Besides the point i mean, i understand that if you are into something with your community and with your you know with your friends and families and like that, it can be really important to you and when it doesn’t go. Your way just feels crushing and defeating, but um honestly shut. The up. There’S, really, no reason why you should be racist anyway, if you do have a reason to be racist, that doesn’t mean it’s a good reason, so stop being racist over a goddamn sport. So i don’t really know who’s going to be watching this and before you say anything yeah, i know america sucks. You know our health care is terrible, are dying with diabetes, are getting obese and is getting worse with their drugs, and we love shooting guns and shooting people with it too. I understand that, but um i mean, if you want to do that dumb. I mean your knife crimes, your mushy peas, your fish and chips, gordon ramsay, don’t, don’t even get me started, but friends that gordon ramsay belongs to friends. That friends raised that bro. So listen now, besides the dumb opinions that i just stated of both myself, the people around me and other people who look at the insides of america let’s just get that out of the way i don’t even think that was grammatically correct. I don’t give a like. I said before just because you have a reason to do something: it doesn’t mean that you have to do that thing and in some cases, if you have a reason, you should definitely do something like if you have a reason to renew your license.

You have a reason to do so because you need to renew your license. So do it but, like i said just because you have a reason to do something or a made up reason. It doesn’t mean that that reason is valid. So, just because your team lost because three black people put the ball in the wrong place, they couldn’t get the ball into the goal during the penalties. Look, i get that. Actually i really don’t get that shut the up that’s, just straight up racist. I don’t. I don’t know why that’s that’s not a valid reason to be racist and there is no valid reason to be racist that’s just there never will be a valid reason to be a racist piece of and it’s sad it’s, really sad, there’s, nothing new about this. I mean europe is politically uh progressive right, but they are socially conservative. So, of course, they’re gon na be, i mean they’d be throwing bananas at because racism, you got people getting their ass, rocked on the street from angry, probably drunk englishmen, mostly like english beating italians, because italians want, i mean like go home like you, couldn’t bring the Trophy home just go the home and go home to your wife and family and feed them. I mean soccer soccer should not be that important in your life. I mean i’m, pretty sure, feeding yourself putting food in your belly drinking water and making sure you have a roof over.

Your head is more important than a sport, and this doesn’t just go for soccer or football football. It goes for literally everyone, because i know americans get mad at sports too, like their whole entire day gets ruined when their favorite team loses, which is it’s pathetic. I mean i’m not going to sit here and pretend, like i didn’t get mad when i lost in games and honestly flipped my, but you know like shouldn’t, get mad and i’ve honestly grown from that too, because i barely well. I do get mad, but i don’t get mad as much as i did back in the day while destroy something like a computer, desktop or desk. I mean i’ll, learn from that and move on, but these are grown as men, probably from age 18. All the way up to like 70 getting this riled up over football, i mean, let me be honest: if you’re 70 years old, the chances are. You are a racist. I mean you’re old, that’s kind of to be expected so i’m, not even going to say too much about that. But there are young grown men. Getting angry over football go home, damn it’s, honestly funny how some of these people will go on twitter or just go on social media and complain about how um being just you know, they’re just showing their frustration in social media thinking that people will agree with them And it’s funny about how much pushback they get from it, because they’re being racist piece of shits and they’re, also being extremely sore losers.

Now, what i’m about to say, probably doesn’t, make any sense and it’s an opinion that you know it. Doesn’T need to be validated at all, so take this as you will, england created football and they haven’t won a world cup in 55 years, wouldn’t that be on the fault of just bad management and also terrible soccer players. I mean how can you suck at what you created – bruh, it’s, it’s, so sad it’s, so sad, you created something, but you can’t even win in that thing you created at least one win would be amazing right. One win in. Why does it have to be over 50 years that you’ve lost, and then you blame the laws on three black men? No, your team, just sucks in general that’s why you’ve lost for so long. You haven’t won a single game because of incompetent players get better players. Instead of some trash ass team and then they’re gon na deflect that loss on three black people, as if a team is not a team, i mean if the black people suck they suck right. Okay, but you haven’t won a world cup in 55 years and i’m. Pretty sure there barely were any black people on the team in some of those time frames, so your team just sucks and you need better players, whether that be black or white or any other race, just races, a social construct in a way, get better players and Stop blaming it on three people because of their race voice.

Crack though, but now there’s one thing that racist people can’t stand is not being equally racist to other people. So let’s talk about the italians! Why? Why do you have to be so racist bro i’m over here i’m, going to hell for this i’m over here watching a person, an italian person getting beat up by a bunch of people who aren’t even in shape to be playing football, but yet so passionate about It i’m sorry, this is just too kind of bro. Please forgive me, but that is of funny like don’t. Get me wrong. What i’m looking at is completely wrong like this. What i’m looking at is completely wrong, like these are obviously just a bunch of man childs getting mad at a italian football fan and beating him up so like that that’s just wrong in general, but i’m. Sorry, but these people aren’t even in shape – and these are the people who are getting riled up over football. Just i can’t stress this enough go home. Are you mad there really isn’t much to say here like i’m, i’m. Honestly stunned? Is this just so hard to use the brain that that thing in your head that organ in your head, that’s literally the same as any other person on this planet? I don’t know why you can’t just use that and be like. Oh i’m, racist. I should stop being racist. I should stop hating this group of people and i should honestly talk to them more.

This thing their head, they don’t, use it like this honestly. Stun locks me to a whole nother level, so i can’t really say much here. Just really. This video is honestly kind of pointless but i’m going to put it out, because i need something to put out anyway, yeah i’m done here. If you like this video, go ahead and leave a like don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you hit the bell icon. Next to the subscribe button and make sure you click all to get all of my notifications. When i release a new video – and i will see you guys in the next Music video Music.