We are talking a little bit about travel in the uk i’m, going to give a few tips for tourists coming here to the uk. So you can be fully prepared and take advantage of everything that we have to offer Music, so we’re going to start off talking a little bit about transport. Now the most important thing is: we drive on the left hand side of the road here at one of the few countries in the world to do this. So, of course, if you’re driving here in the uk, this is completely essential. So we don’t have any accidents, but also for pedestrians. You need to make sure that you’re looking the right way before you cross a road, so double check, look both ways. Just in case you don’t want any accidents when you’re here on holiday. Now my second tip for transport is to try and get a rail card, because there are some great discounts available. Transport can be really expensive here in the uk, but these discounts are available. You can apply for a rail card before you even come here to the uk and you can connect this to your oyster card or travel cards in london. So you can get slightly reduced prices. There too. So have a look at the website railcard and you will find some information there now it’s really important that you book your tickets in advance here in the uk for a couple of reasons. First of all, the closer to the date of travel like most things, the more expensive the price and because transport’s expensive here in the uk, you want to try and avoid that.

And secondly, because sometimes you might find that a train or a bus or something is totally fully booked and you may not have the opportunity to make the journey that you wanted to. So i highly recommend being prepared and booking all of your travel tickets in advance. We do have a travel blog with some tips and advice for traveling in london and around the uk. I’Ve left the link in the description below, and that might help you if you want to learn a little bit more about that. My next top tip for transport is to kind of know what you’re doing, which is difficult. If you’ve never been here in the uk before, especially in london, everybody rushes around on the tube, and it can become a little bit chaotic people. The londoners can get very, very angry if they’re waiting behind some tourist that doesn’t know what they’re doing so. Have your tickets ready and know where you want to go, which line you want to take? Are you going north south east west, which direction which platform try and prepare as much as possible in advance once you’ve done it once or twice you’ll get into the swing of things again, i have a whole blog on transport in london. I’Ve left the link in the description below so, if you want to see some examples of that, then check that out and my final top tip is to try and avoid both rush hour and bank holiday weekends.

So rush hour is different in each city in london. It tends to be between 7 and 9 30 10 in the morning and again in the evening, between 4 4 thirty and six uh also it’s more expensive at those times to travel, the ticket prices are slightly different. So not only is it chaos and there’s. So many people rushing around but the prices are more expensive. So just avoid that time, if you can and bank holiday weekends we don’t have that many in the uk. I have a whole blog on that on my website, so you can understand when the bank holiday weekends are, but basically all the british people leave the cities to go to the beach or to their country houses. So it can be absolute chaos if you’re traveling, you could end up spending most of the bank holiday weekend stuck in traffic, which you want to avoid, if you’re only here for a weekend, so just avoid those weekends altogether. Now i want to talk a little bit about tourist attractions because when we travel to a different country that’s what we want to see or all the attractions again they can be really expensive in london. If you’ve got a family of four, you can expect to easily pay above 100 pounds for the family of four entrance fee. It is really expensive, but there are lots of discount cards available. If you’re visiting more natural things some palaces, you could use the national trust membership.

If you’re visiting old historic buildings, castles, some museums, you can get the english heritage membership these often last for a year as well. So if you are returning back to the uk within 12 months, you can uh use the same ticket again check those out they’re, not that expensive and you can either get in for free or you get a relatively good discounted price to the place that you want To visit so check those out, a lot of tourist attractions also enable a ticket for 12 months. So if you’ve booked to go into a castle, for example, that ticket will be available for 12 months, so don’t throw it out, keep it just in case. You come back in the year and you want to see it again or something was closed. You have the chance to use it. There are also loads of voucher codes and discounts available. I recommend just typing into a search engine before you visit somewhere discounts for and the name of the tourist attraction you’re very likely to find something so check those out and a few years ago, when i traveled and toured around london with family, we got discounts to London attractions, if we had a rail ticket if we traveled by train that day a valid ticket, so anything that you get especially on the trains, have a look at the little tickets. Read the information and see if there are some extra discounts available, it’s, definitely worth it.

It can reduce the prices quite a lot. I also recommend taking advantage of the free attractions in london. Most of the museums are totally free it’s. Just these special exhibitions that you have to pay an entrance fee for and so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of those one of my favorites is the walkie talkie building down on fenchurch street, and you can see the skyline of london it’s a gorgeous view. A lot of people go to the shard, which is very expensive to get up so that’s, just an alternative, so it’s worth researching this online. You will see a lot more examples than just this. One top tip three for tourist attractions is to try and walk as much as possible. I know this is obviously not always possible. For example, if you’ve got young children, you may not be able to walk so far, but most things are relatively close. I mean you look at london on a map and it looks huge that there are so many things so far away from each other. But actually, when i visited, i walked between all of the attractions. I do love walking if it’s summer weather it’s a great way to get to know the city to learn a little bit more and feel more. The culture here, especially in london, top tip four, is again to book in advance. We take everything very seriously here in the uk. Everything is reserved and organized and booked in advance.

It would be so disappointing if you traveled all the way to the country and found out that there were no tickets available to the attractions you wanted to visit. It’S, probably worth booking these before you even get here, although check what’s covered on your travel insurance, and you can often get discounts, sometimes 10 20 discounts, if you book online or more than a week in advance, so it’s definitely worth checking that out. This is also really important in those summer months, when it’s generally at its busiest for tourists here in the uk, and my final tip is to please be aware of ticket touting. So a lot of people try to resell tickets, and sometimes this is totally illegal or it’s not allowed, and you can end up just not getting into the event use the actual distributors themselves or an official tickets website. So now we’re moving on to top tips for restaurants. Now my first top tip is to ask for tap water, because if you ask for water, they will bring you some expensive bottled water tap water is totally safe and fine to drink here in the uk. So ask for tap water if you don’t want to be charged anything it’s totally free, so you should not be charged for that. My second tip for dining is just be aware of opening and closing times for restaurants. Cafes bars here in the uk. Most restaurants will stop serving food around 10, if not 11 pm, which is quite early compared to some other european countries, so just check the closing times if you don’t have anything booked and you’re wandering around don’t always expect to find everything open if it’s late at Night top tip three is to check the dress code.

This is especially important at fancy nice restaurants in city center of london. They often ask you to dress smart or smart casual, which generally means no shorts. Sometimes no jeans, no flip flops. Just read the dress code on the website of the restaurant that you’re going to and my final top tip for restaurants is just check whether service is included or not. A lot of restaurants nowadays already add service to the bottom of the bill. You can ask for this to be taken off, especially if you didn’t think the service was that great or you can pay it as part of your bill, and if you haven’t been charged service. The common courtesy is to leave a tip of 10 of the total bill. We do have a few more tips about dining in the uk. You can check that out on our blog now we’re going to talk a little bit about money, so my first tip is to learn the currency here in the uk, so we’re, the only country that uses this great british pound sterling so learn all of the notes And all of the coins understand what they all mean. So if someone asks you for a certain amount of money, you know exactly how to make up that money. Just be aware, because post covered here in the uk, most things are paid by card. A lot of places are cashless if you do want to pay, buy cards there’s often a minimum spend maybe just two or three pounds, and this is most likely in corner shops or local shops.

Sometimes the high street shops too top tip number two for money. Is that you must be careful with the denominations that you’re using try not to use a 50 pound? So when you change your home currency into british pound, when you are in your own country, they often tend to give you the biggest notes possible. Try not to use that, because 50 pounds are not actually accepted in a lot of places, mostly because they don’t have the machine or the pen to check. If it’s a legal note, so i probably recommend avoiding that ask for the 20, the 10 or the 5 pound notes instead, and you will probably have no problem with those top tip three. Sometimes you can get all vat back on items that you spent here in the uk, make sure when you’re in a shop that you tell the shop assistant, you want to claim back the vat at the airport. They’Ll give you a special form to fill out and you must keep your receipt and you can claim that back when you go through customs at the airport leaving the uk. Sadly, this isn’t always possible. There are some shops that don’t participate in this and sometimes there’s a minimum spend on the items, sometimes 75 100 pounds that you must spend minimum in order to get that vat back just check, there’s different rules for every place, but it is possible to get a Little bit of money back there, there are currency exchanges that you will see on the high street on little damn little alleys, uh, basically just check which one has the best exchange rate for your currency, a couple of names that you might not know or might not Recognize is that the post office, and also marx and spencer’s, which is the supermarket both of those have relatively okay currency exchange rates.

So you won’t see them advertised as currency exchanges, but they do have that service available so check those out too and finally, just a little bit of random advice for your travels here in the uk. The first tip is to check the sockets. The plugs that we use here in the uk are totally different to a lot of other countries, it’s not the same as the us or europe. So please check that and make sure that you buy the travel adapters. I do recommend buying these before you come to the uk, because at the airport and here in the uk these tend to be quite expensive, so you might find them cheaper back home before you actually travel here. Something that’s really important to note is that there is a switch for most plugs here in the uk. You will need to turn something on or off. So even if you have plugged something in let’s say your phone to charge, it won’t actually start charging. Unless you have turned that socket on really important, otherwise you’re not going to be charging your phone, my second random top tip is to be prepared for all weathers. If you come to the uk in spring and autumn, we tend to have a total mixture of weather summer. Probably the same winter is pretty much always cold, sometimes snowing, but be prepared for anything. You might need your sun cream and your sun hat and your sunglasses in the morning and by the afternoon you need an umbrella and a rain poncho so be prepared and take everything out with you.

If you’re leaving your accommodation for the entire day be prepared for anything, any weather and don’t always trust the weather forecast. Even though a lot of british people watch it and talk about the weather constantly it’s one of our little traits here in the uk, don’t always trust it. It might not be correct. Random top tip number three is to learn how to cue. We british people we take cueing very seriously. Even if you are waiting at a traffic light or to get onto a bus or a train entrance to a restaurant, you will see a queue, so it’s really important that you stand in line and don’t push in, because british people get very angry when this happens And you might end up in some sort of argument, which is not the best experience so just respect. The cue random top tip four is that there is a lot of wi, fi and internet access here in the uk. Most of the city councils will provide their own free, wi fi restaurants bars cinemas. Most of them will have free wi fi, so i recommend connecting to those as much as you can, so you can save a little bit of your data. All you need to do is really ask for the wi fi password from the local restaurant cafe bar, and they should give it to you with with no problem, and my final random top tip number five is tipping. Tipping is 10 on average here in the uk.

As i said, check to see if a restaurant bar or cafe has already tipped, but we tend to tip for most services here in the uk, for example, in a taxi, we would tend to tip or round up the amount there. So hopefully, these little tips for different areas of life here in the uk will help. You take advantage of your tours and travels around england, northern ireland, scotland and wales. If you learned something new about british culture today go ahead and give us a like, and also subscribe to my youtube channel and turn those bell notifications on to learn a lot more about travel in the uk british culture, and we also have loads of english grammar Pronunciation and vocabulary explanations: you can find us across all social media. We have facebook linkedin, twitter instagram. We have loads of other sites too i’ve left all those links in the description below go ahead and follow like share our content, it’s all free and it’s.