It was well, the new war reveal was far and away the biggest reveal of tennocon 2021. Another really massive piece of news that was slipped in just before that reveal was that warframe is finally getting cross play and cross save well. It was made clear that this is actually still in development and not actually being released anytime soon. It was introduced by the announcement. The warframe is also coming to mobile for those that are interested in that it’s still in development, but the developers were able to show us like a development server version of it, how they were able to cross connect with all their different platforms from what they showed Us it does look good, but steve made it clear that it is fairly fresh and still in the oven. Cross. Save also seems to work very well. The mobile integration looks to be part of the cross play and cross save, so we can pick up our pc, xbox or playstation account on the go on our mobile and then transfer back to our consoles or pc whenever we’re home. This is shown when sheldon plays the same account on both mobile and then later on. Xbox so let’s have a just a little look at the dev demo and kind of the main points that they go over and the main kind of demonstrations they show to show the cross play and cross platform it’s, not just mobile to pc cross play i’m, inviting Everyone i’m inviting de megan on her playstation account.

Oh here comes megan here comes megan. I am inviting de steve on his switch account. I got no drift issues here. Baby we are here. I see sheldon’s beautiful mesa, prime beautiful mesa meg, so we have a incredible uh. We are so honored to say that our dev team has been working super hard on supporting cross play. Oh there he is and everyone’s here all right. Well, you guys are all there. I’M, okay, it’s just wait until i load in yeah, oh and there’s, that beautiful mesa you just played on this same account: yeah you’re right here we go now there you go so does that mean your account went from one platform to another? It did. This is cross safe, yeah, yeah, cross, save i’ll, come join. You guys i’ll come jump in with you guys as well: okay, okay, okay, steve, yes, sheldon jeff scott cross play cross, save how’s that been going that’s, really impressive, that the team of benape and, of course, work him on mobile. All you know this is this is something we’ve wanted for a long time, it’s just so great everyone’s gon na get to play together all our all our platforms, all our players playing together, it’s it’s, the dream. It really is the dream, and you know it’s in development. You can see it here on tenno live that we are so happy to be able to. You know, trial, run it give it a go, see everyone playing with everyone everywhere, moving accounts um.

It has really been, i think, the biggest request i’ve ever received from the community ever and you know, it’s uh we’ll have more information at a later date. We’Re just showing you like the dev stuff is working. We’Re working we’ve got it working, but it took down an island last night. It was really exciting. Yeah, pretty cool yeah, so that’s very, very fresh, very fresh out of the oven, but yeah i’m very happy about this. As i do have some good friends who i played with a lot when i was on xbox before who’s, still playing xbox after i transitioned uh on to pc, when i got a better pc, basically and started playing warfare on pc instead of xbox, i would have Loved this feature, maybe eight months to a year ago, when i did transition as i’ve, basically spent a lot of money on both accounts but it’s. Neither here there was my choice and i made it in you know good faith. It was, you know, an open choice. However, this is great for people that have maybe been wanting to do what i did, but didn’t really want to give up accounts. They’Ve got hundreds of hours on. This is a great opportunity for them, i’m, absolutely thrilled to be able to play with players of all stripes and whole consoles. The mobile option is nice for those who maybe work away from home a lot or whatever or just you know, travel long distances over trainer.

What have you, and so again, while i won’t, probably benefit from it, it’s a very nice touch and i’m? You know i’m pleased to welcome that that part to the community. I know this is something probably warframe should have had for a while, and many would probably urge us not to congratulate you know digital extremes for bringing a feature which really should be a a part of a game like this, that you know it spans multiple consoles And multiple generations, however, i do just see this as another positive thing: uh for another sign, that d do listen to the community, despite what people claim it’s just taking them a bit of time to show us something: it’s, probably a hard thing to develop, not that I would know anything about that and given the circumstances of the last year, so i would urge people to you know, give them a break. You know, as they are obviously listening to is you know, rebecca acknowledges the most asked thing for and they’re, obviously putting a lot of work into it, because the dev version they showed us seemed to work great and so i’m. Grateful for de’s efforts in making cross play and cross save a reality, and i cannot wait for this feature to be implemented. So i can play with my xbox friends again so that’s guys, that’s, just my kind of take on the news that cross, save and cross play is in development, and i cannot wait to see more about it.

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