This will be the new top model, but we also have a mechanic s for you and we’ll tell you what changes are to be expected and also tell you about wait. A minute isn’t the porsche macan supposed to come as all electric. Yes, it will be, but that will be in 2023 and porsche decided to offer the normal ice porsche macan with the combustion engine still at the same time, but then in this generation. So it means, as it sends you right now, this will be the final porsche macan version with the combustion engine, the all new model with an all electric platform, but you will still be able to get this one then, on a parallel basis, and what did they Do the turbo is basically now the gts power wise and the gts is power wise now the s, so it means power revised update for all the models, the gts now the top model – and you can see here in the front really interesting, with a new structure Right there, it has kind of a stem structure inside here and the whole part of the gts here in this area in the middle part, is all blacked out. You’Ll see a difference. When we show you the macan s model, then we have this carmine red color. As you know, typical paint for gts, but of course other paints are possible. It starts autumn automatically with the dynamic led system, then the normal bass led is now no more so also more standard equipment for the macan and the whole front has been revised and you you’ve maybe already seen it.

It has a more width stance. Overall, the length is still at 469 or 185 inches, but there are new wheel designs. It starts now from 19 inch and up to 21 inch. They are also standard here for the gts model, biggest one available red brake calipers, really fitting to that here with the black wheel. Design also typical for the gts, and it stays here with the typical gts insert right there in the lower part and this typical machine really strong shoulder shape, but when we move over to the makan s, that’s really interesting. First of all, here we have. You know the brighter wheels, so i would like to know from you which one is fitting better. Do you think here the brighter wheels or the black wheels for the macan and the makan s also gets this new stamped in structure here then, as the side insert – and you know when you feel it, it really feels very interesting, so might be another element to Show off to your friends – and this is the makan s from the front – a new color papaya – really tasty right. So you can see very interesting here. This middle part, this paint in vega color, whereas the gts is all blacked out in this area here, but at the rear, it’s completely different, because the machine see at the rear has this black diffuser style here this part all in black and also completely redesigned, whereas The macan gts then has a painted spoiler right here and then, once again, the lower part is in black again and with the stem structure and sports exhaust, you can see it here in black styling, real exhaust, no fake at all four pipes.

Overall, i would say: let’s, listen, Music. Why is design so fluent in the front for the porsche macan? Well, there are no gaps to be spotted because the headlamps are cut out here. Really spectacular, of course, when you open the hood, then, and the turbo is no more, the gts is now the top model. 2.9 liter v6 by turbo. Now, with 440 horsepower, 60 horsepower, plus so massively more power and the acceleration figure will be less than 4.5 seconds and the macan s will now also get the 2.9 liter v6 by turbo that’s. Also big news, also with a horsepower upgrade now at 380 horsepower less than five seconds. Is the acceleration figure right here then, and also the base engine? The two liter four cylinder will get a horsepower upgrade now at 265 horsepower and then yeah. Approximately 6.5 seconds will be the acceleration figure and, if you say like, ah you know falsely in the porsche macan 2 liter it’s a golf engine. Yes, but the thing is most porsche: macan worldwide will be sold with this engine even most porsche overall it’s, the porsche macan with the 2 liter 4 cylinder because of the big chinese sails. Next to the adaptive suspension, you can also get an air suspension. It is standard here for the gts and then with a sporty setup to the gts, even sportier, now top of the line sports model – and this is the khaki typical porsche khaki, always beautiful.

This 911 form door closing sound. You know it sounds quite solid and the gts is once again defined by the use of microfiber and they now call it racetext, because it’s not supplied by alcantara anymore, but also feeds really nicely. Then you have a brushed aluminum insert so raise text now for the alcantara or microfiber, and sport text would be a fabric surface and the base seat would be sportex fabric on the inside and the leather red on the outside. So the base seat in all of my khan, both for makan and makan s, is animal free, that’s, good news, definitely cool this year, gts seat, then the microfiber race text on the middle part and the outside is animal skin. So if you want to go animal free, then the gts not for you, then you go for the makhan s but, as i said meanwhile also the same base engine, you can also get the steering wheel for all models here in the racetex microfiber. So this would be a way to get the macan completely animal free, that’s, really cool. Even the shifting lever, then is in this case, with the raised text again also available for the other makhan models getting inside it’s, not the biggest suv, but with the cayenne. The bigger brother, of course, putting the key on the left side is always pretty cool and unique, but you already have a grown up suv, seating position, um here with a lot of adjustment here for the front for the side, parts and so on.

So everything adjusts electronically new steering wheel from 911 inspired style here also with the screws. Then you can also lift it up here like this. So once again super sporty atmosphere. Oh they’ve done something to the infotainment system. Let’S take a closer look here. We go with the cockpit overview and you can see here in the 10.9 inch infotainment system. They have removed some of the hotkeys. They are now inside the software, so more deals to the software itself, but gladly they kept some buttons. For example, here the manual volume knob and here also on the right side not to zoom in and out so that’s good and also the climate unit here is still available with a manual control and there’s more analog stuff, because the sports chrono clock here there we Go the is now standard also on all base models. That’S good and here we have, as i mentioned, the new shifting lever, it’s a little bit shorter and sporty and thicker somehow, and when you have this option or in the gts also than with the raised text microfiber for a very good grip here, then a lot Of capacitive controls, but with haptic feedback, for example, also for the exhaust we’ve shown that to you earlier and then cupholders are adaptive like this. Now this is probably the smoker’s package, but i mean i don’t care if you smoke or not, but don’t do it in a car. Or what do you think, and here also a nice microfiber cover for the armrest, can be put up and down like this, and then we have a usb charging station.

Also, inductive charging infotainments really wide display, and so here, responsiveness actually also quite okay, then take a look at the car menu. This is always very interesting because you can check some weaker options and nice visualizations here inside and then the apple carplay integration like this and soundcheck of the optional burmester sound system whoa. This has really a great depth to it. Nice instruments classic analog in the middle part red background, then from the gts mods on the right side. You can switch around the views right there and also have this gps integration like you’ve seen there we go, but the overdrive distribution is always very cool to see. As well like this and switching the driving modes possible at the steering wheel with a knob, and then you can also see the modes right here and short comparison to the makan s interior. First of all, we have these seats in here they’re a little bit more open, so not as sporty as the gts seats, and let me take a seat right there to test it really how’s the difference. This seat, then here is available, as i said earlier, with the spartex fabric on the inside and the leather on the outside, not in this case here, as we see it at the moment, but yeah indeed, so this is a little bit more open. You still have a lot of adjustments and so on, but if you want more comfort, then do not go for the gts go for the macan or the macan s, and you also have the more open seat and also with the animal free option.

Well actually, um. This would also be my tip for the day: go for macan s to have the you know. The six cylinder then already – and you can also go with these little more comfortable, more open seat and magnet – is of course also a little bit less expensive than the gts by the way here in this vehicle. Also, the bose sound system but i’ve tested it, and i think this sounds also really awesome. The burmester sounds maybe a little more bass heavy, but this one here is already totally fine rear seating. Of course, shouldn’t miss any autographer test that you know what you can calculate with, oh by the way, seeing here at the back part of the seat. That looks like an old coach like in your little trailer bus a little bit too old school isn’t it so let’s get inside, and here we go when the seat is as i would be, driving it works for four tall, others, one is 86 or 601 and Headroom also the rear yeah gets close, but also still works, barely so yeah once again for fourth, or else it works also not too much plenty of not too plentiful of space. I also have the racetext microphone inserts here, or you can also cromp it in two different directions: oh good boy, and then you have the cup holders right there and the middle console. Well, yeah. I mean huge middle tunnel. Definitely so in the middle part, you can see it, but it’s really bulky here underneath the panoramic roof there’s also an interesting option, and then here also you get now two usb c chargers and you can also get a seat heating at the rear.

When you want one of my favorite makan features here, how you open the rear, hatch underneath the wiper interesting button and there we go. It looks very well usable. So this is a length here, a little bit less than a meter or a little bit less than 40 inches and the width is a meter or 40 inches, so that’s, pretty cool and the height really substantially here, also with almost 50 centimeters and almost 20 inches. Here, underneath some more space, you may hear a little bit here of the you know of the radiator, because we’re in the studio and the car is powered from underneath and then to you know to fold the seats. Actually you have to go around, then we can also reach the maximum length and to the seats as we would be driving, thomas and jonas here. So here we go, and this is then 68 inches or a little bit centimeters and now to our conclusion. For the day with the revised porsche macan – well, yes, it’s the final time with the combustion engine makan. That sounds short term, but on the other hand, there will be a lot of years to come where we can still buy the petrol porsche macans. Here, with the beautiful light strip all around the rear, this has always been very significant, interesting design updates, just rather subtle main change. Of course, the power upgrades here and now making the gts the top sporty model in you know stiff sportiness, you know driving wise and so on.

It has been the pinnacle sports model already now, just that the turbo was more powerful. As for the figures, now, gts also marks the top model, and i think it’s also just consistent to do that. Actually, the gts done. If you want the most performance, however, you also lose some comfort due to stiffness of the suspension. Also, the sport seats a little bit, you know more caging in so my tip for today would actually be go for the makan s and you have a six cylinder because i mean a force liner. You can also get with a cupra attacker or a you know. Vwt go on our, for example, with the porsche again. You can have still a six cylinder, so you should go for the six liner. Then, if the you know budget allows it go for makan s, then you still can go, for example, for an air suspension with a more comfortable setup and then on the interior. You have a more comfortable seating and both the makan and the makan s. Animal free seats are available and they are also best in climate comfort, because you have, you know a more breathable surface on the inside, then you can also go for the microfiber steering wheel, that’s. What i would go for and you see new and interesting colors overall, if you think about the future of the makan, when in 2023, the all electric macan will arrive. On the one hand, this model will then be, you know somewhat outdated.

On the other hand, you know it delivers what it’s already delivering right now and that is a great sporty driving fun for a compact to mid size, suv depending on the definition, so a very well usable vehicle.