We’Ve got another super bowl 55 simulation here on the channel, and it is one of my personal favorite mountains. Madden 10. This game man has the old kind of sunday night football graphics on the screen is amazing. The gameplay is pretty damn good as well, and we’re gon na be playing with it here tonight. As for my team, we flipped another coin and it was the chiefs again so we’re running it back one more time with the kansas city chiefs here from raymond james stadium, we’ve got the old super bowl logos on the field for the cardinals and still this game Back in the day, but it will work for this one folks, if you have not yet make sure to subscribe button down below for more madden simulations here on the channel let’s get straight into it. The opening kickoff will go to mike clayton and clayton will be stopped at around the 21 yard line, as we get this one going. So the quarterback for the tampa bay buccaneers in this game is their current offensive coordinator in real life. It is byron, left, witch and left which is going to find a star receiver. It is antonio bryant for a gain of 20 up the middle second and 10. Now for the buccaneers left witch look in the throat looking and he’s gon na be picked off. Derek johnson’s got it and he’s still on his feet. Johnson won’t go down he’s tackled by byron, leftwich it’s, his first pick of the day.

Thank you madden for letting me know that, but it’s a first intent now for the chiefs, matt castle’s. Now, in a quarterback for kansas city, he’s gon na try the corner route. It is no good so now, third and eighth, before the chief’s castle, dropping back looking to throw rolling to his right mat castle, just got ta, throw it away, so the special teams unit will come out now for the chiefs. It will be conor barth, as the starting kicker for the chiefs and he’s got it straight up the uprights, so the chiefs will go up by a score of three to nothing. So here comes byron, leftwich back with the buccaneers offense here on a third and six from the 50 yard line left which is going to lop it up and he’s got his man as kellen winslow and winslow will pick up the first down and a gain of 14, as we head on out of the second quarter, the first quarter, man went by like a breeze, so the buccaneers got a third and 10. Now, from the kc 36 left, which looked to throw up, the middle he’s got clayton again and mike clayton gon na get close to the first down marker we’re gon na check. Here they actually have this in the game they bring out the chain gang here. Let’S see what the spot is gon na be on the field, and it is always short: they’re not gon na give it to him all right.

So the buccaneers will have to kick a field goal now it is up and it is good. The buccaneers tie this one up at three matt bryant puts it through so kansas city gets the football back matt castle gon na go play action, fake, he’s, looking to throw castle being rushed over the mill somehow squeezes it in to mark bradley and bradley will pick Up the first down, second and seven after the chiefs castle, again looking to throw he’s gon na roll to his right matt castle gon na fire away he’s got his man is dwayne bow bow now for the first down the kansas city. Passing attack has shown up so far another first and ten for castle again looking to throw rolling to his right, he’ll, dump it off to dwayne beau back to back catches for the star receiver for the chiefs they’re, your starters of the game. I guess i don’t know 32 for matt castle. Another play action, fake, he’ll, dump it off. Oh, he had his full back wide open and steady sit as he throws so we’re going to bring out connor barth for a 49 yard field goal barth. It is up – and oh, my goodness way, short okay, that was off by a damn mile, okay, so bayern leftwich gon na give the football back here on a second and eight from the 41 yard line left, which looking to throw over the middle god is man.

It will be maurice stovall and stovall’s still on his feet. Can he make it? Oh okay, we got the tackle, but still the tampa bay buccaneers are going to get it now at the 19 yard line with a minute 47 left here in the quarter left, which looking to throw he’s going to dump it off on a screen, he’s got his Mans, derek ward ward. Still in his feet, he refused to go down: derrick ward down the side, great great camera angle, madden, okay, derek ward, gon na get into the end zone. Oh man tampa bay, gon na go up by seven. We had the tackle, but ward refused to go down again. Now. Casey will pick up the first down right. There that’ll be a reception by mark bradley down the 43, a minute 12 left here in the first half castle again looking to throw he barely gets. It off goes deep route. He’S got his man it’s the titan bobby ingram for the first we’ve got 59 seconds. Left now in the half castle, gon na go play action fake one more time rolling to his right castle. Gon na try to fire away ooh lucky he was not intercepted on that. It will bring up now a third and ten so castle. One more time out. The gun gon na go up the middle and again lucky it was not picked off. We will bring out connor barth one more time from 45 yards out barth.

It is up. Oh and it goes in. Oh, my goodness. It banks, he banks it in incredible. Connor. Barth hits the 45 yarder, and now we will head into halftime with the tampa bay buccaneers at home. Still, winning by four by a score of 10 to six could have been a one point game if conor barth did hit that field goal earlier, but still we are gon na be down by four let’s now go to the second half Music. So the chiefs are starting off with the football here in the second half castle, going to go. Play action, fake, jamal, charles on the field. Please go up the middle, oh, he tries to get his tight end, but it is not going to work out for kc. So the buccaneer is back with it by him left, which is going to go. Play action fake, looking to throw he’s going to go to his right and he’s got antonio bryant again. Give him the first down as the buccaneers will look to score even more here and go up by two possessions. Leftwich gon na go hand off to his running back. It’S, not gon na go anywhere. Derek ward is stuffed and now tampa will bring out the fugal team again so matt bryant from 50 yards out he’s got it just barely and the buccaneers go up by seven. So kansas city needs to put some more points on the board here. Castle play action, fake fire, his way right side, it’s, incomplete it’ll, now be a third in aid for the chiefs dropping back again castle looking over the middle god is tight.

End is brad caught him caught him gon na keep going down the 30 25 20 15. Always shoestring tackle, though it’s a gain of 57. and now kansas city gets it out to 14 matt castle will hand the ball off last play the quarter over the middle to larry johnson. Now, in the fourth, a third and two castle, gon na go play action, fake, he’s, looking to throw roll into his right mat castle, dumps it off to his fullback. It is mike cox, down now to the one yard line first and goal for castle handoff larry johnson gets in, and the kansas city chiefs tie this one up at 13 with five minutes left in this ball game. So here comes leftwitch and the buccaneers. Third and fourth they’re gon na hand, the ball off and that’s, not gon na go anywhere. Oh man, ernest graham, is blown up behind the line, and now the chiefs get the football back here with three minutes left in the game, they’re gon na hand, the ball off to larry, johnson and johnson has got room to work up the middle. Give him a gain of about 16 down to the 43 yard line now a second intent for the chiefs castle out the shotgun gon na go to a screen back to larry johnson johnson got some room to work. He’S still not tackled no one’s near him. Johnson down to five and he’s gon na get in on the screen round, the chiefs have retaken the lead by seven.

Oh, my goodness, and now the buccaneers are back against the wall. Third and four for leftwich from the 38 yard line, he’s looking to throw he’s, got all day left which going deep ball. Oh it’s going to still fall, but it’s broken up it’s a fourth and four now for the buccaneers at their own 38 yard line and they’re punting the football wow. They still have all three timeouts, but they need a three and out to get the football back with just no timeouts on the clock and about a minute 30.. I don’t know about that decision by the buccaneers. We just need a first down to win this game. Matt cass gon na hand the ball to larry, johnson and johnson’s gon na get close down now to about the 46. it’s a second and one for castle, handoff johnson, i think he’s got it. Yes, he does, and this one is over. The questionable call by the tampa bay buccaneers is going to hurt them in the end, not going for that. Fourth and four on their own 40 yard line. Even if you don’t get it then you’re kind of in that same spot. If you get a three and out, then you you force the chiefs to punt again and hey you get the ball to what the 10 yard line, but still i don’t get the play. Call i don’t get the decision by the buccaneers, but we will take it as the kansas city chiefs will win this ball game over at raymond.

James stadium in tampa bay, florida buy a score of 20 to 13 and folks, thank god for watching yet another matted classic madden sim here of super bowl 55.