First of all, thank you so much for joining. Second of all, you would know that we tried blowing some things up, and that is the first piece of news. Basically, i got this basically yesterday i got this little device here. What this little device does is well. What i thought it did is allow me to measure the amount of current going through a usb type c, and that does do. However, it also allows you to control how much current goes through usb type c. So, first of all the news that is going to interest quite a few of you, the oculus quest 2 seems to support power delivery chargers. I bought myself an anchor charger with 4 usb ports very recently, and i wanted to know whether i could charge my quest with it. This little device proves to me that, yes, i can, and it also proves to me that it charges the quest slightly very slightly faster than the original charger. This thing charging it up at about 5 volts and the original charger doing about 4.9. 4.8. Why that is i’m? Not sure, however, power delivery is a very safe standard, so i’m gon na do a bunch more testing just before i can recommend you guys to buy a power delivery charger for yourself. However, for now it’s, looking very good, now, i’m sure people with more experience in power, delivery and voltage down below will have a lot to say about that.

And if you do please do let us know because i’m not the most experienced in this. Yet talking about playing around with voltage more on that at the very end of the video, because for now vr news we have news on the apple vr, headset mac rumors. The website that i always use for uh well apple rumors, has come out with a little bit more information on the apple vr headset. Unfortunately, it’s not very good well, depending on whom you ask. The headset itself seems to be made out of materials that total more than five hundred dollars. What is this thing? Gon na be made out of diamonds and steel that i i cannot imagine that would be comfortable on your face, but it is very concerning to see that headset that itself is made out of materials that are worth more than 500. It makes you think about the actual price tag for us. Consumers now, it’s also a good thing, i guess, because good materials but it’s also concerning price wise now. This headset also seems to be coming out, possibly as soon as 2022, q1. So that’s, really not a long time away like that year, is going to fly by and apple going into the vr space, as we have talked about it before is good, because, no matter how expensive this thing is, the more big companies we have in the vr Space, the more mainstream, it goes and that’s very good.

So let me know what you guys think about that. I i i can’t imagine that the profit margin here is going to be. Uh is going to be low, especially if the material success cost 500.. We have a new hololens, however it’s not for us, consumers, so i’m, just going to mention it very briefly. It’S for industrial use it’s the industrial edition. Now this is pretty cool for well a lot of different reasons, but the reason mentioned – and the reason that i think is pretty huge – is the fact that the hololens can be used to help fight the pandemic to recognize symptoms and how that works. I have no clue, however, i find it really cool that this is now going to be helping medicine and helping the world out. It’S it’s a big big thing, and i know that it’s been used in industrial uses before, but this is just proof that we are constantly moving forward and that’s good now, vr arcades i’m, not sure if you guys have ever been to one i’ve only seen one In my life, and that was in poland, they’re very cool, they allow people to jump into vr without actually owning their own vr headset it’s, an absolutely incredible experience, and some of them have a really damn cool interiors. However, right now, with the world situation, doing what it’s doing they can’t be doing very well. However, springboard vr has been bought out by vertigo games and again i’m only going to mention this very briefly.

If you guys want more information, all the articles are down in the description below, but springboardvr is a software that allows these vr arcades to be much more well functional. It allows them to do their job in a much easier way and i think that’s, very cool they’ve been bought out by vertigo games. So hopefully we see this go through the roof. The oculus quest 2 has officially leaped into second place on the steamvr platform steam. Does this thing where they check the amount of virtual reality headsets connected monthly, and it seems that the oculus quest 2 has now leaped into second place and we have surpassed another huge milestone with over 2.6 million headsets being connected to steamvr? That is incredible. Now this community has just grown so far from where we began now. I know a lot of you had the oculus quest dk1, so i can’t really compare to you guys, but i have the cv one and i remember how small the community was back then what it is now is just it’s mind blowing on this graph. Here we can literally see the growth of vr over time, and you can see how fast it has accelerated in 2020 and now in 2021, it’s, just it’s just going at like almost uh 75 degrees angle. That is incredible now. What is interesting here is that facebook is taking up 56 of the market share, which is a pretty big number like that is more than half now.

What is absolutely amazing is the headset that has passed the oculus quest 2 out. Is the oculus rift s? I am so happy for all those rift s owners, because that headset is still really good, like i still prefer my quest to more, but that headset is still really really good. I don’t know about you guys that have the oculus rift as, but i mainly moved away from it because of all the issues i was having with it, but clearly here there’s a lot of rift s owners that didn’t have those issues and i’m just so happy For them it’s incredible, i i expected it to be like the index or something but no rift. Another piece of interesting news and i’m pretty late on this one playstation has filed this really interesting patent. They will allow the spectator to help the player in vr. So, for example, the people sitting on the couch can be voting on something and that thing will appear to the player in vr that’s, a really interesting mechanic, and i hope that that jumps into pc, even though i do get it console with dualshock and a huge Tv is usually the console that you will share with people. Not many people share their pc with others unless you’ve actually made it into like a multimedia gaming system, which is really cool, but consoles are primarily the ones used for local lan multiplayer. So this really does make sense, it’s, really cool and really interesting, i’m really interested in that mechanic.

Let me know what you think down below and finally, something really exciting: we’ve got the steam game festival. Now this thing started on the february and it’s going to be going until the 9th and we have some brand new vr games being shown off at steam. Game festival that you can demo right now during steam game festival. So you guys make sure to check those out i’m gon na leave a link to steam game festival down below in the description. Every time it happens, some incredible games are shown off and honestly. I cannot wait to check this out. The video that’s going over me right now, i’ve seen there’s a few really cool, interesting games here that i will definitely be checking out and i love the fact that vr gets its own spot in the steam game. Festival, it’s absolutely incredible, make sure to check it out down below really exciting, so that’s that guys that’s our news covered so now without further ado, let’s hop straight on to reddit and see what spicy memes you guys have been posting, hopefully they’re more family friendly than Yesterday leaked images from inside the server, not clickbait almost died must see oh and it’s a spoiler, the mystical’s basement. I know this one. I hear here’s the video guys here’s the video when you’re gon na oh okay and i’m gon na say something like i’ll, be watching and then tell me when you join one and join okay in general in general.

Wait mark zuckerberg’s little room i’m posting in there. No no type in general type in general, why general is like okay, main shaft on the main, shaft, yeah, okay and then we’ll leave please server: oh my god: i’m gon na screenshot, okay, i’ve left i’m, leaving so that’s. Basically, what happened me and axe had a little bit of fun. There’S been this meme going around that i’m apparently locking people in my non existent basement, so uh, someone made a server called the mystical’s basement and me and axe decided to uh check if people are working hard and if not, you know punish them. Accordingly, someone decided to comment: why is this important? I agree with this man. Whoa it’s discord. What does this mean? Clearly, these people are not knowledged in the world of my basement, one award: what does the fox say what what’s up that is so smart and i didn’t see it coming. I have these moments where my english stops working. I left that in in i think, yesterday’s video and someone decided it fits so well. Okay, top notch, meme 10 out of 10., you get a gold coin. Once me axe emma and eddie finish, making the custom reddit awards, i you, you are getting a custom. Reddit award wow explanation, please: oh no, okay, so yeah someone asked why all these iphones are here. Yeah. Basically, i’ve already explained this before i was practicing fixing on broken iphones um, but yeah, no that’s, not really a meme.

But okay get this to 10 up votes, because why not you got a you, got eight up votes and an award, but look at least it got on the meme review top notch petition for mystical to make his next video memeable. Yes, what do you mean? I like trains, what what does this mean? What is this anyway, guys quality memes? Thank you so much for posting. We finally have some family friendly content that we can post and now i’m going to tell you guys about the whole voltage thing. I bet a few of you are interested. Basically, i got this little device here and i cannot recommend this enough. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as cheap, as i thought it was when i checked it out yesterday, this it was 30 euro and it’s a little device that you can plug into a type c port and it measures your voltage like. I was saying at the beginning of the video, but apparently you can also force it to pull a voltage from the charger. I think you see where it’s going. Basically, we had to pull a certain amount of voltage to charge that tablet up there. Next to mrs brown – and it worked honestly, i i we thought it was just going to blow up. I was absolutely amazed, but i’d, be very happy to say that it ended there. It didn’t because um we wanted to see how much voltage we could push into different things.

That is including the oculus quest too. Now it turns out the oculus quest. 2 has a fail safe, so you can’t push more voltage than it’ll actually take into it, which is great, that’s good to know so there you go. I did it so that you don’t have to. I didn’t obviously push a very large voltage into it. I didn’t want to break it or damage it, but there you go that’s knowledge and that’s knowledge for you. However, we did push like 24 volts into an iphone and um yeah. So if you guys want to be part of these quality shenanigans join the discord down below next time. It happens because we have an artillery that we can use for our sick experiments, so that’s going to be it for today’s video guys if you liked it. Please give it a like, if you guys disliked it. I guess this button works too, but please tell me why, down in the comment section below, if you guys would like to support the channel in any way, shape or form, make sure to check out down below or just type it into your internet explorer. We have sick merch that doesn’t put a huge ad on your body and we’ve got mugs to boost your fps by 300. And, if you guys are not yet part of the community but would like to join, make sure to check out the discord down below.