Are you ready tell me how you’re feeling on this day tomorrow, we’re going to space and uh we’re? Incredibly, excited i’m so excited. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be like people who say they go into space that they come back. Changed astronauts always talk about that, whether it’s the thin limb of the earth’s atmosphere and seeing how fragile the planet is. That it’s just one planet, so i can’t wait to see what it’s going to do to me. I had a chance to interview a richard branson and he went up. He said you know he beat you by nine days, but you are going higher now. He says there’s no competition between the two of you. What say you i agree. Uh. You know there’s one person who was the first person in space. His name was yuri gagarin and that happened a long time ago. I think i’m going to be number 570 or something you know that’s, where we’re going to be in this list. So this isn’t a competition. This is about building a road to space so that future generations can do incredible. Things in space we’re excited to join the club i’m excited for all you guys. Wally i’m expect especially excited for you. I want to do a whole story on you. You are incredible: you’re, going to be the oldest person up in space 82 years old long overdue. You should have been there in the 60s, but because of your gender, that was not to be so here we are you’re going to be up in space for 11 minutes describe how you see that in your mind’s eye i’m, going to feel it it’s going to Be absolutely not happy to to touch her or grab something i can just float to it and and do my turns and do my rolls and that’s what i love to do, because i’ve done everything in an outside world and uh.

I love it and by the way i love seeing you every day. Oh i love seeing you. Can. I just tell you that we have been you know, but back when when wally was part of the mercury 13, all the testing that she did, she outperformed all of the men, and we can confirm at 82 years old. She can still outperform all of the men. We’Ve been doing training with wally, she can outrun all of us. She is. You should do a piece on her because she’s incredible we’re just trying to keep up, we are going to keep we’re going to stay on that wall. We do promise all right mark. I don’t know how many noogies jeff gave you as a kid, but at this moment in time, i’m sure he’s more than made up for it. What was it like when he asked you to go aboard this uh? You know it was just such a thrill um. You know jeff, and i have had the opportunity to have a lot of adventures together, um throughout our our lifetimes and uh. You know it’s, just it’s, really an honor for me to be able to to tag along on this one and be there representing um our mom and dad our sister, christina and just celebrating and uh. You know a lifelong dream. Well, we went from the oldest to wally to the youngest oliver oliver uh you’re 18 years old. I can’t believe you get to do this.

So how have you prepared for this moment yeah? I can’t believe it either Laughter yeah. We have great training here and um yeah, just simulating all the flights and um expecting what to expect in space, because we have no idea and it’s pretty hard to imagine but i’m just super excited and not nervous at all. Well, um it’s going to be a really really cool. There are critics who say look this is you know again richard branson and you jeff bezos, rich guys on a joy ride, um. What will come out of this? What concrete thing will come out of this trip? Well, if you, in order for space travel, to become to really build the infrastructure so that maybe oliver the young people today, the next generation, how are they going to use space today? Getting into space is so expensive that you can’t do very many interesting things in space it’s, just a small number of things you can do. They will invent new things to do it’s the job of this generation, to build that infrastructure and uh. And, of course, people said, look we have so many problems here on earth and they’re right and we need to do both and we’ve always done both. We need to focus on here and now and we need to look to the future, so we’re, building a road to space so that oliver’s generation can blow us away with amazing things and make life better here on earth.

Okay, somebody’s got to take a selfie up there and i nominate oliver. Okay, i think he’ll probably get the best one Laughter, no, no brainer you’re right all right guys have fun up in space it’s 11 minutes. We can’t wait to hear all about it. When you come back jeff and mark bezos wally funk oliver damon thanks good luck, guys thanks! So much thank you. Thank you. Take care have fun and how about that wally funk. I love all the guys but there’s something about her. She is super special. She stood on the ground for 20, 30 40 years and watched men go up in space when it should have been her and now it’s her turn. No, it is wallace good for her for sure. Hey thanks for watching our youtube channel, find your favorite recipes. Celebrity interviews, uplifting stories shop, our favorite deals and so much more with the today app download it.