So not only do we have warframe the full experience on mobile but cross play as well. So warframe is running fully let’s go see this let’s. Take a look at that teal. I love don’t. You guys love my colors, i don’t know if i know the color scheme, what do you mean it’s awful? This is this. Is me sometimes how beautiful this look? Look look at the work our team has done to put this on mobile. It looks gorgeous yeah it’s stunning it’s, not just mobile to pc cross play i’m, inviting everyone i’m inviting de megan on her playstation account. Oh here comes megan here comes megan. I am inviting d.e steve on his switch account. I got no hello, hello and you know we’ll wait. It’S gon na it’s, a beautiful thing. So are you kidding me? People seem really excited wait for me, guys i’m loading in all right i’m, a very colorful ship. Yes, you do you’re missing it, so we have a incredible uh. We are so honored to say that our dev team has been working super hard on supporting cross play. Oh there, he is and everyone’s here all right. Well, you guys are all there all right, see ya, so uh we are so happy to bring cross play everyone’s here we have de steve here on switch. We have megan here on playstation i’m here on pc and we’ll, of course, get xbox into the into the club as well here, but sheldon seems to be grabbing the controller.

I just grabbed my controller. I just have to turn it on. Just give me a sec here: it seems to be on, but so prepares this time. Well, isn’t. This interesting excalibur is going to join the party. Well, not excalibur let’s, just wait until i load in yeah, oh and there’s that beautiful mesa you just played on this same account. Yeah you’re right here we go so does that mean your account went from one platform to another? It did. This is cross safe, yeah, yeah, cross, save i’ll, come join. You guys, i’ll come jump in with you guys as well. So why don’t? You join us on the planes of eidolon with your cross saved. Oh here comes two dev, nine, two favorite Laughter. This is probably the scariest part of the day and it uh. Oh here we are here. We are we’re all here, yeah back, okay, last one of the horns is the is the worst platform to play, warframe and chaos, but we have uh. This is what our dev team is working on in development is cross. Well, warframe on mobile cross play and cross save are all into oh i’m being shocked. I have the skills all right. This is in development. Take a look at this trailer: Music, okay, okay, okay, steve, yes, sheldon jeff, scott cross play cross, save how’s that been going that’s, really impressive, that the team have been able and, of course working on mobile.

Oh, you know this is this is something we’ve wanted for a long time, it’s just so great everyone’s gon na get to play together all our all our platforms, all our players playing together, it’s it’s, the dream. It really is the dream, and you know it’s in development. You can see it here on tenno live that we are so happy to be able to. You know, trial, run it give it a go, see everyone playing with everyone everywhere, moving accounts um. It has really been, i think, the biggest request i’ve ever received from the community ever and you know: it’s uh we’ll have more information uh at a later date. We’Re just showing you like the devs stuff is working we’re working. We got it working, but it would took down an island last night, it’s, really exciting, yeah, so that’s great it’s, very fresh, very fresh out of the oven but uh yeah. Finally, get to to show you guys that yeah now my my brother has no excuse not to play with me. Yeah playstation boy uh. So now, at this point in you know, tenno live a lot of.