So it is actually 50 as a matter of fact, a little bit over actually and then my friend is going to have a level 50 100 iv mega gengar. So that’s going to be nice to see it in the raid as well we’re going to be doing some big damage, we’re going to show you how to maximize this, get as much mewtwo raising as possible. Even if you have few people in your area now. I know not: everybody can make a level 50 gengar or a hound doom, but hey you know, you’re still going to be able to do it. We were duoing mewtwo back in the day, with gengars right, so we’re also going to be taking a look at how many xl candies i have collected for mewtwo already. It is quite a bit and, to be honest with you, this is my thought process. I don’t want the shiny mewtwo because it’s shiny, i want the shiny mewtwo, because it’s gon na be quick to catch, and i can move on to my next raid. So if you do not know shiny mewtwo, you don’t need to get nervous. If you knew, if you see a shiny, mewtwo it’s not going to run away, you can get it on your first, throw so long as you’re not going like 50 miles an hour in a car. Otherwise, it could speed, lock you and then you would have it keep breaking out, but otherwise it’s a guaranteed catch.

So i caught two of them and a ton of candies we’ll, look at that here in a minute, but let’s go ahead and hop into these raids. We’Re gon na do two of them. The first one is going to be weather boosted. I do yeah the weather, boosted, flamethrower, unfortunately, psycho cut and then we’re also going to be taking a look at the raids again for go fest day. Two just a highlight: uh we’re, not gon, na talk about all of the spawns, because we kind of went over that you can. You know, have a general idea to as to what is going on here, it’s, nothing actually too crazy. To be honest with you, you got some new shinies and all that stuff, but uh it’s personally to me, it’s gon na, be all about the raids. Now, the unfortunate part is how much money it is gon na be taking to keep up with these level. 50. Pokemon personally for myself, i have to stay on that competitive level. So getting all these is going to be essential. Now, it’s not going to be like you’re going to be able to get 296 xl candies for a specific legendary within the time. Given right um, i mean, if you’re, playing with different people in different time zones and really maximizing it. You can pull off quite a bit, but you know whatever. If you get it whatever, okay, you got it. You got it, but you’re still going to be able to get quite a few um, so you still want to take advantage of that now.

Looking at my friend’s gengar here take a look that is going to be it’s completely maxed out 100 iv and in its uh, make a form there so pretty awesome and he is going to be rocking some shadow pokemon in the back there. As you can see, there was a shadow hound doom, which was pretty cool that we had the mega and the shadow out there together doing quite a bit of damage, got the chandelier getting the bonus from the gengar there, and this is going to be kind of Important when we do have our raid day, you got to really have your teams ready folks for whatever pokemon, that you’re set to do uh in your notes, right, because there’s going to be quite a few, not everybody’s going to want to do all of them. I do specifically have a list of ones that i am going to be hunting after or want invites to i’ll show you guys in here in a minute and we’ll. Take a look at that. So uh we are. What i did here was i kept backing out and going back in with hound doom, because i wanted to just finish it off with him. I do believe there’s a point where i dodge so much. We have a sliver of health, then we just keep dodging it’s, going to be the next battle or the next raid we’ll see here, but i do quite a bit of dodging at the end because we do resist fire, even though it is weather boosted, uh.

You know we’re still gon na be able to survive. It is doing a lot of damage to us still because well, you know, mewtwo is just doing a ton of damage all the time so down. It goes houndoom refused to actually exit and is still in there with its soul. Somehow so there we go. Is it going to be shiny, let’s see, i don’t think it shows who does the most damage if it’s two trainers, because they don’t want people to be like yeah, see i’m, better right, it’s, just like style, savvy or last hit? Oh yeah, you got him all right so to the next one uh and then we’ll take a look at those rates and highlight what uh you can expect yet again because, like i said, it’s going to be kind of important to uh hunt those, even though it’s Just going to be a couple hours for each uh and see the problem is, if it was like, say you were going to get groudon raids for an hour, then great, but it’s going to be diluted with everything. So this is why i’m saying you can’t really get that many candies for each one because of the dilution that is going to be here so yeah, i don’t know uh, but we’re, just gon na have to make do with that. Anyways. Take a look. This is where i do a bunch of dodging no we’re gon na come back in after this, so we will revive we’re going to go down here.

We do a few hits with our giratina, and this is the order in which they’re doing the most damage other than the no no no mega hound doom is number two other than shadow pokemon. Okay, shadows are going to be outpacing them mega. Gengar is going to be number one overall and it is going to be great going up against mewtwo if you say, are going up against the psycho gut and focus blast. Oh boy, gengar is going to be able to go to town, but if it has confusion that’s where the problem lies – and this is why i like mega hound doom is because you’re going to be able to consistently pick make a houndoom and be safe. Okay, yeah sure you’re going to run into focus blast once in a while, and that is going to be doing a ton of damage. But otherwise you do resist the confusion or let’s just say the psychic moves, as well as the ice beam and flamethrower. So you just have to technically look out for focus blast. At the end of the day, you can even get hit by thunderbolt, so that’s. Why i’m choosing make a houndoom over gengar? I was using gengar at first. I it just kept going in there and just getting knocked out now. You can tell if it has something that you shouldn’t be using gengar for because it’s gon na throw your tyranitars and recommend it or you’re your veltal or whatever dark types that you have going on there.

So, look at the look at chandelure that’s, not the video editing, that’s uh, that was in the game. What happens when you’re, just like rubber banding, so just dodge, or stop attacking it’ll correct itself, it’s, giving you fake energy uh, so yeah uh make a hound doom. I feel it’s just the good one for me and i wanted to make a level 50. Are you kidding me? I just did it. I was like you know what level 49 best buddy level 50 let’s get it. So here are my candies 244 so far, and this is starting last night when it was going on in other countries in the world where i was getting invites contemplating. If i want to max out this level 50 or make it a level 50 shadow mewtwo with horrible ivs, not the best around but it’d, be crazy it’s going to take a significant amount, more of xl candies, but we’ll contemplate and sleep on that it’s. Not like the the snorlax, because you’re not going to be able to mega evolve this one here and you you don’t, want to miss out on that, especially if you invested all of these xl candies and then what it comes around and you’re going to be able To make it evolve your regular ones, but that your shadow is going to be shadow it’s, so squishy i’m just going to go with my regular one, but i need to find a better iv.

I don’t really want to invest in what i currently do have that’s right. I will invest another elite all right, so the following pokemon will be spawning on go fest day, two between these times 10 to 11 a.m and then 2 to 3 p.m. You’Re going to be seeing mewtwo ho: oh latias, latios, reggie, gigas giratina that’s not going to be origin, but you could still get the xl candies needed for it right, cresselia version in therin tornados. Now i personally want giratina for those excel candies. I don’t care that it’s that form it doesn’t matter also mewtwo, of course, ho oh, is gon na, be pretty juicy for me as well, and then latios so that’s. What i want, but priority number one, is going to be mewtwo giratina ho, oh on to the next one time, for the lava hour is going to be from 11 to 12 and then 3 to 4 p.m. You’Re going to have moltres entei, regirock, groudon, heatran, resharam, landorus, therin, terakion and yaveltol. Now i personally want groudons. That is priority number one above all for me personally, i also will take landorus and uh. Restaurant is going to be pretty good as well having an xl heatran might be crazy. Moltres i don’t mind. What i don’t want is reggie rock and tarakion on to the next one here. This is going to be frost hour from 12 p.m, until 1 pm and then 4 p.m until 5 p.

m. You’Re gon na see articuno sweet lugia. This one’s going to be pretty good. Reg ice kyogre palkia, which is oh, my goodness gon na, also be good kiram and the lake trio. Now i personally want palkia and people are saying well what, if the uh ultra bonus unlocks are going to be the shinies. Do you want to wait? Well, i just want the candies. I don’t really want the shiny, so you know it’s really up to you. I also want kyogre yo let’s go level 50 into the next one here thunder hour is going to be from 1 pm until 2 p.m and then 5 to 6 p.m. You’Re gon na have zapdos raiku reggie steele rayquaza dialga that’s. Here you know, but that’s everybody’s thing there, but again what if the unlocks special unlocks are going to be the shinies, if you know, as have been confirmed but i’m pretty sure, that’s what it’s going to be and then moving on. You do have tornadoes zekeron, caballon and xerteus, so i pretty much just want to be going for dialga that’s. What i’ll take, but anyways good luck out there for go. Fest hope you get as many shinies as you want, and good legendaries. Thank you for watching and take care trainers so you’re.