495 of CP, the maximum that you will be able to find. Rather, the range 09 15 15 that may appear to you will depend on the minimum that you can get, but I think that 15 would be the minimum that you can get when you complete all the missions on the day of my store. If you are in this side of Europe or America 22.5, the level that it will reach and the second attack, if it will cost you a lot 100000 stellar powders and without candy, it is enough in the only weakness that has zero points against a normal psychic Team would be to the sinister to the ghost and to his own type. The psychic comes out very well with growing up and yesterday the bullet is super effective. Anything that touches a super is a weakness for four that is plan. Any attack makes it very effective. It launches earthquake first, after The only thing you have to throw is the leader who has come just to hit the master, because it hurts him a lot of damage. Eye. Aller shot ends with him, although he can use his shield, I don’t know it would depend on the rival and he did in exchange. There is a propeller and it would grow versus grow. The bullet gear should already be saved so that he can win the fight. If he is still going to be super behind, because he has two shields change quickly to melo eta, to use it as an extra shield, it can’t, be it can’t, be that well used For that.

It is very beautiful. I like how that pose comes out when launching any of its two charged attacks, that the psychic, the lightning, and especially the animation that it has with confusions, can do a lot of damage to the fighting type Pokemon. I would like you to pass in front. I can appear a chance, and it is that it is so welcome. It is lunar force almost all life and it changes quickly to its credit, so that it would have launched its attack, but it had grass lasso or uses its shield, and now it The last one he has left says yes. After this, it can be used or the cannon because he has launched it very quickly, although the earthquake had already ended a while ago, but he needs to keep his shields because they would grow. He had left with energy. All he needs is to remove the shield and then launch the charged attack they are or if they cannot make him the king of what you reveal a neutral attack, and he cannot do much better if it had been with everything that would have had a king With half now there are only two hours left before he can win, and this goes It’s going to be very complicated because it has formed a lot of energy. I think that an attack was launched right now. It is going to take him away a little more than from the very tight time club, and it is that he launches the attack later they can do the second.

I do not know what can happen grass. The shield is not used, who arrives first from 2. 1 and launches the attack less worth it in the last second, I think he won the yes to me, and that is why he won the fight. Equally by time I had gold. I had everything prepared for me. It is t versus nine dels de a lola. This is a bad it that can be taken from. You can be a total damage, but in the long run, farm is very fast during that lola. How could it be that, after an attack like putting ball, could have made a change Radical? Who fully entered the goal? That’S? Why never discard a pokmon, and I already have my clothes that have come to me with the pass he mentioned that, yes, I have that you can have it all of you. If you have bought the pass of, you can have it the day Today his polito has come, and tomorrow we are going to see what we can have. I hope a stream can come out and I would like to sprint again after 800 years. I think it was the turn stream at least three hours of power enjoy this before lunch and be able to see what we can get. So the probability of sainz was going to be much higher and in the live we can choose which one we are going to want the picachu little the pica churro would already depend on you, although I continue to lean for the picachu pop that is e.

What we need to show it and capable we can take it to levels 50 and that they give me that dust of stellar powders, 500 stellar powders. You know how I am going to like that ray bubble, and it comes out with not like that with load. The best thing that has radio does not work to do nothing to be a little more earth type. 0. First, I continue to charge, even though it is not very effective, it is the best thing to have another psycho charge that goes additional and throws radio at it. I imagine that to be able to see how much this can do to it a Edge. I imagine he is doing, because I have not done anything. He has spent more with him, but hey as it is an energy such as exhibition battles for the laughs to see what can come out, because we are still with the super 1500 league and with the cup Remix grass loop. One more that can enter. Tell me that in this remote and I think it is an earthquake because it had finished enough and the bullet for the last thing goes out to Intel and it changes quickly. But weight at the level of the attack did not come out and in the end, the blood ends grass, the bone d Ren and the energy in vain. And I think this is going to be difficult to win, because there are still two shields left and above there is the illusion, and if the pse is tremendous, he can resist it.

He lets it pass if he likes it, but now he did not say you know that we are going to Winning the legal one and yasmani realized that it will not be able to be anything and on top of that they throw a bubble radio at him, Because he threw me one more goal, the only thing missing is that you can play because he has all the favorable attacks so that I can win, or else he shields me same thing to see how much the first bubble ray can be in action made it Possible to remove the minimum and it liquidated two shields – it starts very well eliminated. Wind is a poison type pokmon. So the attacks of type confusion of five laws, its practices, but quick change. Yesterday, in a tub and the attacks that it can, the best it can have would be a dragon pulse if it has it, but it throws it well back, that is to say that it does not have it here. It will be forming two by two that it can have it until July, just in case in case he beats him. If he likes it. He has a complete edition. He can have a crossed bass depending on why he has his switch behind, because we already know if he wins and it was a tub to get a child. It would be something obvious because the counterattacks do not They do nothing to him, and apart from that, he has.

The shady cut is super effective. He ends up lowering it and there is what I told him. Two has two additional. The first one can launch to the damage enters, he can let it pass or the wind. There are no problems. Let the first pass today end up liking, or is that just the shield is used? If you will not let the red line and still basic to beat use the shield and change quickly me eta eye may be living earth. They can resist. If you have eaten selling spoken, resist very well neutral damage, efe, hehehehehe, 5 load. We go with everything that you can win this, even though it is not a very effective at least leave it in the range where it still enters to hit the cherry on the cake. When you have the minimum, because we will be able to r to win this fight easily and calmly, since you have two cons in the case that can cause confusion. In the other case that you can make the five cuts that you have and grow to win. The fight you end up winning ayayay hold on use your shield, because this can be brute force and, as he has a brush of life, it would be best if he could use the shield and in return and later one more will come out and bwin the Earth friend here in this living earth, and then what can they do and relations supplications, as is the last shield I will To use.

What you will need would be to use a bullet dossier to win this fight, and tomorrow we may have direct. Perhaps we can have a milestone cut of passes at the same and precise moment that it leaves in the morning so that it can be enjoyed better and next Sunday, the 15 minute raid that will last the raids. Apparently they are saying that so how it will. Last ten minutes imagine everything they will be able to do all the rights that will appear and above all Now if it is feasible, because you are not going to wait 12 hours but for booking and everyone within the network. So something like this is going to be. You know, as the fight is carried out with the next one, we are going to finish winning it versus leaving me.. I start very well he and he changes quickly into polio and ends up taking ocs out of a very good one. The hydro bath can resist it. The drill peak can resist it if they leave it yellow range, but what it suits him is to be able to get off at the time the two shields are used and I think it will be in a bad position because waterfall can end up forming it, But in the end, you have the confusion, you have the yes and that will depend because love chang is super effective at basics. It ends up beating him, and on top of that he has two shields.

He does not risk the rival and returns machado to form a little more. I imagine how he has that part of normal summoned two normals, and it is almost obvious that it would look like a fight if it would be something like the banal lake and it can appear crosscut until at half life and change fast. Double galvanic and change fast. They will see that the first attack is launched, which is iron uses the first shield, the first cartridge and after it comes out with a hydro cannon with the hydrogen, it will be able to do everything because it will be able to lower it Until life. Then I complete it down and then have what is necessary because it loads and forms much faster. If you don’t have it and then I am very well trained to throw at them and what can be a lifetime, but it will depend on how much life can he have left, because machan is dark. He has an additional 20 and since he is in the range of half life, he did not arrive, he uses the shield and now it is necessary to launch the attack and after they can transmit, they change quickly. Tell me what you launch the attack launches the attack, and here it will depend on who has the priority of the link, because here he will train. It will not be able to reach one more goal and he always has to win.

It will be terrible ends up winning one, but I know that it can be carried and He fights the fourth fight and we still have one more fight depending on why they are going to come out so far. He does not treat me as if he is not ready to laugh. I am not seeing the great potential that he may have.. The bad thing is that if it is at level 15, it will still exceed 1500. It would not be so feasible because you have an important resistance and, above all, that it does a lot of damage from the few that are more varied than 1500, something that you can go to 2500 If it was a normal type pokmon, and it was not A singular type pokmon: it can easily enter the premiere in the ultra remix because it has not been from the vania pokemon. So if it had not been singular, then it would have been if I have done a great job for the plants for the poisons for the fights. That is if it is varied, and on top of it you can have resistance to the ghost and the psychic. That is why, on that side, it would have served, but after that, that object of a similar type you have to and go with the legendary ones with the tops of tops, and there are the weaknesses because you have the and the sinister there you do have To be very careful what they can get out of afterwards, although with a Latin day more or less, they do not have the attacks, so you can tell me in cow: it does not have magic glow, but even charging magic glow would depend on what is going To come out, it would be feasible to see it like this, since it has magic glow, but, depending on how alive it comes out with an eye ray that the rancher itself can launch Past power is held.

It no longer has power last Monday on launched at that time to see if one more will arrive here and it changes it already drains the perfect energy, and here you can take all claws to each side and enter the abrash now without launching inside the clock. A magic used its last shield if the punt already beat tina yesterday, because it will lack much more that they can throw unless it wants to use it for its last rudder. It is clear that I doubt it lightning. I use the last shield Y. It will depend on what he has there. He arrived just at the precise moment to attack because he did it thief neutral damage. You reached the ice beam and everything will depend on the last one. Everything depends on the last one that can arrive or cannot arrive. Well, forming a little of more friends up to here, the momentary video of today. Layers later we have pikachu pop is pikachu. I want to see it in action and thus it fulfills the technology of the few that we have later and later, legendary, that the new few are level 50, etc. And both the two people on the golf ticket are lvaro, Meja and Vidal Augusto Sosa because they Are both won and tomorrow? Maybe we will have everything directly depends on. You leave me in the comments.