It’S mahomes got his man complete over the Applause. Now an option play on second down to keep up with the defensive end, who’s looking to wreak havoc in the backfield, and he got there and put his man on the ground as we check the next gen stats. You’Ll see working from the gun mahomes over the middle he’s got blockers Applause on first and ten here’s mahomes open man he’s got it Applause that would carry for the former michigan state man, here’s, mahomes, third and goal the first touchdown of this super bowl and the Chiefs, take it right down and score brady again here on second and 10. it’s caught by mike evans head ahead and trying to keep us ahead. This is their chance to respond to that first touchdown, giving up throwing on first down it’s brady. Looking for godwin and he’s got him complete, they’ll, try and run for it with jones and jones, and now he’ll set up to throw from the gun that one completes a hill, here’s mahomes to throw a screen to bell, find open space. Let him run and big things can happen and they did right there and he’s top speed, but at the time second round pick in 2013, some people – probably wishing they’d taken him – Applause, shotgun snap to mahones Applause, that’s, complete right around the aid, and he takes this Into the end zone for a chiefs throwing again brady he’s going to air one out fournette on the counter and time Applause now, mahomes Applause, mahomes, now on first down Applause hitting his favorite Applause now brady that’s, complete to his running back evans, got another right hash.

A 52 yard attempt Applause brady gives this one off to jones Applause, touchdown Applause, it’s, a short one here: complete Applause from the gun, it’s mahomes, and this one Applause now here’s mahomes another try after the first down sack mahomes. He lets this one fly toward the back of the end zone Applause. This puddle go out of bounds, i think it’ll be inside the 25 and it will right at the 20, 24 and he’ll throw right away wide open mike evans, 76 yards and the box. Fast. Confidence in the team have been a good leadership and a good distributor, open man he’s got it and he’s going to be taken down here with a penalty flag on the field Applause they fake the give now mahomes he’s going to look deep for watkins and the Defense has it covered it’s intercepted his to throw again brady now pass underneath for fournette Applause, throwing is brady on third down and he hits him on first down brady to evans on the slam, and he takes this one down away to Applause near the 40th to 13. Applause ready to throw again looking for godwin and he’s got him complete and he’ll be brought down with a first down as the tackles made at the chief’s 13 yard line Applause into the red zone, it’s brady. This will be cool now, brady again now they go screen. It’S, complete and oh he’s gon na be brought down by the face mask here, come the flags.

This is gon na get him a first down Applause on second down now, it’s jones and he’s, not even able to get back to the line of scrimmage and there’s. Also, a flag down and it’s in the area get two feet down instead of one, but the best ones train in college trying to get two down instead of one. So the transition is a little bit less and this Applause mahomes again here on second and ten here’s mahomes, to throw a screen to bell they’re gon na get him down let’s, see what they’ve come up with offensively after having time to talk it over. What is the punter townsend as he gets this one away? It’Ll wind up just a 35 yard, punt no return and we have reached the two minute warning again. We see tom brady in the scoresheet, but they count big for moving the ball and stretching the field. Really nice open field tackle brady to throw oh, no doubt they have a ton of pride. They go into every job, wanting to keep that guy clean. They want that uniform with no grass stains no dirt, nothing on it, but it’s really really difficult it’s caught inside the 25, and this will set them up nicely deep down at kc territory. Here let’s see how they play it on first and goals: they’ll try and run forward with fournette. I don’t know how many more of these my heart can take my man, Applause, the red Applause that’s, complete now the homes and robinson with a big catch first and goal as they try to finish off this driving six points.

They go back to that. Well, he’s had a great game defensively. They haven’t been able to stop him same thing here in overtime, and sometimes that goes to the play. Caller’S ego, because a lot of times you have so many different plays. You want to call, but when you spot a match up, that’s working for you or a player that has the hot hand, keep giving it to him. That tells me you’re mature as a play caller and it’s working for them in overtime. The tampa bay buccaneers have won the super bowl and they will hoist the lombardi trophy to cap, an amazing season, Music for the victors, getting to hoist that lombardi trophy. You know we’ve talked to guys that have done it and they say there’s, no, better feeling in sports. I don’t know how there can be the the journey to get to this game is incredible and then to finally break through and win it when all eyes are on this game alone, because there’s, nothing else going on that’s just got to be absolutely amazing that the Task incredible, but the accomplishment forever Music there they are, the super bowl champs. The lombardi trophy is theirs and so are bragging rights for an entire season. What a season it has been feels like. We have been there every step of the way, our entire crew.