The group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to it is manchester city taking on raya madrid. Well, the first group stage of the champions league is always exciting. Three points is vital for both teams to get off to a good start or a draw may be a good result as well we’re about to find out what happens. Yes, introducing the starting players for manchester city edison begins in goal. Kevin de bruyne starts with roderi in central midfield and the focal point in attack today. Harry kane and the starting players for real madrid. Tebow courtois is in goal david alaba plays alongside nacho fernandez in central defence. Luka modric plays with casimiro in the center of the pitch and operating through the middle and attack. Today, karim benzema it’s, the opening match day champions league group stage, match day one underway, gundogan and greelish rodri it’s with gunduan and now kevin de bruyne. The ball with rodriguez well sometimes there’s, no great mystery in terms of a team’s preferred style and the visitors do like to press high it’s very much their game lee. Would you expect to see more of that yeah? I think it’s their preferred option for sure be interesting to see how high and how long they press for in this game, it’s a really physical way of playing that tactic suits them, but can they do it for all of the game alabama chance to cross alibaba And benzema in the middle, competent goalkeeping yeah right place at the right time: foils the attacker, the brainerd casimiro lucas, vasquez room to maneuver on the wing and using his strength to shield the ball marco ascencio’s in the thick of things.

Well, nothing comes of it. They’Re! Really pressing their opponents that will be for his side. Well, let’s. Look at this again. Magical football on the break. Surprise is the key and then through on goal, do you go for placement, or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past the keeper it’s a really lovely finish, so the action continues. Will there be a quick response? The ball with luka modric, david alaba? This is course giving the ball away. Man city is struggling in terms of possession, but when they’ve had the ball, they keep delivering the sucker punch a great advert for low possession counter attacking football it’s really working. This could level it can’t grab excellent ball towards the front post. Another keeper dealt with the danger, mendy defensive efficiency, personified close but offside. Nonetheless, now they are on the wrong end of the scoreline, but lee your overall thoughts on their current situation, he’s in with a chance. No, they couldn’t keep it an example of how to press a really committed challenge and it’s gone out for a throw in lucas vasquez. The ball with luka modric casimiro. Now, with benzema azar useful, looking position, you’ve got to say and it’s azar’s cross, not the best clearance well able to survive that attacking push, and so the halftime whistle is sounded here in manchester and so much to like about the first half performance put in by Kevin de bruyne well derek you’re right.

He has played well and goals, win games, he’s been a joy to watch in this sport and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day. One contest commences, modric now casimiro, so a throw in here. The ball with rodri it’s with gunduan and an astute piece of defending, could be a chance to break here. Nacho fernandez. This is course highly honed, defensive skills and evidence from gundogan de bruyne, harry kane and greelish promising and a long way out. Oh, he really brews. The crossbar and not cleared away properly, it is to be a throw in intercepting it intelligently, and the counter looks on here options available, that’s, a good looking run from aidan. Now the azar promising, as it was scuppered there de bruyne, okay, real madrid, certainly enjoying the bulk of possession here. But after that, it’s been disappointing i’d like to see them use those wide areas around the defense get round them as opposed to trying to go through the middle, just couldn’t get it through the ball back with real. Now through the middle for vasquez lucas vasquez. It comes to absolutely nothing good, a chance for him to get in behind. Maybe okay, oh the referee has given it penalty. It is well no card, but i think he can consider himself suitably warned might have been fluttering, but he didn’t show it a goal from the spot. Well, here’s the replay and it’s a bit of a weird one.

For me he goes straight. The keeper is there, and yet it still goes in madness. Well, no wonder: he’s delighted they’ve been bossing this game up to now. Well, a second goal for them here, just 10 minutes to go mandy david alaba. The ball was luka modric. This is alaba here’s valverde, aiden, azar, now casimiro substitution for real madrid substitution for manchester city coming off the pitch number 27 hawaii coachella coming on to the pitch number two carol: walker ends them up real, find themselves in a position of menace racing away here and Using his strength to shield the ball wanted to keep it but couldn’t one minute remaining it’s there for him and the goal to put the final stamp on it. That will do it well here. It is again it’s all about the pace in transition. They were so quick to get out from the back and then the composer is impressive, as he smashes the ball with all he has to beat a forlorn goalkeeper brilliant strike. Well, his players have followed his every command handsome. The coach must be delighted at full time. It is manchester city pick up all three points in this: their initial game of the champions league season. Well, it’s everything you want from the start of match, one good, strong start that result will give everybody confidence, especially the players well done and the final analysis, a really positive performance from this manly. Well, obviously, first concern is: do you win the game? They’Ve done that he played very well as well.

He’S got his goal.