Now it strips around everywhere in a tight t, shirt drinking a protein shake. Well, actually it doesn’t need to carve but yeah labor analogy. Sorry now you can get the rs3 as a five door hatchback or a four door saloon. Just like you could, with the old version, both have a huge honeycomb grille up front with absolutely massive air intakes. All new audi rs3s come with mean looking led headlights and brake lights, just like an s3 has. However, you can upgrade the lights to matrix leds with some pretty swanky features. You see when you unlock or lock the car. The left headlight will light up a checkered flag and the right headlight will show rs3 lettering. Now, besides the lights, the new rs3 comes with massive flared wheel, arches, like all other rs models. However, this new car is three centimeters wider at the front and one centimeter wider at the back than the old rs3. However, the sporty body kit isn’t just for show the vents behind the front wheels, helps smooth the airflow around the car to reduce drag. However, at the back i’m not entirely sure that that diffuser is actually doing anything and those massive oval exhausts, they actually have two smaller pipes, hidden inside so yeah there’s, still a little bit of fakery going on, which is a bit of an audit trademark. Now isn’t. It anyhow: what do you think of the new rs3’s design? Is it a better looking car than the mercedes mg? A45? Let me know in the comments below audi, has stuck to its guns and kept the legendary 2.

5 liter 5 cylinder engine for the new rs3. Well, thank god for that now this is very similar to the engine you got in the old rs3. In fact, it produces the same 400 horsepower as that car did so that means it has 90 horsepower more than you get from an s3, but 21 horsepower less than you get with an amg a45s it’s, not all bad news, though the engine makes 400 horsepower across More of the rev range, which would make the car feel quicker than before, there’s more torque for you to play with too the new car has 500 newton meters instead of the 480 of the old version, and that should help improve in gear acceleration. Speaking of gears, you get a 7 speed, dual clutch automatic as standard just like you did in the old rs3 and just like the old rs3, you will have to pay extra if you want the rs sports exhaust. Why audi? Why do you do that? To us? The new audi rs3 does not 60 miles an hour in 3.8 seconds, that’s a whole second quicker than the s3 does it in and it’s three tenths quicker than the old rs3 took to do not 60 miles an hour. It’S. Also quick in the golf r, which i actually managed to launch from naught to 60 miles an hour in just over four seconds, crucially it’s 0.1 of a second quicker to 60 than an a45s, even though the amg has more power.

This means that the new rs3 is shaping up to be one of the quickest hot hatches ever, but it won’t stop when it gets to 60 miles an hour. Obviously, it’ll keep on going the rs3’s top speed is actually limited to 155 bars an hour. But if you pay extra for the rs dynamic package, you can increase this top speed to 180 miles an hour perfect. If you have an autobahn nearby pointless. If you don’t, the new audi rs3’s interior, looks pretty similar to the s3s, but you do get some exclusive upgrades for this new range. Topper there’s a flat bottom steering wheel with new rs badges, and you get an rs button that lets you switch between different driving modes. There are also some new seats with rs logos on the backrest, and you can have these in napa leather, with red, black or green honeycomb stitching. You can add more colorful stitching to the seat belt and brightly colored trim to the air vents as part of audi’s optional design packs. If you want to spend even more money – and there are some extra carbon fiber trims – you can get for the dashboard. If your fancy spending even more cash, the big news for the rs3 is its new torque vectoring system, it’s called the rs torx splitter and it’s part of audi’s latest quattro all wheel drive system. The old rs3 used a single clutch to spit the engine’s torque between the front and rear wheels, depending on how much grip they had.

The new rs3 has two clutches at the back, instead of one so there’s one for each wheel. This means the car can control exactly how much torque to send to each rear wheel independently. This means the new rs3 can push itself around corners by sending more torque to the wheel, with the most grip. For example, if you’re turning right, it’ll send more torque to the left wheel and if you’re turning left, it will send more torque to the right wheel to push the car around and it’s all been designed to work with the optional pirelli p0 traffeo r semi slick Tyres which should be super grippy if you fancy taking your rs3 on track, the new audi rs3 comes with a 10 inch infotainment and 12 inch virtual cockpit display just like the s3. This means you get all the usual stuff, like satellite navigation, apple, carplay and android. Auto but there’s also a new rs monitor mode. This lets you see data like oil and coolant temperatures and tire pressures, if you’re interested in all of that, in fact, if you go on track days, you should be also. The system can show g forces lap times and acceleration data plus it’ll measure the all important quarter mile time for you. So it looks like i won’t be needing my specialist timing gear. When i do launch in this car that’s stock troop, i never go anywhere without it. Lots of new hot hatches come with a drift mode.

These days, the ford focus rs kicked things off way back in 2016, and now you can get drift modes in the mg. 845S and the new volkswagen golf r now add, is joining the drift party with the rs3 or thanks to its new rs torque splitter system. Stick the car in rs, torque, rear mode and it’ll send the engine’s power to the outside rear wheel to get the back end sliding this means. The new rs3 should feel very different to the old rs3s, which could be a little bit understeery, but well. This drift may be as good as the one on a mercedes mga45s. Well, if you click on the pop out banner in the top right hand, corner of the screen you can watch me put the a45s to the test and drift the heck out of it. Audi has completely reworked the rs3 suspension for this new model, now it’s 10 millimeters lower than an s3 and 25 millimeters lower than a standard a3. This isn’t just to make it look meaner, though it keeps the center of gravity, nice and low, which should help improve the handling audi’s. Also tweaked the suspension geometry changed the front subframe and fitted new suspension wishbones to make the rs3 feel more agile than the s3 and you can get optional adaptive dampers to help it deal with rough roads when you’re not hooning around on track. The audi rs3 comes with six piston calipers and steel brake discs on the front as standard, but you can upgrade to carbon ceramic disc for more stopping power and less brake fade, which would be handy if you plan to take your hyper hatch or not to track Days now, these discs are 380 millimeters across that’s five millimeters more diameter than the steel disc that you get with the car as standard, but they weigh 10 kilos less, which should improve how the car handles on bumpy roads as you’re, reducing unsprung mass.

The standard rs3 gets red or black calipers, but if you go for the carbon ceramics, you can then get them painted in either gray or blue instead. Now, if you can’t wait for an audi rs3 to come on sale, and you want to see what my favorite hot hatch is well, if you click on the pop out button in the top right hand, corner of the screen, you can find out what the car Is and an amazing deal i’ve got one through car wag, so click on the banner to check that out. The new audi rs3 will go on sale in europe in august it’s, the equivalent of 51 000 pounds for the hatchback that’s, not much more expensive than the last audi rs3, which started from 47 000 pounds and that car didn’t have that clever drifting. All wheel drive system, this new rs3 model is shaping up to be a world beating hot hatch, hey if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like. Also, let me know if any other videos you’d like me to do in the comments below. If you click there, you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box there you can actually sign up to the car wow newsletter, where we’ll keep you up to date of all the latest news and reviews from the car world in between these Video uploads, so just click on that sign up, it’s, completely free and of course you can cancel anytime.