We’Re rolling we’ve secretly got together it’s the beginning. The skate evolution continues, we’ve been waiting years honestly to to make the right game at the right time with the right idea and uh really really pleased to say that we’re here it is really early but uh. It takes a little while to find cuz or wake him up. Music, hey what’s, going on y’all welcome back to tech 2000. My name is blake. I am your host in today’s, video we’ll be talking about skate 4 and what i want to see in skate 4.. So yeah, as you all saw in the clip before uh the first clip on the video um at ea, play 2020 um. Ea sports basically announced skate 4, and that was on june 18th last year, and that was a little over a year ago and so yeah i’m just going to be talking about what exactly i want to see from this game and how they can improve from skate. 3., okay, so first off um let’s go ahead and get this out of the way uh in skate 4. Everybody really wants to see like a online multiplayer where you can free roam in skate 3. You can’t free roam on the multiplayer. You can play multiplayer with your friends and everything, but you have to stay in one park and teleport to another or whatever. So in this one. I would like to see it much like gta online, where you can free roam everywhere with your friends and everything.

I think that would be pretty cool uh. You could have like an online server with people. You don’t know, plus your friends. Whatever you want, you can have private servers, everything um, so yeah. I would love to see that in skate four uh, you can’t do that in skate three. I think that’s kind of how they were trying to do it in skate three, but it just didn’t happen. Okay, so another thing i would like to see is like celebrity skaters in the game that you could play as like in skate. Two, you could play as rob deer deck and big black r.i.p big black. So i thought this was really cool because you didn’t just have to play as, like your custom skater. You could play as robin big who were two of the biggest people on mtv at the time, and i think it would be pretty cool if they implemented something like this into skate 4, where you could play as some celebrities. I think it’d be cool and yeah. I mean i loved watching robin big and fantasy factory back in the day, so i really liked playing as robin big in the game. I thought it was really fun and i would love to see them implement some celebrities back into the game. One day, um skate. Four, hopefully uh, i think, it’s cool that you can play as your custom character, but i think it’d be even cooler if i could play as a celebrity in the game.

Another thing i would really like to have in the game is like custom parts that you can share with other people kind of like in like super mario creator on the switch you could share with people, and they try to like beat your course or whatever. I think it’d be pretty cool um. I would love to have custom parts that you could play in. I think it’s. I think that would be pretty cool. Another thing in skate 4 that i would love to see, is like more realistic challenges, because in skate 2 they were very realistic, but once you got to skate three, they kind of like started, getting crazy and almost impossible, sometimes uh, and i would like to see More realistic stuff that you can actually pull off in real life um, i think that’s a big thing with skate. I think that’s, what separates it from tony hawk pro skaters, because tony hawk pro skater, you could skate up the walls of a building and skate three or skate two or whatever you’re doing. Basically what you could do in real life. If you knew how to do it, something else is like i would love to have some of the parks from skate 3 and even skate 2 back in skate 4. um. I really loved the ultra super mega park and the carvatron. Those are my two favorite uh parts in skate. Three um and i don’t remember the names of them, but some of the ones in skate two were really cool uh.

I haven’t played that game in so long. I don’t even remember, but i would love to see them have like a couple, a couple parts from each of the previous skate games as well as a bunch of new crazy parts. I would love to see that as well as the custom parts like i talked about earlier. Another thing i would love to see in skate 4 is like a updated soundtrack like a really good soundtrack to skate to some vibe music. You know what i’m saying like. I think it would be really cool to have like some old, like 2000s rap and like throw in some throw in some new rap and everything like that. I think if it would fit the skate vibe. In my opinion, i love playing skate while listening to like chill music like lil wayne and stuff, so i think it’ll be pretty cool. Uh yeah. I talked about gta earlier uh when i was talking about the free roam and the uh online, but i would also like to talk about how i would like to have a bigger map sort of like gta um. The map on skate 3 is pretty small and you have to roam around certain parts of the map you can’t just go everywhere. You have to be in certain areas like university or what’s. It called like i don’t, remember what all of them are called, but yeah uh, so you would have to be in like these certain areas to move around and stuff so like.

I would love to see a free roam map and i would love to see it about as big as like a gta map. I think that would be pretty cool and i would also like to see, like other things than just skate. Skateboards, like you, could implement bmx, bikes or roller skates or scooters, or anything into the game that you could do a trick on really like. I would. I would think they could do that and i think it would be pretty cool um. I mean i know it’s called skating, but i mean i think it would be pretty cool to have that stuff. Obviously, this will probably happen anyways, but i hope that they add, like some really cool customization options for your custom character and also, i think that they should add, like the face scan stuff like they have on 2k games to where you can make it look just Like you, i think that would be pretty cool it’s, probably going to be a very long time before skate 4 comes out um i think it’ll probably be maybe 2024 2025. Something like that. Um it’s gon na be a while, as they said in the ea play last year and june 18 2020 it’ll be a while um. So these are just some things that i would like to see in the game: uh if they don’t happen and that’s. Okay. I’M. Still gon na play the game i love playing skate.

I love skate three skate two. I just wan na see skate four and that’s gon na about do it for this video guys, i hope you enjoyed and if you did, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe. If you’re new um, if you like the video, please share to your friends and yeah, leave some comments telling me what you think about my ideas for skate.