I’m in a foreign man’s land, because I didn’t even know this part of London existed.. Is this even London question and right now my google maps is doing exactly what it always does. I think it’s leading me in the wrong direction.. I need to be going that way.. I finally got my bearings. It took a hot minute, i’m walking backwards because the sun is behind me and you guys won’t be able to can’t. See me really. Can you But walking backwards is now cramping, my style, because I need to be able to see.. Basically, what I was saying before was I’ve never been down these sides. This is like a whole new foreign land to me, um, but I’ve said I’m gon na try and go to far off places. This year. Get out and explore, even if I am by myself. I’m off to a barbecue i’ve just bought a drink because you can’t come empty handed. You know, but yeah let’s go let’s continue, walking because I’ve still got 12 minutes; I’m still 12 minutes away. So we’ve got the barbecue stuff going on over here. Can you see that All the drinks …? Are you guys going to be in my vlog what’s up guys Sheyi in the house? Y’All are mary’s vlogger vlogger, whatever it’s called these days. My name is so we’re going to play another game, which is that bruce’s price is right for the aunties in the building. I’M done watch this.

If you were born.. – oh my god, chill chill chill in the 80s say: woi oi., Woi, oi, okay, 1980s, raise up your hand. Oh yeah, barbecue rooftop. You know to perfection: oh yeah! I was like news good morning. You guys it’s saturday, the 19th of june. The last time i picked up this camera was barbecue, and that was almost a week ago that was last week, sunday um. I didn’t sign out the thing about when you’re vlogging as much as i love vlogging. I sometimes really do just want to live in the moment kind of thing, and there was so much going on in the day like it was so fun, but i just put my camera down at one point. Firstly, hay fever got me so bad. I was crying like my eyes. I wasn’t crying, i mean my eyes – were watering so badly. My makeup got ruined, so i ended up spending like half of the barbecue wearing my sunglasses and yeah. I was just living in the moment. At the same time, i know i said a few vlogs back that i hate traveling for and really i do, but on that day, because it was so nice, the weather was so nice and i had no plans. I was just in my house. It was just a last minute thing i was like you know what i don’t care, how far it is. I am reaching and i’m so glad.

I went because i enjoyed myself to the fullest, so it might be one of those things where i’m not missing out on enjoyment, because the place is far anymore. As i was saying yeah i was just living in the moment and i was just enjoying myself. So i put the camera down and i didn’t sign out, but it’s really bad, not to actually sign in and sign out of the vlogs like. I really need to get my manners in check. It’S been a week since i’ve taken my hair out and i haven’t washed it yet. Yes, i went to the barbecue with dirty hair. I knew i was gon na put gel in it. So i really didn’t mind my thing: was i didn’t want it to be smelling, but it wasn’t smelling so that’s fine. My plan there for today is to wash my hair so i’m, just gon na prep, my hair, for that wash i’m. So glad i went out last week sunday, even though there was work on monday and when i said we got new, we got lit because we’re back to rainy england, just like that that’s all. I really had to say, though, now and as much as i love going now outside is expensive. So fortunately, for me, i joined vodafone a few weeks ago and they have been running this offer in conjunction with you, where you can get two cinema tickets for the price of one.

So you know you guys been jumping on that. Oh my gosh. This is a long team, um it’s friday and i’m, ready to sing we’re in the cinema and i’m excited because i haven’t been cinema since 20, 19. mayonnaise ketchup and onions, please, 20. 2019.. I didn’t go cinnamon in 2020.. Did we get cinnamon 10 swimming? Did we? Oh bad boys 3 was in 2020., okay nevermind. I need to come back and wash my hands without washing my hands e6 and e7 right you’re going to do this myself don’t you won’t survive. I wish i could believe that you cared yeah six at the end. Oh, the ending wasn’t up to par for you, oh that’s, why he fell asleep that’s. Why yeah for me i’d, give it an 8 out of 10 overall, as i was editing the video i was thinking. How am i going to score this and i remembered what rotten tomatoes, so i did my squad like that, and would you believe i decided to go on the site just today and i have about the same score as they did so. Please note your girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to reviews. Go watch the film okay, the storyline flowed, so it made sense um, but i can’t remember what she did at the end of um wakanda at the end of black panther. This is where it continues from and actually did something bad that they deserted disowned her even but yeah nice cute cinema day.

I had fun it’s good, you don’t need to force it. Did it go back yourself, just press. The button was already gone back. That means yeah. Oh you don’t have to push it. Of course. Oh there is something at the end. I decided he was born first i’m. The third you guys i had so much fun. I tried i tried to do the pose, but i’m so not flexible. I don’t think i got it right shout out to the guy who’s motivating me in it. We accept compliments over here where’s that compliments on here, oh it’s, dark. Now, thank you for watching this week’s vlog guys take care of yourself and i’ll.