So today i have had enough. I have lost all of those new egg shuffles, except for the one 30 70 auris, which you guys all probably subscribe through that i gave to my son, tired of it keep entering every day. Never get notified got a little different motivation today, one of my good buddies jack. You know who you are out there from from twitch and my youtube buddy i play with the other day. He was scrolling on newegg and he picked up a radeon 6900 xt on newegg, not scalped out pricing inflated, but not scalped out, not reseller, not three thousand dollars, nothing ridiculous! Then that was tuesday. Yesterday he still has not even a rot. It hasn’t been delivered and arrived to his house, yet he just gets a 30 80 ti that he wants in the new shuffle so i’m, tired of it. I’M. Sorry, i’m, not getting anything else! This morning i wake up roll over. Ask my wife: do you want to go for breakfast? She said yeah she’s, getting ready i’m getting ready, i’m. Just looking on my phone. The best buy in boca raton has a 30 70 ti it’s showing in stock, but you can’t buy it. We get on the motorcycle, we shoot over there we’re there. First people walk through the door. Pause pause, go to the boca raton best buy they’re, showing that they have one 30 70 ti in stock. I still have one more selling.

I got a graphics card for and myself we go there 10 o’clock it’s, showing in stock. They open the doors at 10 o’clock. I hit it again, there’s nothing on the shelf and that’s, not a longer inventory guarantee. It was that one schreisty looking employee that we saw in there that grabbed it for himself boom boca raton best buy shut down. I look. Wellington has some graphics cards, so does coral springs location here in south florida? Coral springs is closer me. My wife had to go to home depot. They are showing a xfx merc, 319 speedster 6800xt at best buy. We all know that best buy’s got the best pricing right now for any of the retailers regarding graphics cards. So later, in the day we go down there. I go into the store still reflecting on the best buy amp that it’s in stock, but they’re not saying how many i can’t buy it. I can’t order it nothing. I just go up to a gentleman that’s working there and said: hey. Can you see if you have this, he comes out from the back a couple minutes later with one he goes. I don’t know how you found it. So what i’m telling you guys is use your resources like best buy just because it says in stock bounce around. All i did was go into components. Graphics cards pick my location. Of course. It said non stock bounced around to all the other.

Best buys that are close to you. Just see what pops up you’re not going to be able to prepay for it, you’re not going to order it online and get it delivered or to be held if it’s a closed best buy it’s reflectance there go there and just ask, and they might have it In the back, so today is the day that i’m getting rid of this reference card: radeon rx 5700, eight gigabyte for this xfx speedster merc 319 6800xt, which has 16 gigabytes of dedicated vram as well as it’s on a 256 bus and the speeds on this are Supposed to be pretty high, i think it goes up to like 22.50 and that’s, like the factory boost speed, so that these things are supposed to overclock a heck of a lot more um. Give me a second: let me open this up for you Applause now i heard that these are supposed to be some of the best 6900s and 6800 xps out there completely sealed, not secondhand, not a return, not busted product. I hope um open this up. The upside is on the uh that’s by elite plus member or whatever the top tier is so. If i want, i got 45 days to return this no questions there. That is a big card that is a big big card holy smokes three seal tapes. I think that’s a sharp looking card there look it’s got like i don’t know. If you want to call it graphite or what there’s some stickers here, we’re going to be pulling off today, three giant things, you can look at how thick that thing is with the fins and the cooling solution.

This is supposed to be one of the cooler amd cards in the market. I really want a 30 90 and we’re not rolling it out, but i think this might be great and i know uh my one son just turned 30. We just got him a 1440p monitor i’m sure this will absolutely crush compared to the 1660 super, as you can see right there, it’s xfx radiant rx 6800 xt – that is the mark 319 speedster um supposed to be one crazy card, as you can see over here On the back we’re running one hdmi 2.1, so they can get you that 4k in 120 plus and three display ports. Also um, as you can see, it’s got complete pass through. If you look at the gaps here, that’s for air dissipation to get that speed going around or the uh the air going through cooling all this down, especially when you’re hitting those giant speeds that they’re talking about this is capable of like 2250 megahertz and higher uh Speed i’m pretty excited about this uh. I wasn’t really looking to get another amd card, but if i was gon na get one either the 6900 or the 6800, this is definitely uh the one. After looking at the reviews, i was definitely going to try to get my hands on really hard to find and for me to be able to just walk in, and the guy pulls it from the back at a best buy is just beyond crazy.

If you ask me, um let’s come around here, i’m going to show you. This is a huge card. I think it’s, something like 340 millimeters. If you want to see this the size comparison compared to an rx 5700, i mean that’s, pretty big i’d say this is like it says, it’s a two two slot card, but i want to say that this is probably closer to maybe two and a half you Want to come around over here to me this side, so this is my pc. This is a corsair x570 crystal, which is a big full tower case, as you can see, it’s an outfitter with fans, my motherboard’s in everything’s, in all i did – was basically take this reference radian 5700 out. This is a non xt, but they are the same size. Um here is the new merc that we’re going to be installing i’ve already removed all the stickers. So i want to pinpoint something out to you guys real quick. As you can see, this is a dual eight pin remember when you’re installing these. You definitely want to run two straight eight pins from your power supply route. It back come in do not daisy chain, even though these vga and pcie four plus four six plus two with a straight eights. They will have two toggle hanging off just like this right here. You can see that too that’s one line, that’s no good for these big power supply hungry things.

I think this can pull up to like 350 watts, so you do not want to try to put that underneath it if so, you’re going to struggle you’re never going to get the performance you’re supposed to get so what’s neat here is on these marks. Is that a lot of the new graphics cards on the market with all these new gens? You can see they have these little switches right here right, so the closer the switch is see there’s one there’s a switch right, so the switch closest to your power supply is your performance mode or your rage or your overclock, whatever, where it really pushes your car To the maximum potential from the factory, all the way to the left closer to your display connections, that is your silent or mining mode if you’re into mining so i’m going to show you guys right now, just how big this card is because a lot of people Are going to ask, i think it’s, like roughly it’s, probably about 340 millimeters? So if you have a smaller case, this probably is not the graphics card for you, but this is a big case. So if anybody has any questions about it, you’re going to see just how easy it’s going to fit and there we go it’s locked, easy peasy. So you can see that i do have some clearance here. But if you’re running like an atx mini atx any of those really small cases, this might not be the graphics card for you.

You can see. I have just enough clearance here. I got plenty of of control. I got exhaust.