But if you’re like me, i haven’t had the luxury of waiting until graphic cards. Finally, come back to a reasonable place, i’m sitting between boxes of equipment and a table full of motherboards and i’ve got stuff to do so. The question is: what graphic card have i been buying in 2021? Well, these are it Music, so through 2020 and 2021, graphic cards have been going, crazy demand has been up high and there have been shortages due to droughts and single companies in the pipeline. All of this created opportunities for scalpers and the rest of us were left high and dry so trying to find a graphic card that met a balance between cost and performance was really difficult and we’re. Not even talking good cards, mind you we’re talking the used market cards that are several years old and while the market continues to shift because this is being filmed in the middle of the year uh china has just dropped their cryptocurrencies uh bitcoin has cut its value In half so we’re starting to see some changes, so this is something that continues to evolve from day to day, but one of the cards that i’ve found the most stable for price and performance through this time has been the r9 380. now the r9 380. Is this the best card? Absolutely not, but you can’t find a ‘0 right now. Can you what this brings to the table is performance? That is a little better than a 1050 ti and, if i’m being frank, they’re, not bad.

Looking cards, i have three models right here. This one is from msi this one’s from sapphire, and this one is from asus. Arguably my least favorite and all these cards come with back plates too so they’re not bad. Looking like, i said, the performance is better than a 1050 ti, although it does come in a bit of a cost, and most of these require two six pin connectors so they’re a little power hungry, but here’s the thing for price to performance. These are much better and has been the best deal that i’ve been able to find lately. So while most cards are going to double to triple what msrp is and mind, you msrp is just a myth and a rumor right now we can get angry about it, but that’s not going to change anything. These cards, while still being an inflated price, have been what i have found: the best constant price to performance, at least through 2021, the first half of 2021., for example, the microcenter that’s closest to me just so happens to be in massachusetts it’s in cambridge mass. They recently got this was just a couple weeks ago. So this was end of june. They got a shipment of nine or ten 1050 ti’s. They were sold out of those 10 units in less than two days and the price of those new units. They were msi. So they looked a little bit like this front. One here was 279 now to put that into perspective.

For two years ago i was buying these cards used no box for about 80 bucks used for around 100, and now we can’t keep these cards on the shelf average cost of these cards on ebay used is about 225.. Now take one of these cards that i talked about earlier this card with better performance again, a little more power hungry. These can be found on average again, this price fluctuates. Things are still crazy for about 150. i’ve seen them go higher 175 180, but i also picked up one of these. In fact, it was the msi card down here for 125 on a local listing through facebook marketplace inflated price. Yes, maximum performance absolutely not best deal. You can find right now, probably now things are getting better we’re, starting to see more consistent stock at brick and mortar retailers, and that means, as the stock gets better, the price will start to go down. So i don’t know how much longer we’re going to be in this gpu drought, but things are starting to look better. However, if you absolutely need something: that’s not going to break the bank that can hold you over until you get a new graphic card. My recommendation to you is the r9 380 or 380x mind you there’s very little performance difference between the 380 and 380x, so don’t spend an exorbitant amount, but if you happen to see a good deal, pick it up at some point very soon.

We won’t need to do this, but until we do in my opinion, this is the way to go but that’s just what i’ve seen out there i’m, not sure what your experience has been out there on the used market. There are some deals that are better than others i mean in this last year i was able to score uh an rx 570 for a hundred bucks that a guy had bundled with a motherboard and processor that i was buying. So those deals are out there, but they’re rare we’re talking about stuff that you can find on a regular basis. So i don’t want to know about that rare deal that you found out there. If you got that. Congratulations i’m! Happy for you! But what i’m curious is, what do you think is the best deal for price to performance out there we’re talking about the r9 380 that just outperforms a 1050 ti and they come in an average of like i said, the majority of the ones that i buy Are between 125 and 150.? So if you have a better price to performance, deal out there in 2021, i’d love to hear it. But this is what i’ve been doing and if you’re curious i’ve been pairing these with a lot of 4th gen intel, cpu, motherboard, combos and building systems which not the fastest, but for the age and price the tech can hold their own in most games, i mean Hell you can even play cyberpunk on there at 30 frames per second low settings.

If you feel like it, but that’s all. I got that’s what i’m doing for 2021 i’m curious to hear what your stories are. Let me know what you’re doing until this drought is over and i’ll catch. You very soon.