In just a couple of days, so that’s one of the nicest parts about this dlc is there isn’t a giant paywall to a lot of the new content or a big startup cost that you have to incur in order to get things started most everything that you Can participate in is going to be free, so, starting with a big part of this update, the los santos car meet. This is a giant shared social space, which means you have free access to it. So this means that you don’t have to pay any money in order to participate and get started in the los santos carmy, where you can mingle freely with fellow car fans to race and show off customized vehicles. Now there is a little bit of a catch here. You can become a los santos car meet member, but it’s only fifty thousand dollars. I am basically going to call that free, like fifty thousand dollars in in game gta money – that is nothing i’m assuming everyone has that so i’m. Just going to consider this free, so let’s talk about the free things you get when you do become an ls car meet member. So the first thing you get is the reputation progression, which rockstar says will give us new benefits, unlocking after each level. We’Ll talk about some of those as we get going. This membership also gives us access to the test track, which is a large underground space inside the car meet area where you can drive drift and race safely.

It’Ll also give you access to test rides on the test track now. Rockstar says this is going to be a sample of new rides and it’s, a rotating selection. So i wonder how many it’s going to be at a time, and i also wonder how often it’s going to rotate. Will it be once a week or every event? Just like the lucky wheel, i guess we’re going to find out now. You also get a free opportunity at prize ride, challenges for the opportunity to win a special prize ride. I wonder what that is going to be i’m, imagining it’s some version of the lucky wheel, but instead of just spinning, you have to complete some various challenge and for that i’m thinking of like the free mode events update things where you’re competing against other people and The person first wins a prize ride which could be a free vehicle. That’D be awesome. Now how often these challenges occur. That i’m not sure, but it looks like you’re going to be able to get free cars, which is really cool. Now, it’ll also get you access to the merch shop, tattoo shop and modding area now, even though that is not going to be free, you’re, probably gon na have to pay for the merchandise you’re gon na have to buy your tattoos and you’re gon na have to Indulge a little bit when you put customization options on your car, but you get access to them, which other people do not, and you also get access to a private takeover which allows you to personalize the car show area with lighting banner covers, etc.

So all of that just for fifty thousand dollars again i’m gon na call that free because there’s, no like giant property, that you have to buy that’s millions of dollars. I mean fifty thousand. That is absolutely nothing it’s, basically the equivalent of becoming a member at the diamond, casino and resort. Now, at the diamond, casino and resort you had the standard membership which cost you five thousand dollars, and then you had a vip membership, but that required you buying a penthouse which the cheapest was 1.5 million dollars. So we’re, not even looking at anything close to that in this update, which again, is why i’m, basically considering it free now you’ll also get access to the new races. We talked about these yesterday, head head to head scramble, time trials and then street race series and pursuit series, so you obviously have access to that and we talked about how members can get reputation well. Earning reputation can get you free items, so you earn reputation by participating in and winning races, daily login bonuses, putting time on the test track and even hanging out at the car meet and earning rep gets you an assortment of free rewards to elevate your status. So this includes fashionable gear so i’m, going to imagine t shirts, clothing accessories, it’s also going to get you free new car customization. That sounds awesome, so things like wheels and liveries, as well as trade prices on certain vehicles. So that means that, even though you’re not going to be able to purchase those said vehicles for free, you will unlock trade prices which will make them extremely more cheaper, so that right there is great news as far as reputation goes and then there are some things That rockstar are actually just giving away right now, so they said: playing grand theft, auto online anytime, from the launch of los santos tuners we’ll be able to earn you some special rewards.

If you play anytime between now and launch, so you literally turn on your console or your system right now and you play you’re going to get the los santos customs t and if you join any impromptu race, which you do by uh, joining via the interaction menu. You’Ll receive the los santos tour jacket, which i think is this uh shown off right here. That does not look like a t shirt to me. That looks like the jacket so i’m, assuming that’s what you’re going to be getting and if you successfully steal and sell a vehicle to los santos customs in free mode, it’s also going to earn you the los santos customs, coverall perfect for your inner grease monkey. So you guys might be wondering: well, how do you do that? You literally find a car off the street, bring it to los santos custom shop and you sell it and you’re going to get the los santos, customs, coveralls and you’ll be able to get all of those rewards on or after july 20th, and they will land in Your wardrobe 72 hours after logging in by july 23rd, so it’s going to take a little bit for them to arrive, but those are some of the free items right there and i guess we can talk about this because technically it is a free upgrade. If you guys are planning on playing gta online on playstation 5 and xbox series x, rockstar announced that select vehicles will be upgradable with all new speed improvements.

And more so, i wonder what these new speed improvements are they’re going to be available for playstation 5 and xbox series x and s versions of grand theft, auto 5. rockstar says stay tuned for more details. Regarding that now, the last thing i guess i could add to this is one thing that probably will be free is a handful of these vehicles, but it will be courtesy of the lucky wheel, rockstar always like to put either two or three of the new cars In the lucky wheel queue so it might be the vehicle that’s available on day. One is one of the new ones. It might be until week, three or four, but alas, you will have the opportunity to get some of these new cars for free courtesy of the lucky wheel if you’re lucky enough or if you just take the time to use some of the tricks where you can. Basically guarantee yourself to get one of the new cars that’s, how you could potentially get that for free alongside the new prize ride, feature which i’m honestly very excited for so anyways. That is all the free content that rockstar is giving away in grand theft auto online. In the los santos, tuners dlc update, and i guess you could technically say: it’s not 100 free because it costs fifty thousand dollars that is peanuts to most grand theft, auto online players and you’re getting access to so much so i’m. Basically, gon na call it free because, quite frankly, that’s what it feels like so i’d love to hear from you guys in those comments down below what do you think of the free content that rockstar is giving away in this update.

Let me know what you think down there, if you guys did going to enjoy this video, though i like rating, would, of course be awesome and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new or you want to stay up to date on all latest gta and all the los santos tuners dlc videos that i’ll be doing here on my channel when the update arrives and be sure to ring that notification bell as well, sometimes youtube just Doesn’T work and if you ring that bell you’ll always be guaranteed to be notified when new videos arrive, but of course, as always guys. Thank you all so much for watching. Take care.