price. Hi. Welcome to simply frank i’m frank, and i have seen the prices are going to get better and all the leading indicators are showing. The prices are going to get better, are falling into place i’m going to go over why the prices are getting lower now, and when can we expect to see msrp and what you can do to get a graphics card right now now let’s get into why? Why is the market about to get better well anytime, you’re tracking, a particular commodity? In this case, it’s, graphics, cards, they’re leading indicators and they’re lacking indicators for price leading indicators are things that have to happen. The market conditions that have to exist in order for price to go down. Those are the ones we’re looking at right now, because those leading indicators are the ones that are showing us that graphic cards market is poised to make a big comeback in favor of gamers. As long as it continues in the direction i’m always going to put that asterisk out there, especially this year, so let’s take a look at why prices are actually coming down. If we look at the price index for graphics cards and we look at the price for an rtx 3060 two months ago, the average price was 909 and if we look on ebay for an rtx 3060, the prices are 850 and 825 dollars. These are not 900 prices and we can see the prices are seeming to come down, and i know that the msrp for an rtx 3060 is supposed to be a 329 card.

You’Re still looking at double msrp, yes, i’m, not saying the graphics cards, prices are coming. All the way down, but yet what i am saying is that there is movement in the right direction. If we look at prices every other month before this, we would have seen this price was going up and up. But now these prices are beginning to come down, but why is that it’s really simple reason and that has to do with ethereum and in particular we see that the price of ethereum and the difficulty to mine it over an overall profitability of ethereum mining on a Gpu has absolutely plummeted. If we take a look at the prices, we can see back in 2017. The difficulty got about the 300 tara hash and then it plummeted, and that was the first big drop in 2018. It got to about 3 500, and this year we can see the steep incline as it goes harder and harder instantly to mine ethereum. The reason for this is so ethereum doesn’t flood and it’s, not like printing super amounts of money, and it will completely devalue the currency instantly, so they build up a difficulty curve to it. So, as you can see, it’s at 8, 000 right now, it’s more than double what has ever been in any of the previous cryptocurrency bombs and the impact that it’s happening right now, coupled with the fact that ethereum prices are actually going down right now, you might Say 2600 that’s, not bad and it’s, not in terms of ethereum overall 2600 is certainly about what it was a month ago.

So we have two things going on. One is that the price of ethereum has finally stopped skyrocketing. The other thing is that difficulty is massively increased even within the last month, so the overall profitability. If you were to go to what to mine, which is really popular mining and you looked at gpu profitability right now, uh, you can see. You’Ve got something like nvidia: rtx 3090 is only needing you about 6.81 cents a day, whereas before you’re making quite a bit on that rtx 3090. So, overall, the difficulty has gone up profitability because the price has gone down and, as a result, the miners were the ones buying these cars at super high prices, because it was still making money. Even when they were playing stupidly high prices, they were still guaranteed that they were actually going to make money on that transaction where you and i as gamers, that money just sunk and burned, because we just play games with that card. Those economics are no longer in play, they have fallen apart and this is why you’re going to see the prices on secondary shift down and i think you’re going to see some of the scalping start to reduce if you want to get a graphics card right now. How will you do that? I think right now, if you want to build a pc, i would go ahead and buckle down and just buy something there’s still lots of vitality in the market.

However, i think there is a lot more credence now to wait. So if you want to wait, i think your your position is probably a lot stronger than it was. But if you don’t want to wait – or you think the price that could go back up, this ergo thing take off and gpu piouses will go up could be, and if you want to get something right now i would recommend you go to newegg shuffle and that’s. One of the ways i would look at grabbing a card right now. Another way you just want to get a gaming pc right now and maybe you’ve gone given up on building the other thing. I would say there. There are two really good avenues and first one is to buy pre built game pc. Yes, i know there’s, some people out there, trashing p belts and some of those pre built need to be trashed. Some of them are trash that’s. Why? I recommend something that is recommended on the website. You’Re visiting the big challenge with free builds is that they’ve been going out of stock so fast that by the time you find a review on one. It was already out of stock and it was gone. I’Ll include a link to some pre built that i recommend you should check it out in the description, for instance, on the lenovo legion tower 5. I think overall it’s a great value for 10 49.99. A year ago i would have said that’s overpriced, but we’re in a different market now and if you just want to get something now, it’s not too far.

In fact, you can you can’t even get a 1660 for 500 or 600 bucks so final thoughts, so the overall graphics card market is beginning to recover, but it’s moving in the right direction. Finally, that’s it for the video tell me how long you’ve been waiting to build your game.