This is our take on a multiplayer first person shooter. We need to get you in early and find out what you think. Our goal is to make a best in class shooter for you, the players to compete and have fun with your friends. It’S fast paced firefights meets punk rock mosh pit we’re proud to introduce our new game tom clancy’s ex defiant. Your feedback is essential to help us make this game great later in this video we’ll tell you how to get involved, but first we’ll get into the action. This is a free to play. High octane shooter, combining realistic gun play with personalized classes. Those classes are represented in our game as factions, each bringing unique gameplay and team dynamics. Every faction comes equipped with traits abilities and an ultra to complement your play style and the faction’s role used. Skillfully each faction is capable of swinging the momentum of a match. Our factions are at the heart of the game, they’re inspired by maverick groups from across tom clancy’s games and beyond from this inspiration, we created new characters and you define your gamepl. We know to be a great shooter. The gun play has to be our top priority. We have an ever growing arsenal of authentic weapons and attachments. We put a lot of care into how our weapons look and feel we’ve. Crafted every weapon attachment for precise satisfying gun play players can mix and match any faction and weapon loadout.

You can swap at respawn to adapt to a changing battlefield, personalize your faction and loadout to be what you need when you need it, and i can’t stress this hard enough. We are a shooter first and your abilities and ultras create unique opportunities to set up nail biting shootouts and unforgettable. Clutch plays classes, guns and gear in a fast paced fight is a whole new experience in tom clancy gaming. We are super stoked by what we’ve accomplished. So far – and i couldn’t be more proud of our incredible team – we want to personally thank everyone. That’S worked so hard during the pandemic to keep the momentum going on this game. We understand that it’s been even harder for some of you. We hope that we can build a community that’s, a place where people can connect and have fun and we’re committed to creating a welcoming game based on fair play and transparency. Whether you’re playing casually or pushing yourself competitively the game’s still in early development but we’re gearing up to let you in as soon as possible, so register right now to participate in our early rollout phases. Thank you so much for watching. We really want your input. So please reach out to us on social media y’all. You just got the first look at tom clancy’s ex defiant players anywhere in the world. Right now can head to to sign up for a chance to play early and pc players in the us, and canada.

Can start playing as early as august 5th, but until then we have some more details on the game. I’M joined by two very special guests, kim wagon producer on tom quaint, says that’s, the fine kim. How are you i’m doing great? Thank you. Aunt mark rubin executive producer on the game mark thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having us, so i want to get into things uh. I want to get into some of the details, because this is a new look for tom clancy. Can you tell us a little bit more about this direction? Uh yeah, you know, so we wanted to make a game uh that had at its core a strong expectation of quality around gameplay uh. So you know uh movement, aiming shooting, etc all needed to feel, grounded and realistic, but also smooth and reactive, and we felt that that matched up really well with the clancy universe. But we wanted to bring a very different take on the attitude that is, i would say, normally associated with clancy uh, and i i think you can even see that in our title you know the the x defiant logo is really uh in a kind of irreverent And rebellious, take that we think flips, the normally serious clancy vibe, so tell us a little bit about what kind of game x defiant is at its core x. Defiant is a really fast paced arena, shooter with a reasonably fast time to kill.

It should be very familiar to all players of the genre, and so you can, you know, jump in quickly alone or with friends. You can go into it with a very competitive mindset and uh. You know really test yourself on that front. You know one of the number one things that i want to uh to say about the team in the game. Is that uh we’re just here really to make a game that people enjoy playing and that’s it really it’s, literally that simple uh. We want the beginning of this game’s life to be very humble and focus on being transparent with our community and have them be involved in evolving the game. I don’t think we want to have any features or parts of the game that we won’t talk about with our community uh and there’s no well. Maybe the next game will have those improvements, as we want this game to last for years, uh we’re not going to abandon it and go off and make another game after this one launches uh, we want to be dedicated to our community we’ll, make some mistakes, but We hope the community will trust us enough to know that we will always own up to those and we will always work to fix them as fast as possible, because again, at the end of the day, we just want to build a game and a community that People really want to be a part of oh that’s, great to hear mark.

It has me very excited uh. Now i want to get a little bit into gameplay, specifically that video we just saw kim. We got a look at some factions that are coming to the game. Can you tell us a little bit more about them? I can so. Our factions are class based gameplay and we have four factions that we’re showing off. Currently, the first is the wolves from ghost recon. This is our tank class, so they have higher health than the other factions and they have abilities that are shield based. We also have two factions from the division. The first is the cleaners, our fire based high dps assault class, and we have the outcast, which is our healing faction. And finally, we have the echelon, which is from splinter cell it’s, our support faction. They are all about hiding information from the enemies and giving more information to your teammates. Now our factions have some key elements. They have passive traits, they have an ultra and they have the freedom to choose from a number of different abilities that will change the moment to moment gameplay. So, on top of all this, we also have defiance, which are the characters that you can select within those factions, and every defiant has a set of skin. So you can really customize what your character looks like when you play now. All of these, your defiance, your faction, your abilities, your loadouts, all of that can be adjusted and changed when you respawn in our game, so you are not committed to a loadout as soon as you go into a match, you can change it pretty much.

Every time you respawn now this adds a lot of depth to our gameplay, but i should mention that gunplay is still the key. That is what will make or break the win or loss for your match, and i think the final note is we’re going to continue to add to this. Roster of factions defiance abilities loadouts, and we really want to hear from you all the people who are going to play our game. What you want to see oh kim that’s, so great to hear that’s awesome, uh mark. I want to ask you now tell us a little bit about the different maps and modes coming to x, defiant uh, yeah um. I can give you some details too uh, but let me let me first talk about the maps, because i love what our team has done. I really love our maps. Uh, not you know. Not only do they play really well uh, but each map is interesting and full of character. They are all really unique in beautiful locations, and i think this is an area where our snowdrop engine really shines and, as we start seeing all of the maps for launch and beyond, i think you’ll see that we’re pulling inspiration from many different games pretty much in The same way we did with our factions now for some details in the upcoming closed test, we’re going to have 10 maps available that will be divided into seven standard arena maps and three linear maps and then for modes.

We’Ll have three different modes for arena maps, that’s domination, ringleader and upload, and then for the linear maps. We have two modes uh escort and zone control, so we wanted our first modes to be very familiar to people, but also show that we can play with the formulas, and so we pick these modes to give players uh. You know a variety of gameplay styles uh. So we have a mode for people who, like objectives, we have a mode for people who, like a tdm style of play, uh we have a mode for people who want a more competitive, higher risk style of play, as well as the two linear modes for people Who, like a more progression style of gameplay and it’s, you know it’s our hope that at launch there will be a good amount of variety in both maps and modes, and we plan on bringing new maps and modes on a regular basis throughout the life of the Game that’s awesome. You know, i love everything. I’M hearing. You got plenty of diversity in factions, maps modes, all anchored by good gunplay that’s. What i love to hear, can you tell us a little bit about the team that’s making the game? Of course, i love talking about our development team, so we are led by the ubisoft san francisco studio mark and i both work at that studio and we have a team with just incredibly diverse backgrounds and experiences in game development.

Now we’ve built this team of industry veterans and we have a lot of experience in making first person shooters shooters. But on top of that we have a number of production processes that are helping us get this game to a point that we’re really proud of. So we have things like feedback loops and iterations that we do very quickly. We play our game every single day and it is so fun, um and it’s. Just helping us find the fun and really emphasize that as we develop this game now, i will give a shout out: we have teams all around the world it’s, not just ubisoft san francisco. We have tons of other studios, helping us out and a big thank you to them. We could not get this far without you guys and we love the journey so far and we’re really excited to see where this goes moving forward. So we’ve worked really hard on this game. We’Re really proud of it. We think it’s really special in the first person shooter genre and we can’t wait to continue building it with you all. Oh that’s awesome. I personally know i can’t wait to get my hands on it and if you can’t wait to get your hands on it either you can head to and register for a chance to play early.