Damn i’m, not 35 views, okay, bro i’m. Looking. Why is my defense pinch like this Applause? Bro yeah? Get it right! Craze, hey chase is a tick tock star all about yeah, but he’s, not he’s, checked out dalvin’s going to baltimore an absolute perfect fit sliding out of the pocket. Applause let’s go it’s a super bowl. We got to go for it. Fourth, inches Applause Music. Today, in the nfl they’re going on fourth down it’s jackson, taking a deep touchdown bro, you don’t you don’t man up richard sherman on nicole hartman Applause. Did you actually lose sight of some of the smaller running backs? Has all of them confirmed? Think of it. This way, two of the top running backs in nfl it’s intercepted. Oh my god. I took a bad turn on that bro crazy. You can’t argue. Oh my headley legs. He was open, but then i got him. Applause he’s, the muted bro. The strong safety position ended up, making the tackle and oftentimes. We call them a hybrid combination, defensive back, dobbins that’s. Why you’re super sorry let’s go. I thought you almost took that to the crew, and now jackson will look to throw it Applause – Applause, Applause, oh yeah. We used her in the corner, delay, game. He’S scared. He didn’t even try to chill out i’m staying up. Bro we’re partying let’s go Applause, south dakota Applause he dropped it. Arthur is really shooting shots. Music. Thank you.

Thank you, 21 to 3 jk. He was raging. He was raging, he was getting mad every time. He’S like oh, my god. I can’t stop it. Oh my god. This is like this is impossible. He’S trying to get that touchdown make it 10 to 21.. Damn he did score. I should have two picks that drive, though let the time run out don’t even pick up the ball, just let it run the same outcome of the rematch or the same outcome of 2012. nine years later Music. What was the score prediction? You said 31 21, but it was 21 10.. You know, we’ve talked to guys that have done it. Well, i didn’t know he’s going to chew the whole first quarter away. I was like okay, i guess was he running she clocked for this quarter. I think so because he took up all six minutes. We hope – and would you proud of me right now over the accomplishment? Are you playing in that league around was lagging, though the whole game too so i’m not gon na. Take it, like you, know, let’s see who the mvp was yeah it’s, either gon na be diamonds or lamar, it might be la marx. He had a huge touchdown pass, it’s lamar 104 two touchdowns. He also had russian. It should be dobbins had a hundred yards on a touchdown, mvp yeah, and he only like he didn’t even play that well, he had like, probably like 45 rushing yards and 100 passing yards and one touchdown.

He wasn’t that good Applause. I think dobbins had two touchdowns or did lamar have a rushing question; Applause.