Some of you guys probably already know what i’m going to be talking about uh, but before we get into this video, i i just want to put out a little disclaimer, because i know that when, when people were talking about this um quite a few months back There was a little bit of discourse between the kingdom hearts fan base and the uh the world ends with you fan base, and i know that this discourse has sort of been going on uh since the end of kingdom hearts three with the reveal that sora obviously Ends up in tokyo, japan, shibuya with the whole theory being that holy is sora in, like the shibuya, the world ends with you shibuya connecting the dots from dream drop distance, where of course, uh neku says to sora in travis town at the end of the travis Towns during that game i’d see you in shibuya one day, yada yada. We were obviously all thinking all right holy. This could be a possibility here. What i’m talking about in the way of the discourse was, there was sort of some hit button going on between the cage and twirly fan base where, like uh, the toilet fan base was saying: oh, can you guys leave this franchise alone? It’S got nothing to do with kingdom hearts and the crazy kingdom hearts. Fans are like coming on like no no but it’s it’s a possibility. Jeremy jeremy’s clapping back, saying, don’t. Let this disney ever touch my game.

It’S, not touching my game. It ain’t a possibility. It’S not happening what are kingdom hearts fans crazy? Yes, yes, we are. Have you only just realized this anyway? What i want to say towards that real quick before we start talking about this is dude. At the end of the day, i love both fan bases. I like twirly, i like kingdom hearts. Obviously if people want to speculate and theorize about something god damn it. Let them know this if people are talking about certain different things towards theories of speculation, hear this right. This is amazing. The sun still rises the next day. I don’t see how people theorizing and speculating about something is going to ruin your day just keep scrolling bro anyway. I i had to quickly melt down about that because, like when i was reading into all of this nonsense that was going on at the start of the year, i was losing brain cells, so yeah, the topic of today’s video is talking about the whole. The world ends with you, connection to that of kingdom hearts and kingdom. Hearts is future now that, of course, sora has found himself in quran tokyo shibuya. This has been a running theory since the end of kingdom hearts. 3.. We still don’t know that much about quadratum, but what we do know is it will serve as a very important world going forward. We’Ve received more information about this mysterious unreality, alternate dimension, uh through, of course, melody of memory, and recently the union cross finale, but still information towards which is very minuscule.

The thing that’s been planned on my mind, though, specifically when thinking about the two wee connection is specifically the cover art for neo. The world ends with you now. I understand that this can be considered reaching to a degree and that it’s most likely just an artistic choice, a design style. However, though, whenever tatsuyamura is involved, you’ve always got to get the 5d brain thinking. This man is always playing 5d chess with his video games. As we all know – and he loves cryptic like honestly, tatsu unimer loves cryptic. We should all know this by now. If we look at the coloration of the sky for the kingdom, hearts 3 boxside, the main colors in the sky here are a light. Blue, a dark blue as well as a yellow we’ve, also got a little bit of purple in the mix as well. The uncanny thing is this: pretty much exact same coloration of sky can also be seen in the neo. The world ends with you box, on, though the placement of colors is slightly different. It is the exact same palette here we have the light blue to the left, the darker blue in the middle and the sort of yellowy type orangey color uh to the right, with a little bit of purple mixed in now what i mostly believe from the neo, The world ends with euboxide in the sense of the coloration, is it’s more so representing uh, day and night cycle.

So the lighter blue to represent that of daytime the darker blue to represent that of nighttime and the yellowy orangey, most likely to represent sunrise or morning. But uncanny, nonetheless, because of the fact that it really is the exact same color palette. Now how exactly a kingdom hearts connection would be infused into neo. The world ends with you, i don’t know, and i also do believe that uh. To be honest, if there is some kind of connection between the two games, i don’t think we would end up seeing it literally in a world ends with you game, it’s, obviously going to happen in kingdom hearts itself, though there has been a theory. That’S floated around for quite some time ever since stream dropped distance, where some people have considered the possibility of uh twirly, actually being a companion game to that of kingdom hearts. I know. Twelvey fans are probably screaming internally as of right now, i’m. So sorry, but an example that i could probably give you is nier and drakengard. These games are companion games. The situation with nia and drakengard is a little bit different because they are technically in the same universe as a whole. There is like a multiverse in the lore of drakengarden near so when looking at that, specifically like they’re in their own universes, but in the sense of the overall video games, fan they’re in the same universe. If that makes sense, the world of nia spawned through drakengard.

Even though nier could be considered its own franchise as a sorts technically, it is part of the drakengard franchise. I like the idea of that honestly. I know most people – probably won’t, but it’s – a very nemura type thing to do. I think, even if kingdom hearts ends the world ends with you uh we got to a point where we found out. They were companion games. They would still remain in their respective universes, just with references popping in every so often it’s a major major stretch and, to be honest, i don’t think it will happen. Anything that happens in kingdom. Hearts is self contained in kingdom hearts. I don’t think we’ll possibly have neku in neo. The world ends with you talking about his time in travis town right, any character that appears in kingdom hearts from a different franchise like final fantasy is an alternate version of that character. So clouding kingdom hearts isn’t the same cloud that we see in final fantasy vii. Also too, i mean tetsuyama time and time again has been asked about. The world ends with you connecting to that of kingdom hearts since the end of kingdom hearts, 3 and each time he’s been asked he has confirmed. No, there is simply no connection. One thing you must know about tetsuyama is never take what he’s saying at face value. The other thing, too, is whenever he’s asked about this uh, he always suspiciously laughs afterwards, we did recently this year.

I get confirmation once again that there is no connection in an interview towards neo the world ends with you, uh coming out of gameculk. He was asked about the connection between the two games and namira said. There is no connection between the two, the area seen in kingdom hearts three and the shibuya in neo. The world ends with. You are two completely different places: he’s, not really that sus. In specifically, this answer, but in another interview this year with game pro, this is where it does get suss. Once again, it says right here when asked: if neo the world ends with, you will include elements from kingdom hearts, three numero after a brief pause for thought. What are you doing? Dude you, you can’t, be doing these hesitant based responses. This is driving fan, bases crazy. This alien firmly replies, no, no, absolutely not. At the same time, his colleagues laugh according to him. Both shibuyas are independent worlds. There was also the interview in the kingdom hearts 3 ultimania when he was asked about the connection, and he does again confirm that there is no connection but laughs afterwards. I’M getting sick of the namura laugh thing it just absolutely screams, sarcasm or i’m up to something. I’M also very unsure about his response towards this, like he always says that the two locations, the shibuya, that we see in the world ends with you and the shibuya that sora finds himself in quadratum they’re two different places.

I mean yeah. Okay, we get that but that’s not to say that there won’t be some kind of twee connection in kingdom, hearts, 3, more so having a self contained version of neku in the group somewhere rolling around in quadratum. His response kind of seems, like it’s, always beating around the bush and doesn’t really outright confirm the fact that no the world ends with you is not going to appear in some state. I think it’s most certainly still possible, and i do believe that the comment that neku said in dream drop distance, see you in shibuya isn’t. Just some kind of throwaway comment, like neku, really could have seen anything but namur decided specifically for him to say, see you in shibuya when saying goodbye. Sora then, following up with it’s a deal just seals it for me man, it just completely seals it for me, and also too like that cutscene is literally named, see you in shibuya. The reason why i wanted to yak about this is because, like i love the idea of toy and kingdom hearts crossing over and i don’t think it’s something that really any of us kind of expected for ddd it’s always been final fantasy in the mix of kingdom. Hearts and amongst the disney stuff so to see another square enix franchise represented in kingdom hearts, i think, is just it’s. The bee’s knees man, it’s cool. I have a feeling that one day kingdom hearts will just end up turning into like square enix.

All stars it’ll be like the sort of super smash bros, but for like square enix characters. I now know multiple fan bases are probably screaming internally. However, what i will say is, i do think. Tetsuyama is up to something he always is. It would definitely seem like a missed opportunity if, like sora is currently now in shibuya, at least some version of which it doesn’t necessarily have to be at neku’s shibuya but he’s in some kind of version of shibuya and with neku saying the whole see you in Shibuya thing it would really be a missed opportunity if, at some stage, uh the world ends with you characters don’t end up apparent. There could be some kind of cool story situation where uh after joshua and the group neko and all them. I end up leaving the sleeping worlds. The way back home gets all jumbled and mixed up and fuzzy, and they end up in a different version of their own home. That being quadratic also one other reach that i’m just gon na chuck out there real quick. There is a very, very suspicious looking uh billboard in quadratum, which says crescent next. I understand this is most likely just like some kind of clothing advertisement, but i don’t know man that purple and them legs them legs look familiar, not that i know neku’s legs that well, but them legs the shoes to purp, okay, yeah! No, this this one’s probably a reach but that’s just kind of my brain splat onto the situation, but that i talk about the twirly kingdom.

Hearts connection thing a little bit more further. So what is more apparent than ever, though now is that yeah most? Certainly, the tokyo that sora is in is definitely not the world ends with you, tokyo again, not to say that two week might not pop up at some stain. I would love to know what your guys’s extended thoughts are on this situation and also drop your thoughts on the whole sky thing on the cover arts.