and personally i’m somewhere in between, as i think, final fantasy, 10 2, was an incredibly fun game, although, as a follow up to tin story, i’m, not sure how i feel about it, but director of final fantasy, 10, 2 motomu toriyama does Not want the story to end there that’s right, lightning’s husband wants final fantasy 10 3 to come to fruition, but it’s, not just him, it’s, also the zipper king himself tatsuya nomura. Now this may sound vaguely familiar as we’ve heard from yoshinori kitase, the game’s original director and producer of final fantasy vii remake and shinji hashimoto on quite a number of occasions that they want to make final fantasy. 10 3 happen. This is the longest i’ve ever seen. The company talk about a game without actually developing it until well. They finally developed final fantasy 7 remake it’s, quite clear that across the board, creative business unit 1 wants to make final fantasy. 10 3 come to reality and now, in addition to those comments, we now have ones from moto, mu, toriyama and even tatsuya nomura. In an interview with fami 2, as translated by rpg site nomina, said quote: if we are to make final fantasy 10 3, we somehow have a synopsis written by final fantasy 10 writer, kazushigenojima it’s sleeping right now, but the plot itself does exist for anyone who keeps Up with final fantasy 10’s universe, this of course makes sense. Both the audio drama will included on final fantasy, 10, 10, 2 hd remaster, as well as the rather infamous final fantasy, 10.

2.5. Good lord. That book is cursed. They seem to already have a plan in place at the end of the audio drama. Will it’s more or less spelled out that sin has returned and yuna is once again tasked with defeating him. This does make things complicated as a number of people absolutely hated. The audio drama, as well as the book which features titus’s head exploding due to getting kicked by a blitzball, and then he comes back to life. I wish i was making this up i’m totally, not making this up. This actually happens in the book. He like his head literally, i i don’t, know what nojima was thinking when he wrote this anyway. You may be thinking that, because this was poorly received, that it probably wouldn’t make its way into final fantasy. 10 3. come on they’ll come up with something new. Has a piece of content being poorly received ever stop them from using it in canon, and the answer is no. However, there is a roadblock in starting the development on final fantasy 10 3 and, if you’re familiar with what creative business unit 1 is already working on, then you know exactly what it is with toriyama saying quote: the probability is not zero. We are not in a phase where we can talk about it unless we are finished, producing final fantasy vii remake all the staff who worked on final fantasy, 10 and 10 2, whose square would undoubtedly want to work on final fantasy xiii are currently busy working on Final fantasy 7 remake all the key staff, including motomu toriyama kazushigenojima, tatsuya, nomura, motomu, toriyama, they’re, all working on final fantasy, 7 remake, and this sentiment has also been echoed by yoshinori kitase and shinji hashimoto in the past final fantasy, 10.

3 is absolutely going to happen, but it cannot until final fantasy 7 remake is wrapped up. I legitimately cannot see final fantasy 7 remake finishing anytime soon. The series being a trilogy at this point is looking increasingly less likely to me it’s entirely possible that this could really go on for four games and if that’s the case, we wouldn’t be seeing final fantasy 10 3 for almost another decade. It’S no surprise to me that they want to continue final fantasy 10. it’s, one of the most popular games in the final fantasy series and in japan. It might actually be the most popular final fantasy with a recent nhk poll showing that final fantasy 10 even beats out final fantasy vii there. For this reason, there’s, no wonder they want to follow this game up and while final fantasy 10 2 story has ended as wholesome as one could possibly imagine it’s really hard to imagine what final fantasy 10 3 can even add at this point, but as a massive Fan of final fantasy, 10 i’ll, give it a chance, but, with that said, ultima i want to hear from you. Would you be excited for final fantasy 10 3.