Today we have some information surrounding a new tom clancy game set to be revealed on the 19th of june, which of the recording of this video is tomorrow. Also, if you would like to see the sneak peek gameplay released by ign click, the banner on screen to go watch it. That is also supporting me. So please do that, but with that all of the way let’s get into this so today about seven or eight hours ago, ubisoft put out a tweet saying tomorrow, things are going to get wild tune in at 11am, pt or 8pm cest for the worldwide reveal of A brand new game in the tom clancy’s universe. So currently we have very little leaked info about this new tom clancy game. Apart from the gameplay teaser, which isn’t really a teaser it’s just 30 seconds of running about in a small map killing a few people which i guess you could say – it’s a teaser but whatever. But there is still a fair bit to talk about and discuss this new game could potentially be the new multiplayer pvt pvp title codenamed battle cat, which leaked on social media last month. So, throughout the course of this video, i will refer to this new game as a battle cap, which is apparently a code name for a game early in development. It has not been confirmed if battlecast battle cat is in fact the new tom clancy game, but it makes it generally easier if we can just refer to it as that.

According to leaked marketing documents, battle cat combines the splinter cell ghost recon breakpoint and division games into a single tom, clancy multiplayer title recent leaked images show splinter cells ecolon as playable characters, as well as breakpoints wolves and the divisions, cleaners and outcasts, which does sound very Interesting so, according to some elite documents, is a multiplayer mix of two pre of multiple previous tom clancy games that have some characters featured in those games being able to be replayed in this one new title sounds very interesting, but, to be honest, i’m, not a big Tom clancy fan and haven’t played many of their games only rainbow six siege and a bit of the division, ubisoft recently said, is planning to release high quality free to play games across all our biggest franchises across all platforms. Although it later said this does not mean it will not release or continues to release premium games, so ubisoft seems to want to release a few high quality free games for players, which is always nice. We love free. Perhaps this new edition of tom clancy could perhaps be one of those free games, but tomorrow we will find out for sure, or at least get some more information on it. Don’T forget in late may, ubisoft also announced a game called heartland, a separate free to play. Division spin off described as a standalone experience that will provide an all new perspective on the universe in a new setting. This last part were quotes taken from the video games, chronicles site or their article on this new possible um heartland game on the announcement tomorrow.

They make some good material on all of the new and leaked games, so go check them out. Link below if you want something to read. Some of their stuff is actually very well written and it’s. All legit personally i’m excited to see what ubisoft can do. New high quality free games sounds pretty awesome and when ubisoft puts their mind to it, they can make some really solid games. So what are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for the announcement tomorrow and are you a big tom clancy fan i’m? Not really. Some other games are pretty decent but i’m. Not really a big fan honestly. Leave that all down in the comment section below and thanks for watching guys and like always take care everyone.