So indeed, today i will be showing you guys, a video of me trading maxed out mewtwo’s to a couple of people, but three things to note about the clips that you guys are about to watch. First of all, yeah. The clips are shot two years ago before covet 19 actually happened when i was still traveling around to play. Pokemon go with various communities. The second thing is that all the mutuals that you guys are gon na see me trade away. Yes, they are max level level. 40, at the point of time now, of course, we can power up the level 50., so you guys will see all those mutuals being at level 40.. The third thing is that initially i was planning to title this video as trading away 15 maxed out mutuals. However, with the current circumstances that i’ve not been able to travel out of singapore for almost two years, i am able to show you guys only this handful of clips. So without further ado, though, let’s go ahead and check out the very first trade that i did when, like i said, i was still doing my traveling at a point of time, so none of us are wearing masks at all so enjoy so we’re going to start Off with the very first trade out of the 15 trades that i intend to do – and this is ivan – we are here at kota kinabalu here in sabah and yes, i’m gon na trade to him, the special pokemon and also it’s, actually a double special trade right.

Now because it’s the 28th of november and it’s an event that’s going on until the 3rd of december, so we could do two special trades with someone also on the left later, you guys will see the second trade that we’re gon na do also so go ahead. So noki tan! Yes, we have been best friends for quite a while and he doesn’t really know what i’m gon na treat to him right now. But i wan na pikachu, okay, that’s, all okay, yes, shiny, pikachu, nah, just regular, because you did this. Oh look at the cost of the stardust it’s only 400 and he was so worried about the dust cost just now so anyway. This is a mewtwo that i got from taiwan. Okay, next up what with sidestrike? Oh, my gosh thanks yeah! Thank you very much. Next one next one all right, so a quick transition and we’re going to do a second special trip now still at the same place. Kotak kinabalu with henry yeah mr ivan, is on the right right now and i’m gon na treat him the same thing. He has already seen what i’ve traded to ivan so maybe he’s not as excited. Maybe he can pretend to be excited a bit pikachu bro, pikachu, bro, pikachu broadway is searching for what’s he searching for dude because he was searching. My legendary specialty like what are you doing yeah then he will give you this oh yeah and it’s 10k for us, because we just you know added each other as friends, good friends, oh that’s, good 10k, still very cheap.

I guess relatively yeah, relatively cheap half price. Half price, okay, the lucky place lucky lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, aki and ivan will be like cursing all right man. Thank you. Bro thanks! You must must act a bit yay Laughter, all right next, so i’m gon na do the third trade right now. The third special trade with leo we are currently at miri airport, not in sabah in sarawak. Yes, yes, i always make a mistake that it’s in sabah, i did make a mistake on my video, so the one that i showed the crazy pokestops area at the temple, but yes, we’re gon na trade, the third one here it doesn’t have any idea what i’m Going to trick to him, but let’s do it? Are you ready, oh yeah, he’s, so ready he’s like so ready he’s like waiting over there? Okay, i’ll get a pikachu from you, man, okay, pikachu yep, so it’s, the third one, but it’s labeled as four okay i’ll, give you another different. One i’ll give you a baseball cap, one 10, no problem! There must give you a different one. No problem! 20. 000. Is nice 20 000 is nice, especially when we are doing a special trade right now, and this special treat this special pokemon is very special because you guys can see like i said it is also that mewtwo that i’m giving to you, but i want you to Take a look at the cp of the mewtwo and yo yo yo yo yo, yo, yo, yo yo yo.

Give me one how many chances man i do not know what the chances, but i mean it is lucky lucky it is lucky man, lucky man, okay, like it’s one in 20, chance for it to happen like five percent chance for it to happen cool. It is uh 12, 15, 14. um, okay, 13, 15, 14, sorry, 13, 15, 14., yeah, wow, wow, awesome, man, four one, four, three thanks a zillion man, yeah awesome, awesome, awesome! Okay, just show it yep is that your first smack stop mewtwo. No, no, no it’s, not the first, not first, but this is cool man. That’S right. I need a side strike. Is it your first lucky mewtwo? No no it’s, also not the first but it’s the first lucky from brandon, okay, okay, i was gon na say at least you must be first in something: okay, brandon yeah all right. Thank you, man! Okay, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and we’re gon na continue with the fourth trade now i’m gon na trade with grace yeah i’m, currently in kuching – and this is gon na – be the fourth trade that we’re gon na do, and she has no idea totally no idea what i’m Gon na trade to her right now, she’s, probably looking at my screen to see what i’m gon na trade to her and she has really reserved a pokemon to trade. To me, why are you trading me a shiny? No! No! No! No! No! No! I want just a regular pikachu yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hi yeah, just regular pikachu, so yeah you see, you see you don’t even know it looks too good huh.

What do you mean? Where is this you’ll be the same price? I don’t know? No. No! No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! Okay, canceling the trade i’m! Cancelling the trade! Now there’s! No choice to change it change it. I cancel the trade cheer extra though no, no! No! I cannot. Okay, okay! I don’t trade for any chinese that i don’t have. Oh okay, all right: okay, that’s, fine! That was a good safe! Oh, she has a lot of shiny. Oh my god, i just saw the pikachu the costume it’s, that shiny okay. So yes, this is gon na, be the fourth trade and yep. This is what i’m gon na give you it’s a mewtwo with sidestride Music, and it is a very interesting level mewtwo, as you’ll see later on, it is maxed out. Why are you giving me a mix of mewtwo because you gave me a pikachu, okay, that’s it go to the next one? Fifth, one: okay, so i’m, here in kuching in sarawak, gon na, do the fifth trade with peng hang he’s busy. Looking for my name on his friend’s list, i do not want to accept him at all. He added me just now and i didn’t want to accept since what time huh i think six hours ago right, i think, ah, okay, but now i finally accept okay lah. I got already like i can trade already. I know he doesn’t want to trade with me already.

Okay, so i’m on trade screen with hang, hang on and i’m gon na give him the fifth one which you guys should already know what i’m gon na give him. But you know he kind of told me what he’s gon na trade to me. You see i’ll show you guys what he’s gon na trade to me this. He intends to trade to me this, a pichu that is maxed out. That also has a third move: unlocked nah i’m, not going to trade with you anymore. You want to play if you want to play big i’ll. If you want to play big bro, i play bigger with you lila. I also play bigger with you. Ah thank you. Thank you. Thank you hope that it’s profile that’s, perfect okay. So that is the one. Also three moves. Three moves beat you: where is it where’s? Your three most beat you yeah yeah uh. Three moves beat you fully maxed out and also giving him my fully maxed out shiny mewtwo with sidestrike and psychic i’m. Sorry, a psychic psychic, no shadow, ball! Okay. I know yourself that’s why that’s that’s? Why this one? And this might at least maxed out and shiny and legendary or not legendary. Okay, yeah, you better pray becomes lucky. Okay, yeah i completed a quest, that’s very happy. I don’t need to see mine, although i’m just just take a look at it all right, fully. Maxed out mewtwo fully mixed up you.

What are we doing? Oh, my god, are you happy with what you just got yeah and that is actually your very first maxed out mewtwo right, yeah, the first one, hey yo, who is that who is brendan? Oh look at that how many hundo, why? Why did i even give you a meal like so many hundo already, okay, never mind next person is gon na. Be me yeah i’m gon na trade, with myself. No, of course, not not anymore, because those five traits are the only traits that i could possibly do when i was still traveling and i’ve, not gotten out of singapore to meet up various communities from then on till now so covet 19. Actually, screwed up my plan of working on this video, which in a way took almost two years to put out for you guys to watch, but definitely it was an insane one to have been able to trade out level, 40 mutuals or maxed out mutuals. To my friends, of course, i would like to say a huge thank you to all of them for their hospitality when i was over there visiting them and, of course, their communities, definitely in the future, in a few months time, hopefully, i’m able to travel to meet People from different communities also that’s when i may actually resume trading away the mewtwo’s, because i still have a handful of them left as i’m, going to show you guys over here. So let’s go ahead and check out my storage we’re, going to type mewtwo.

Okay and those mewtwos are the ones that i caught when i was in taiwan in sing too, when i was over there with angela and her friends when we did the mewtwo raids during the raid hour. I already event: i cannot really remember yeah, so that was a really epic video, so i managed to trade away like i said those are mewtwo, so you guys can see. I’M still left with number six number. Seven number eight number nine number ten number eleven yeah. Twelve thirteen fourteen and fifteen mutuals to trade away, so i still have ten more left that i wan na trade away but because of like, i said the situation that had happened back in 2020 i’m unable to do so yeah, so i mean right now, i’m. We are able to power it up to level 50 to trade away to people. Who knows, i might actually trade away the remaining 10 mewtwo’s at level 50., provided i can get enough candy xl to power them up to level 50 and still have enough candy xl for myself, because i need a total of 2960 candy xl to power up the Remaining 10 mewtwo’s, the level 50 yeah goodbye. We will see how all right, so, hopefully, you guys have enjoyed this video of me, showing you guys me trading, aways, the mewtwo mewtwo and mewtoos yeah. If you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave a like on the video, be much appreciated.

Thank you very much and who knows man, maybe uh mewtwo will give you a like.