Thank you to the nurses. Thank you to the doctors this time, because if, for example, they put a valtteri on the soft he’s going to overtake lewis it’s term one right, so we’ve got two mercedes in behind max verstappen. What we saw yesterday in the sprint was they tried valve the grid alongside championship leader max verstappen. The race is next between the first two, i think for the win. Who’S, your money on back at home, watch your body to silverstone on this special sunday for a british grand prix memories in this silverstone history around this 3.66 mile circuit, and we go to beckett into chapel in tricky, wet conditions in 2006 around the outside of the Mclaren at 1993, alan frost, 50th, grand prix, the left and 10 to the right brooklyn’s is turned number seven on the c2 and the c3 don’t expect to see many soft tyres throughout the 52 brand new set. Then we talked about he’s got two of them. Brand new set of medium compound tires found these really high speed corners of silverson, the corners that everybody loves and it’s one set of new mediums, for example, so we’ll see what they choose where, as you can start as they wish now. Somebody like sebastian, vettel, has no new tires of any change for this being a sprint format weekend is that the drivers and teams at the best of times, but you need your broly today, not for the rain, but for the sun and how’s it thursday, bernadette collins And aston martin, i said what’s what’s, the thinking behind us so uh.

They absolutely clearly were not brand new ones. I saw as they took the blankets might be a bit more durable might might be less prone to blistering. Max verstappen been given a whole bunch of instructions, don’t forget guys yesterday, he literally on fire wasn’t. He in terms of his driving and his brakes yesterday to convince yourself that it’s doing one thing or another it’s, not until you’re, really at full pace but sold out. All three days, yeah, the mercedes, are hanging max out to dry a little bit axe has got a mercedes in each mirror, hasn’t he basically well. He probably hopes he has red bull. What red bull did to them? What mercedes did to red bull with that? Two? Stop strategy yeah jibber, the duke of edinburgh awards scheme, look on the mclaren website for details of how you can get involved and that is at mercedes royalty at mclaren and their partnership at prince edward uh. It sits out and away we go once again max. Verstappen gets a decent start, not as good as yesterday. Orlando norris verstappen’s gon na have to weave, like crazy hamilton, got a better drive, you’re doing a thick end of a couple of hundred miles an hour. This is the accident on it. It was the merest of touches, but it was enough and look how the wheel has come loose from the rim as well. The tyres come loose from the rim. I said it wasn’t over yeah didn’t, i, as they came out of left field racing incidents decided that he’s not going to come in.

That is a that’s the site i did want to see after a very nasty collision into the tyre barriers max verstappen getting out of the car, but he looks winded and he looks hurt and he’s gon na be limping away. Martin brundle from that accident, that’ll be a horrible impact. Hamilton checking to make sure that max of stafford is a okay are allowed to change any parts that are damaged with identical parts of parts, peter pip, nightmare race for red, bull they’ve got one in the barriers and one hit him by the one, because they could See on the pictures, the front was essentially intact and it’s been told to calm down slightly by michael massey, the race director, you know accent, thank god. He’S walked away unscathed so case for the defense. After we heard the case for the prosecution uh hamilton on this straight he’s, actually in front 100, he did get his nose at from, but max had the inside line and managed to stay in front. But amazingly, just like yesterday, as they came out of lafayette watch max, thank you it’s good, that we now get these kind of correspondences isn’t it that we that we haven’t had until this year, but i think it also needs to be substantial figures isn’t. It yeah. Absolutely and it’s really hard to put a price on because of all the research they touched. Verstappen went off into the barriers around about 180 miles and the tires and conveyor belts rather than an an extra layer.

I don’t access. My emails during the race toto wolff seems pretty cross about it, whether he’s crossing he’s, listening to the same uh, jonathan wheatley chris, a british student i know, has been around for a very long time and the sports car ace freedom on that now, uh in red Flag situation: the race will resume that the two warring championship teams, the drama couldn’t, be any higher really here and we should surely have a standing start where he inherited the lead when verstappen and hamilton got together. So as a team, as sergio perez finally makes his way into 19th and hamilton already pointing claire leads them into abby from hamilton and then lando norris, voucher, bottas, then comes lando norris, then valtteri bottas, then danny ricardo on the inside racy wants more at silverstone along. So surely needs to give that place back. He does. He was off the track, the tenth into the vale chicane we go, charlie claire’s survived very nicely on dangerous tires and that has rather ruined his race too long keeps smoking fast and how much of a deficit he needs to make up once he served that 10. Second penalty: yeah: sorry, it’s, not a 10; second stop and go it’s, a 10 second penalty, so he will obviously pit again in this race. As we see the alpha, taric gazley was locking up big time down into turn three so as they enable the drs now. But uh yeah it’s it’s a 10 second, which he’ll take as you rally point out at his pit, stop hamilton with a 10 second penalty.

He’Ll stop for his pit. Stop could be one could be on the ground with the full fuel. Oh keep. I’Ll keep an eye on that carrot. All been torn to steve within 10 seconds of lewis gasly up into 11th place for al fatahi. Let’S have a look at cops quickens at the end of the last lap was the gap just under 1.4 seconds now hamilton of the ferrari and make up the deficits that that 10 second penalty is going to cost him here at silverstone this afternoon, after max verstappen, Tangled with lewis, howell centers, with the williams of george russell in front of him by the uh ten seconds or then it’s the stop and goes uh that we’re talking about how long could joe and hatsey keep perez at bay? They made adjustments to his rear wing in in around nine laps time, but they’re still digesting that penalty down here at mercedes and second penalty and i’ll be able to tell you what happens when he does pit and put those hard tires on and go for some Kind of start to fade away an awful lot more quickly, so we’re, seeing quite a bit of tire management. I think remember because mclaren and ferrari in quite a fight aren’t they for third place best of the rest.