Half the men in whiterun have proposed to me. Some were even single they’ll, never understand no amount of flowers or honeyed words are going to change my mind right now. All that matters is my daughter, mila, no man’s going to get between me and my little girl that bard mikhail is begging for a dagger up against his throat. The way he goes on about me. I heard him boasting at the bannered mare, saying, he’ll conquer me as a true nord conquers, any harsh beast. If you want to try, go right ahead, i don’t think anything will get through that thick skull of his, though remember fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Still here you go on ahead. Those green apples who sold me the other day were delicious. Let me know if you want anything. I think i got a clean mug around here somewhere, if it’s a lady you’re looking for you best look elsewhere. Once me, kyle gets them. They’Re got there’s a whole college up in solitude, where they teach the arts song, loot playing poetry. I studied there myself had to leave over a misunderstanding with a head mistress, well, more, a misunderstanding with her husband, i’m, a bard trained at the bards college in solitude. Wanderers, like you, should think about applying still need to be washed. Of course, some parting advice. I’M. A bard by trade, perhaps you’ve heard of me, carlotta, put you up to this didn’t she i’m sorry, but that fiery widow’s mine she just doesn’t, know it.

Yet. What did you just say? All i heard was a sound of jealousy. I don’t have to take that from you. Come on Music, Music dog, damn you! You know how to throw a punch. I’Ll give you that you win on my honor carlotta won’t have to worry about me ever again: security and white. One is terrible, shameful, fresh baked! Cloves still warm from the oven. Really you convinced that loot player to stop chasing me. I’D. Thank the gods, but i’ll settle for. Thank you here’s some coin. For your help, remember fresh fruit and vegetables.