Here we go Music. Welcome back everybody, let me know in the comments below. Are you guys excited about mewtwo coming to pokemon? Go let’s, go all right, so remember guys that it also coming during the wind hour in pokemon go. So i just want to point that out to you guys, but it the mewtwo is going to be out beyond just that one day. So what i would suggest doing is rating it beforehand rating it after skipping it during go fest and focusing on other targets, because you have 38 total targets. If you want to check out all the raid bosses in the breakdown up here to make sure that you guys are fully prepped and ready to go so today, what we’re going to do is we’re going to break down everything you need to know about mewtwo and Pokemon go so mewtwo is going to come out on friday july 16th at 10 a.m, local time and then that’s gon na go all the way until the 23rd, which is a friday. So you have a total of a week at 10 a.m. Local time way more time than you have with the other bosses, so please make sure to put your focus on what matters most during go fest and check out that video mewtwo isn’t, all psychic type pokemon. It maxes out at four seven two four and it has an attack value of 300, so it’s a very strong pokemon and it does have a future mega.

That’S gon na be really boss, with it being all psychic. It’S gon na have three weaknesses, which are going to be ghost dark and bug and it’s going to resist two things which is going to be fighting and psychic. The 100 ivs of this pokemon are going to be 23.87 at level 20 and then it’s going to be boosted under one condition, which is going to be windy, weather because of the psychic correlation all the way to level 25 at 29.84, which then leads us into The move set of this pokemon it’s going to get cycle cut as well as confusion, so cycle cut is a much faster move. Confusion is a much slower move. Confusion does a little bit more damage than the cycle cut cycle cut is going to charge the moves. A little bit faster and then it’s going to get five charge moves which are going to be focus, blast, psychic and then it’s going to get a couple. Random moves as well, which are going to be thunderbolt flame, thrower and ice beam. And then, obviously it does have legacy moves which is going to be side strike as well as shadow ball, and then it also does get another legacy, move which is going to be hyper beam. So, fortunately, for us being that side strike is the strongest move and it is not going to be able to get it. That is going to be a decent thing, but psychic is still going to hit relatively hard because remember that move did get buffed.

So, as far as trainers, how many trainers is it going to take to take down mewtwo it’s going to be 2.14 so more than likely, you can do it under the right circumstances, but it is definitely going to be a challenge which then is going to lead Us into what are going to be the top counters, including the shadow pokemon, so number one is going to be mega gengar with shadow claw and shadow ball combination. Mega gengar is a beast 491 seconds, with a total of 34 deaths and then we’re gon na have shadow mewtwo with psycho cuts or confusion, and the shadowball moveset, which is a legacy 583 seconds to take that pokemon down with 28 deaths. And then we have mega hound doom mega gyarados. Obviously, if you’re going to choose a mega you’re going to choose the mega gengar instead and then we have two shadow pokemon, which is going to be shadow weavile with snarl and foul play. And then we have the shadow tyranitar with bite, crunch combination and just remember all those pokemon are going to be weak. The last two two focus blast, so that’s going to be a slight problem, especially that we vial it’s going to get ko so fast. And additionally, we want to watch out for the gengar, because gengar is going to be weak to both quick new moves being psychic, because it’s, a poison combination and also psychic, is gon na hit that pokemon extremely hard, which then is gon na lead us.

If we take it out into the non shadow pokemon, so we do have mega gengar sitting in number one mega hound doom two mega gyro dose number three what’s going to be the first non mega pokemon that we can use, which is going to be giratina. Origin form with shadowclaw and shadowball 6′ seconds with 22 deaths, so this pokemon is tankier. It does take a lot longer for it to go down but it’s, not quite 200 seconds so that’s. Obviously, an advantage and it’s gon na be getting boosted from the ghost boost from mega gengar and then next we have chandelor with hex and shadow ball, followed by dark ride with snarl and dark pulse. And then we have yveltal with snarl and dark pulse, followed by mewtwo, with cycle cut and shadow ball in the regular form. And then we have snarl and foul play on a wii vial, followed by bite and dark pulse on the high dragon. Be careful with high dragon because that pokemon is going to be weak to ice beam being that is a dark and a dragon combination. The guarantee is also going to be weak to ice beam as well and it’s going to be neutral to psychic, so it is going to take a little bit more damage, and then we have gengar with shadow claw and shadow ball, followed by tyranitar with bite. Crunch combination that one is going to be double week to focus blast, one hit ko, definitely not the time for that pokemon and then next we have mega b drill but it’s already down on the list.

Obviously, you’re gon na be using mega gengar, followed by genesec, with fury, cutter and x, scissor, utilizing that bug type weakness, and then we have the other genesis, followed by reggie gigas, with the ghost hidden power and giga impact. So, as far as all the counters, if you guys want to keep going, you can check out more of the budget counters over here. But if i was you guys, i would definitely stay towards the top it’s going to take down that pokemon a whole lot faster, which is then going to lead us into the weather conditions. So what are the weather conditions that are going to affect mewtwo? So, as far as the sunny weather, not gon na have any effect on our counters, but it is gon na boost flamethrower. So for any of the ice typings out there, like we vile that’s gon na hit that pokemon a lot harder and in the partly cloudy weather, not really going to have an effect, except for the reggie giggle with the impact but that’s, probably not the counter. That you’re going to be using, which is then going to lead us into the cloudy weather, cloudy weather, is going to boost focus blast it’s. Definitely something that we’re going to have to make sure that we are finagling ourselves around, which then is going to lead us into the rainy weather, so rainy weather is going to boost thunderbolt it’s, also going to boost all the bug type counters.

So during that time frame that is advantageous for those pokemon, which then is going to lead us into the snowy weather, snowy weather is going to boost the ice beam, but the most effective place in here for our counters is going to be foggy weather it’s, going To boost dark and ghost type pokemon, so if there is foggy weather that is going to be in your advantage, should definitely use those pokemon to the upmost of your abilities and then finally, we have windy. Weather windy weather is going to boost all the psychic type. Pokemon, which is a good thing, because we’re going to be able to catch mewtwo at 29.84 at that level, 25 100 iv save a little stardust and get after it, but it’s also going to be stronger, so it’s going to be hitting when it does have. Psychic moves that mega gengar a whole lot harder. So with all that said, guys appreciate you guys. I hope you guys take my advice, stay away from youtube during go fest and make sure to capitalize after go fest, because you have a total of one week. So, thank you guys for being here, likers comments and subscribers patreon members. Everybody takes your support, subscription and participation next level. We’Ll see you guys out in the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons.

I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit. Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and raiding all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.