Even if we fall back again after that, so looking uh slightly better than uh, certainly than it did yesterday when it looked like, we were ready for a move down towards the 60 pence zone, but at the moment above 96, looking for 115 on argo. Next up a stock which seems to be looking forward to the time when we can go to the cinema and get sneezed and coughed on here, we’ve got a similar situation to the one at argo, with a bear trap. Yesterday, uh, that was below the um january initial january, support there at uh 60 pence and while we’re above that, looking for a return towards perhaps as high as the 200 day moving average at 74 pence, initially and then best case scenario. Up to the 50 day line at 85, but all of that, while we’re above uh, basically yesterday’s support and also the initial support of the year uh requested stock next to one which uh i haven’t actually looked at before, but uh. Here we have it a bit of a novelty uh here, we’ve got a bear trap uh from below that uh old uh december low there on the daily chart of esken at 20.3 pence i’ve had a sort of a little push below that over the last couple Of days, but bounced back quite well today, the view here is that the very least we’re looking for a return towards the june support area, around 24 pence best case scenario target over the next month, maybe back up towards late june resistance, 27 or 28 pence.

But a bit early to say or too early to say at this stage good bullish, divergence there ahead of the rebound that we had today. So we had a low in a much lower lows for july, but the rsi was actually low when the price was higher. Last month, if that makes any sense on to stock with an announcement today which is uh first of its acquisitions from atlantis uh. Here we have a situation where the shares of cap top, which is uh pretty interesting, given the way that we uh spiked down in uh earlier in the week. The view is that, while we’re above the floor of the gap at 78 pence, we should head back towards uh the 50 day moving average area, maybe the low 90s over the next couple of weeks. But it looks like that acquisition has been well received onto stock, which again is rather obscure hike, or he iq, though, depending on how you pronounce it not quite sure, uh but uh. If we go with hike, we can see that the shares have gapped off the low, also bounced off uh the uh support that we had for the shares in december. So, just under one pound 20, there, the low there around 118 and a half so above the floor of the gap which is uh one pound 27. Looking towards uh former support for the shares in january, around 150 p – and i suppose the best case scenario target here – would be for the stock to rebound towards the 200 day moving average, currently around 1.

68 by the end of next month, stock, which has been rather Painful to watch over much of the recent past is um emu pharma, but on a day where there’s hardly any opportunities with hardly any opportunities at all. On the long side, we’ve got a solid 10 trend line break there for the shares breaking that late november. Resistance line at nine pence longer the shares can remain above nine, then the greater the chance of a move to fill the gap down that we had in february up towards the 12th pence area over the next month to six weeks. If the shares remain above the nine pence area, i think only the stage back below uh the 50 day line around 8.6 pence really questioning a potential recovery there at immu farmer on to a stock, which i think i called uh the the lows uh a few Days ago, but um cher’s still trying to uh frustrate the the bulls at the moment, still hot trying to find support as if it needs to around the two pence area. Probably the best thing here for uh mgc farmers to wait for a an end of day. Close or a weekly close above the 50 day, moving average of two and a half pence just to be sure that the stock is ready to go up and stay up. But there has been decent bullish divergence there over the last week or so, which does suggest that we are close to the shares hitting the bottom.

There start, which has been slightly frustrating given the uh sort of pandemic everywhere. That we’ve had is my health checked, should have gone up and stayed up when it uh rallied at the beginning of the month, but needed another go at the 50 day moving average. We need an end of day close above that particular feature for my health checked around the four pence level. I can get there a daily or weekly close over the next week or two above the 50 day line that one would expect or hope for the shares to return to the five and a half to six pence area some time next month, not so difficult uh With pantheon, which is probably the stock of the week in some ways, uh given that it’s actually gone up and behaved itself uh here we had a 60 pence target at the top of that rising trend channel from the autumn uh, which i gave the i think Was yesterday actually, the last time i looked at it uh, but uh an end of day closed above 60. Pence now could take us to the uh rather ambitious, looking target there up to 75 pence by the end of next month and the the longer the shares remain above uh. The latest gap at 55 pence the greater the chance of 75 over the next four to six weeks, uh stock, which i normally wouldn’t look at, but because of the dearth of situations here it is um.

If i can get the right, um ticker code, uh we’ve got super dry coming up, hopefully and uh. Here we can see that we’ve got the shares. Uh bouncing, i suppose, it’s a narrow bear trap were there yesterday, so the low there in uh um in june was three pounds 63 and a half the low yesterday 360. So a nice little bear trap, then bounced quite well off that as well 50 day. Moving average rising quite sharply as well, so uh, the the longer we stay above the initial support of this month: 385, the greatest uh the chance of a move not only to the 50 day line at four pounds – 20, but also to re test. The best levels of the early summer up towards 4 pounds 60 plus, and that could be seen by the end of next month. More usual fare comes in the form of zoltav, which is being quite encouraging. At the moment it looks like we’ve got a mid move. Consolidation and a imminent breakout through that concept, consolidation, the level to break, is 48 pence. So an end of day close about 48 pence could take the shares up to a new leg higher, which may eventually lead to 85 pence over the next couple of months. So looking pretty steamy there at zoltan, especially the way that both the 50 and 200 day moving averages are rising. Uh the run up to the to the golden cross that you get from that is normally the strongest part of the cycle so let’s see.

If zoltav can live up to the technical promise, that’s it for me today, more updates.