It all began with a documentary that claimed the astronauts never ever landed on the moon, that the whole event was faked by the americans filmed on a movie set. Normally you just dismiss this as another of those crazy conspiracy theories, but then you find that 20 percent of americans that’s, like 60 million people, actually believe there’s, something in it that the giant leap for mankind could have been the hoax of the step for century. One giant leap: for me: some say it was the greatest achievement of the 20th century and looking back, it was truly amazing. Apollo 11 was a major propaganda victory for america and a major boost to national confidence. So much so that more and more people around the world now believe it was a giant confidence trick. Not one astronaut has been on the moon, i’m afraid not no apollo ever landed on the moon, it’s all a lie, i’m afraid. So the government lies. What a surprise bart zabrel is a documentary filmmaker, a committed christian and a man obsessed. He and his disciples believe all the apollo moon landings were a conspiracy on a massive scale, while some may say to deny the moon landings would be tantamount to denying the holocaust. We have to realize that there were 300 million eyewitnesses to world war ii, but to this supposed greatest event in human history, there were only three witnesses: each government, employees – and there was no independent press coverage of this event, and all that we saw was a fuzzy Black and white television picture houston, you should have a picture now.

We have a pretty good picture now now, if you think you’ve heard all this before, you could be right. Back in 1978, hollywood made a movie called capricorn 1. freddie slo mo the movie was about a mission to mars, but the landing was staged secretly filmed on a movie set. The conspiracy theorists reckon if hollywood could fake it so could nasa religion. I was trolling one day. They say this famous image of the astronauts planting the american flag on the moon actually happened in an air conditioned studio and that’s. Why the flag is flapping. We all know there’s no wind on the moon. You can look at the footage yourself, and it certainly looks to me like the flag, is either alive or there’s wind. I believe it was air conditioning because of the heat because of the natural or artificial lighting that they had, as well as the fact that they’re in spacesuits, without cooling units, Music and according to bart zabrel there’s more proof. It was all a hoax if the astronauts were really on the moon. There would be only one source of light. The sun and therefore only one light, making all the shadows it’s 20 times brighter than the desert on earth. There’S, no artificial lighting, no need for it. All shadows will run parallel. Sometimes we have two objects in a picture just a few feet from one another, and the shadows are going as much as 90 degrees, different direction and that’s circumstantial evidence of artificial lighting.

If it was all faked, there were some tricky problems for the hoaxes, for instance, how to fake the effect of the moon’s gravity. Ah, that’s easy says: bazarrel slow motion look at the size of that rock. When we take the traditional television picture, as seen by nasa it’s very convincing, they seem to be kind of floating around and it looks like 16 gravity. But all you have to do as a filmmaker is to double the speed and it’s very clear that they’re on earth they’re not jumping six feet in the air they’re getting a few inches off of the ground, it’s just it’s silly! If you actually watch these things and speed up the film it doesn’t look natural, these guys are hopping around and they’re out of balance. Phil plate is an astronomer at sonoma state university in california. As far as he’s concerned, bart zabrel is just plain crazy. If it was all faked on a movie set, why didn’t the director just go for a second take when he saw the flag waving what’s really going on, is in the airless environment of the moon. The astronauts have stuck a pole into the lunar surface and they’re twisting it and as they’re twisting it, the flag is flapping. You don’t need air to do that, it’s very easy to show that you don’t need air to do it, it’s, just the inertia of the cloth it’s, just the flag, flapping, because material moves when you shake it Music and as for the shadows allegedly made by the Studio lights well, that’s, wrong and it’s easy to show wrong.

You can go out uh on an evening where the sun is low and shadows are long and just look at a row of trees or fence posts. And if you look at them, you’ll see that the shadows, don’t look parallel, it’s just perspective and that’s all you’re. Seeing in these images, where the shadows look like they’re, going in different directions, it’s simply due to perspective Music sabrael claims that if the astronauts did travel to the moon, they would have passed through the van allen. Belter radiation that surrounds the earth. The early belief of scientists was that the van allen belt would be deadly to human travelers, but later research showed it might not be so harmful. Experts believe that it’s not lethal simply because they believe the astronauts went through it. I’Ve interviewed them they’re my age and they say well. We know that the belts aren’t lethal because the astronauts went through them to the menu back. Therefore, they can’t be hazardous to your health and that’s their logic as to why the belts are not lethal Music. So what does nasa say about all this at their headquarters in houston, there’s, a museum for the mighty saturn rockets that took the apollo missions to the moon? Well, that’s, if you believe they did go to the moon. James oberg is an unofficial spokesman for nasa unofficial because, apart from a brief press release, nasa has never made a detailed reply to the conspiracy theorists.

I think nasa feels that it’s almost beneath their dignity. It gives more credibility to the stories to respond to them. It left the people out there who wondered about these things saying: aha, they can’t answer these questions. It actually made the conspiracy theories stronger according to barzibrel nasa faked, the moon landing not once but six times and apparently, despite the thousands of nasa staff involved in the apollo missions, not one of them has ever confessed to the fraud of the century. How many people do you think know about this hoax? The president knew the joint jesus staff knew the president’s closest staff knew and then, of course, the people who photographed the fall seems new, but we’re talking potentially fewer than 100 people. Knowing that the moon landings were fraudulent, that’s amazing. Well, it is amazing, because you’re saying every astronaut is a liar: well, every single one of them, uh yeah. They lied Music, but sabrel’s theories may be far fetched even crazy, but at least they don’t involve little green men in flying sources. It seems, though, when it comes to anything to do with outer space. Many americans believe their government is guilty of a conspiracy of slaves. This is roswell air force base in new mexico, which became famous for the so called roswell incident. It was 1947 and at first, an official army release announced a crash landing by a flying saucer. But then pressure was put on witnesses and a new official announcement proclaimed it was nothing more than a weather balloon a cover up for sure, said the conspiracy theorists today, roswell’s most popular attraction is the ufo museum, where clearly, no one is letting the facts get in The way of a good story do you believe: roswell saw an alien craft.

Did something landed at roswell in 47? I don’t discount it. Richard hoagland is another conspiracy theorist, but unlike bart sabrel, he can claim some scientific credentials. Of course, the apollo astronauts went to the moon, he says, but the big conspiracy is what they found there it’s an extraordinary universe we live in. I have real data on real nasa pictures with real pedigrees that say that there are ruins out there that we have not been told about let’s face it. You could argue that’s donald duck and these grainy out of focus nasa photos, but richard hoagland sees the ruins of an ancient civilization. He says all the world’s religions would be proved false if the truth of these pictures was revealed and that’s why the astronauts have been silenced. I think they saw the ruins of an extraordinary ancient civilization and technology, but what did they look like built primarily of glass and extraordinarily battered, an ancient decayed set of ruins? You believe that what we see in those pictures is glass, a glass structure, it’s ruined glass, it’s been battered by meteor meteoritic bombardment for millions of years. Nasa we can prove has lied about what’s on these pictures. If they’ve lied about this, what else have they been? Concealing in the way of specifics, i have no doubt that many people have called you stark raving mad. Okay, so would that be right? No nobody’s ever said to you. Of course they have. You are absolutely bonkers, but so what if you walked on the moon were given the opportunity to swear to god that you walked on the moon as for bart zabrel he’s, now at work on a new documentary this time his technique is to ambush astronauts wherever he Can find them produce a bible and ask them to swear that they really did go to the moon.

Why don’t? You swear on the bible that you walked on the moon here’s? What happened when he met buzz aldrin the national hero who most rational people believe was the second man to walk on the new property. Calling the kettle black i’ve ever thought of it. Saying that misrepresented away from me, you’re, a coward and a liar and a thief. Did you get that on camera? Now, of course, mr sabrel, who could have said oh you’re punching me, is clearly an indication of your suppressed guilt, uh, which would have made his point maybe, but instead he turns the camera and says: did you get that i think that’s a pretty good indication of Where he’s coming from Music go to barcelo’s website and you’ll, find out how to buy a copy of his documentary and there’s no shortage of customers, which makes you wonder, is he just in it for the money or is he just plain nuts sure it’s an uphill Battle they faked going to the moon, they did it all. In a studio i mean, of course it sounds. Nutty that’s, one of the things working in their favor. Has it affected you personally? Has it been difficult to convince people you’re, not a nutter, hey. You know my philosophy is we’re all insane and that some of us get caught and some of us don’t and you haven’t been caught yet, but not yet hello. I’M liz hayes thanks for watching 60 minutes.