Fifa has just dropped their trailer, hyper boston technology, let’s have a look at it and see what we think. As everyone knows here, i don’t really play fifa at all i’m, a pez guy, but i do like to see what’s going on in the industry because i think it affects everything and fifa again nailing it with the marketing konami’s. Had the euro 2020 license they’ve done little with it. Honestly they have the license. The final is today they could have done so much around. It dropped the trailer regardless. We know it’s coming out. I think july 21st for pens so let’s see what this hyper uh motion thing is about and i’ll give you guys my thoughts all right. So here we are here, is killing mbappe danilo marquinhos, that’s, okay ronavas as well um. So this high pervision thing it. They seems that they have outfitted a lot of star players. I saw a rumor that it’s everyone in the premier league i’ll be surprised, but we’ll see i’ll fight them with these tech suits basically track their movements we’re getting player id here, which is what they’re really trying to show that the players are now mimicking their real Life counterparts now, when you come when it comes to marketing and talking about how these things work, this is something that konami had in pairs back in 2013, Music and to be fair. They marketed it well back then, but fifa just knows how to package these things.

So well to make it appealing: there’s pewdiepie, that’s, billy gilmore, i think, plus again so accurate player are the accurate runs. You know the way the players look when they’re running on fifa has always been a little bit weird to me. So this is good to see. Marcelo hazard vinicius, so, ideally you should see these players now mimicking themselves a lot more on the field. It should be interesting now i want to say konami. I think again dropping the balls a bit, but i want to wait until we see what happens on the 21st um. They have. The euro 2020 license and they’ve only really started tweeting about it in the last week and a half honestly, and when it comes to dropping a trailer building hype, you really wonder what they could have done by dropping a trailer today on the final with england and Italy and showing off a little bit of pez 2022, but this is a pretty short trailer we’re, not seeing a lot here. You get the general gist. The players should look a lot more true to life in terms of how they move on the pitch. The freedom of movement on the pitch they should really mimic what they do in real life all right, so that was the trailer interesting stuff um again, fifa, ea sports, excellent at packaging things together and making them look new in some cases, but they didn’t know how To sell a product, they know how to push it it’s.

Something konami is so so poor at other news from fifa that’s interesting the revamping player career mode. I think people will be very happy with that. I don’t think konami is touching, become a legend. So again, another win for fifa in that sense, and then, secondly, it seems like they’re also adding a creator club option to career mode in fifa, which means, if they’re, adding that that they’re, probably going to add, create a stadium as well, which is something the fans Have been dying for especially on the fifa side, like i said, i don’t really play fifa i’m going to be playing a modded version of pez on this channel in the next year. Obviously, pez 2022 we’ll see what comes out in the trailer. But again i feel like another missed opportunity, though this trailer didn’t like blow anyone away it’s the beginning, but you know ea. Sport just knows how to market this stuff well and i’ve. Seen so many features that were in pes end up in fifa, but not marketed correctly in pes before so when fifa puts it out, it looks incredible, looks new. You saw this last year in career mode in fifa when it came to, like you know, putting players in different positions, developing them for different positions, training them in specific playing styles uh. So all those things you know they matter and you know when you’re, putting together a company in this day and age, things have to be all the way through in terms of marketing really connected, but we’ll see guys that’s.

My quick thoughts on the fifa trailer let’s have a good time watching the final today and i will be dropping tomorrow the penultimate episode of the hearth of berlin season and then the final episode will come a little bit later this week around midweek thanks for watching Guys take care, stay, safe and i’ll. See you guys next time. Let me know your thoughts below on the trail and what you’re thinking for both games as we’re getting into you know getting closer to august.