So welcome to the trainer club. Here we go. Welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below how did you guys do on day one? What was your shiny count? How did you guys do because today, what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na check out day two, so we have basically all of day one and then we have day two which is going to be the raid, so we’re going to go down over all The 100 ivs kind of i’m going to put the graphic up here and show you guys and then recommend some videos and some other things for you guys to make sure you max out on day two in pokemon go because what we did talk about yesterday. If you didn’t see my video, i want to make this a point for you guys number one. I want you guys to kind of figure out are shinies that are going to be rare. More important to you. Are raid bosses more important to you or pokedex raid bosses, more important to you? What i mean by this number one? We have a bunch of pokemon that are going to be spawning with shinies. So do you want to hunt for those pokemon that are new? Maybe you have dino, we have tyranitar spawning that’s, not going to be shiny, but larvitar is snorlax. We have sock, we have throw. We have a bunch of shinies out there. Would you prefer to hunt for those shinies? Do you really really want 296 xl candies from some of these raid bosses, which it is going to be challenging because there’s going to be a lot of turnover? Remember 296 is approximately 80 raids, 80 raids? Can you do 80 raids of one raid boss in a day, probably not, and then the third and final place is, if you just want pokedex entries, you guys have never done this before that’s an option for you guys too.

So whatever the option is, please pick that i think i’m leaning a little bit more towards doing some raids, but then focusing a lot on the wild shiny spawns because there’s still a sock that i did not get that i am excited for so tomorrow we have The vlog from day one coming out, but without further ado, let’s get into everything that has to do with day two and pokemon go and big shout out to randy randy got some intel from new zealand. So what happens? Is all eggs have five minute timers before they hatch once they hatch? They are 20 minutes long and then they are going to cycle again into a five minute: egg timer and then it’s gon na go off again and then in today’s view you can get eight free, remote raid passes and then three on top of that guys. So that is pretty lucrative a total of 11 so make sure you do that and there’s also been some research quest lines that are going on with the raid bosses that we are going to check out so on day. Two. I just wan na remind you guys that we still have three hour: lower modules, half incubator distance and, throughout the day, make sure to raid in person to gyms as well, because in person you guys are gon na be able to get raid passes every time you Spin, a pokey stop, i believe, it’s a gym stop after you use that specific raid pass.

So you want to use a raid pass spin a stop get another raid pass. It only comes in a sequential manner. It does not give you all of them at once. So you have to use them to get them so don’t forget to use your in person raid passes as well and let’s. Not forget that you also get 10 000 xp additional parade. Do that and then you also have these six special trades per day. So try to clear out some of your luckies and also i would say that there is an increased chance for lucky pokemon. I wouldn’t trade pokemon that you for sure want lucky, but for maybe like a groudon for a groudon or a groudon for a zekrom could be a good idea, because you’re gon na get lucky pokemon and then let’s not forget all the pokemon that are going to Be spawning throughout the entire day we do have pikachu. With a hat. We have the scyther, we have dratini, we have apom skarmory as well as suabloo. We have chimecho that’s going to give you extra dust guys if you have windy, weather or partly cloudy weather, with the audino, a lot of dust coming from there so using star pieces if you’re, seeing a lot of them with weather boosted is definitely going to be In your interest, we have krika tot with the shiny shield on we have hippopotas, and then we also have the rogen roller.

We have audino aloma mola galerion stun fisk. We do have dino spawning with the shiny as well, and then we have froki, and i just want to mention you guys – that these spawns are definitely going to be a lot fewer and far in between they’re not going to be probably as crazy, because they are Not cycling through each of the hours, so they’re going to be competing for each other’s spawns and then we also have all the incense spawns. I personally did not see a tyranitar, a lunacolo or a gyrodose throughout the entire day, but gyarados will be spawning. We have vaporeon, we have flareon as umaril, umbreon and unknown all spawning from the incense unknown g and o. We have tyranitar supposedly spawning as well as ludicolo. We have gardevoir flygon as well as absol absolute’s, going to give me the shiny, remember, tyranitar as well as flygon, are giving you two xl candies. We have chat leafeon as well as superior, and then we have throw with the shiny sock with the shiny, and then we have galvantula and just a reminder. The seven kilometer eggs are turning through it really good. If you guys do want to see yesterday’s video, please check that out up here, it’s a great video to check out. I cover some of the cps of some of the worthwhile pokemon like lapras. We have audino temples coming from there with the shiny as well as dyno, hatching at 606.

and then, as far as the raids guys, we have all the raids going off. If you guys do want to see the raid graphic, i did put it out on my social media at the trainer club, with two bees on twitter on instagram it’s, also in my discord or it’s in the comm tab of my youtube channel as well. If you guys do want to see 100 ivs let’s check them out right now so i’m not going to cover every 100 iv that’s, just gon na be a couple guys. We have mewtwo 2387 2984 big one to go after. If you’re looking for go battle league, we have ho 2207 or weather boosted and 27.59. We do have this cheat sheet. Remember to download it to help you out: guillotine altered, form 1931 or 24 14 and then crescelia for the go battle: league, 1633 or 2041 and that’s going to be wind hour and then moving in to the lava hour, moltres pretty good 1980 or 24 75. We have intake 1984 2480 restaurant that’s going to be 2307 or 2884. groudon, 2351 or 29′, and then, if you do want to check out any of these other ones, you can check out remember if veltal is pretty good and then, as far as the frost hour Goes we have articuno if you want that, palkia is gon na, be a notable mention, 2280 or 2850, and then we have lugia 2115 or 2645 boosted, kyogre, 2351 or 29′, and then we have kirum, which is going to be good, xl, candy and then.

Finally, in the thunder hour i would say zapdos pretty good, but zekrom stands out 2307 or 2884. don’t forget about rayquaza, 2191 or 27′ dialga, 2307 or 2884. Then we have some other pokemon as well all right, so those are going to be the 100 ivs. If you want the full graphic, you can check it out, but there’s also going to be a quest line that we’re going to check out all right. So strange ring transfer 20 pokemon for five max potions, take two snapshots for three raspberries and battle: a raid three times: 5000 xp a lucky egg and 2 000 stardust. Then we have win five eggs. Five max revives five great throws for three silver: pineapple berries to catch 20; different species of pokemon for five max potions for 10, 000 xp, three silver pineapps and three thousand stardust, and then we also have a quest line that’s going on as well. So we have battle in a raid if you guys do want to see all this we’re going to get a remote raid pass battle in a raid again for stage number two. Another remote raid pass we’re, basically gon na. Do this eight times for eight remote raid passes. So please complete this in today’s view, and then you have a free box that’s going to give you three remote rave passes. Please make sure to claim that now we have another box that’s going to be 480 coins, that’s, basically gon na be two lucky eggs and three remote raid passes it’s decent, but remote raid passes one for one it’s, always gon na be a win for me.

Obviously, lucky eggs are gon na, be big throughout the day and then obviously shiny checking, if you guys do want to go after and catch some of those pokemon. So please decide what’s gon na be most valuable for you, guys in your gameplay, so that’s gon na. Do it guys good luck out there and then one more leak from yanyon? We do have in chicago eggs that are going to be hatching to invite all your friends to mewtwo, which is a pretty cool graphic as well. So, thank you guys for tuning in likers comments and subscribers patreon members. Everybody takes their support, spiritually and participated to next level. I’M gon na see you guys out in the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time. Allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit, plus, i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and raiding all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.