But if you had any excitement whatsoever, you know for the few games. Ea actually makes people care about. You might as well throw all that excitement out of the window, because the company has preemptively prepared everybody for major disappointment, as essentially all those games are not going to have anything being shown off whatsoever, so this basically happened already um. Oh, this happened over the weekend. Uh as in that right before it started uh the ea star wars account came out with a tweet saying we will not be showing anything uh or won’t be showing any new star wars. Games at ea play live on july 22nd, but all of us look forward to celebrating with you next year when we share our vision for the galaxy far far away. So, of course, we know that in terms of star wars, a jedi fallen order. Sequel is on its way, i’m. Pretty sure they actually already confirmed that right and the of course, the first game uh sold very well was received very well by people so that’s. What respawn is currently working on but, like i said, will not be shown off. Then the skate account, of course, uh the game that i myself cannot absolutely cannot wait for. Oh my god, i’m so excited, but anyway uh. It says holy it’s been a year. What have we been up to? Well, we formed a studio back in january. Got a bunch of super talented people to join the family and we’ve been working hard on the new game.

Now we know many of you were hoping to see more from us this week, but we are not ready for prime time just yet and we won’t be part of the ea play live show on thursday. It is still early and we are committed to doing this thing right, which means it’s gon na take some time. Our number one goal is not to blow it for you for us for skate and for ea with a track record where they constantly seem to blow it so yeah. However, we are stoked to share a little something with you all tomorrow and tomorrow is actually today, because this tweet was posted yesterday. So um, you know, like i said, i’m, not exactly surprised by this either as uh. You know i myself, of course, i’m a giant skate fan, but people notice about me um. You know that being said, the game was announced last year and it seemed that back then yeah they hadn’t even put a team together. They announced that game so early, just because everybody was essentially stalking their instagram page that they basically got like the two people who they were gon na uh have helming this uh project. They just got him on camera. To like, say, it’s coming guys, it’s coming, you can stop. You can stop the spam now we’ll put together a team, and so they did that actually, this january uh, finally starting the studio that apparently, is called a full circle.

Actually, it says it on screen here, of course, right there um, but yeah. So you know that’s uh that’s happening. However it’s going to be years away, that’s very clear i am, i will say i am stoked to see what they mean by this. We are still to share a little something with you all tomorrow. What could that possibly be? You know, i think that them saying, of course, that they aren’t ready to really show anything off from skate 4. Yet, having just put the team together and stuff actually means that what they mean when saying was stoked to share a little. Something is not going to be skate, 4 related, and so the only thing i could possibly think of is actually that they’ll announce. Maybe a remaster, for you know the whole collection that would be awesome. I’M, a little bit uh. I fear a little bit that it’s going to be a skate 3 remaster. If they do a remaster at all, uh and you know, skate three is my least favorite in the series on a personal level. I know it’s the one that actually was maybe the most popular and the one that people will still remember the most. But i myself was more of a fan of you know. I didn’t play the first one actually, but i was a giant fan of skate 2. In particular, i thought um skate 3, just kind of went into the wrong direction, myself being a little bit too over the top.

The graphics actually were somewhat more cartoony and again it it kind of got famous for all the bugs and glitches and the weird people did in that game, but that’s, actually not why i myself enjoyed skate at all. I enjoyed it because it was such a realistic skateboarding experience and i think the second game um was the best representation of that you know the the the um yeah just the overall setting that it had the city of san van alona. I dude. I love skate too, and i hope, if anything, that the new skates i’m fine with it still having that you know weird approach and all that stuff. But i do hope that it’s kind of the best of both worlds – i guess and so that both audiences uh can get out of it what they want to get out of it. You know what i mean so yeah i mean if they’re actually going to announce a remaster, even if it’s for skate 3 only i’ll still be happy because that’s kind of the problem. I guess there is no way to play skate on my playstation console because they never actually made these games playable on the previous generation. Even on playstation 4. uh xbox had got it via backwards compatibility, so that was nice, but i think that was only skate. Three. Actually so i’m, you know i, like i said i’m stoked to see what they mean by that and if it’s a remaster that’s gon na be nice to, i guess, keep me busy for the time being, but yeah uh.

Two weeks ago, bioware already announced also, we are hard at work on creating the next dragon age, which i feel they announced like two or three years ago already and mass effect games and have some exciting stuff coming to star wars: the old republic this year, while We won’t be showing anything at ea play live, be sure to check out the blah blah live stream. I think that already happened. I guess but um yeah, like i said, it’s a little bit crazy because it seems that all these teams, ea has finally gone back to making good games again right. They’Ve finally gone back to actually making the games, people care about single player, star wars games back to skate, which, hopefully you know the new game – will be basically bringing back back. What people loved about the series? Uh uh, you know, bioware – is still doing dragon age and uh. You know, after the of course, failure that was mass effect andromeda. You know it seems like gon na kind of give it another shot and uh try to come up with something a little bit uh better. In that regard, you know they just did the legendary collection, of course, of which are the remasters of the uh. You know the three original mass effect games, so you know i think ea is on the right track: it’s, not that there’s so much relying anymore on the sports games and the micro transactions and all that stuff.

But that being said, it’s just a little too early. I guess – and you you saw kind of, i guess the same thing with microsoft: it’s like microsoft right now seems to finally be hitting their stride and they seem to finally be making that comeback. Where three or four years ago, phil spencer was already talking about it. But they just weren’t showing anything yet i think ea is still very much in that phase right now, where it seems like they’re slowly but surely getting back on track somewhat, but it’s just going to take way too much time still and so again. Don’T expect too much from this particular ea play if we actually check out the websites, so i think the event is happening on thursday um, but here they are essentially already saying what to expect, which is very much fifa madden uh, the future of fps. So you know apex, legends and uh. Of course, battlefield battlefield will still be, i guess the biggest game of them all and the ones that you know the usual gaming audience will actually be excited to see more of including me i’m. Definitely ready for the next battlefield. Again and yeah, then there is the originals which, like ea originals, is for me personally that’s been, i guess, kind of the highlight from ea in the past couple of years with projects like a way out and it takes two which actually i’ve yet to play. But i’m gon na find a moment to play it uh uh, very soon, because you know i’m hearing great stuff about it and i totally believe it’s.

You know gon na be freaking awesome, joseph harris, of course um unravel you had right, and so perhaps we’ll see something cool again from the ea originals program, because again it’s just the indie studios that actually make passion projects that turn out good right so, like that’s Still where i expect we might be seeing good stuff from ea, but other than that it seems like this year is still not going to be the one. So do not, you know, hold out too much hope um. There is one potential project that could be announced, although once again, i feel like we’re not going to see much from it and that’s, of course, the rumored dead space reboot or whatever it’s going to be basically a new dead space game. You know we’ve been hearing rumors about that in the in the past couple of weeks. I think so that might very well be announced. However, i would not be surprised if that is once again gon na be a very similar announcement in the same vein, uh that we saw from skate last year, where it’s, literally just people talking about it on camera, not having anything to show off yet, and so Once again, that project will be years away so uh, i myself i’m, not holding out hope i’m just going to keep it 100 real and i don’t think you should either. But that being said, we’re going to find out on thursday what ea will have in store for us, so uh yeah i’ll be uploading, of course, more gaming news videos in the coming days.

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