If you want to get some packs want to get some cards – oh my god, it’s been going nuts speaking of going nuts we’re going nuts right here, actually with niantic um. They set this box and and sorry for my toe. They sent this box and i i haven’t i haven’t opened it yet so let’s watch a little jt kelly and uh and and open this. This brand new box, wow wow it’s, actually literally too high brandon. My great pleasure to welcome you to pokemon go first, one. Two one two let’s draw that one. I think if all the places everybody’s just going next missions pokemon goes inside where the family evolved. Pokemon goes will be a musical thing with terms of professional hobbies, especially this one is not the transition perspective. They respond to help for foster experiences. Celebration. Cities from the world was safe to make it if you lose differences in chicago wherever you farm family. I would say remember the experience of if everybody’s calling you friends when he said these people attack pokemon go fest, maybe i’ll even run into you and up in person, then during pokemon go fest at our other. Live events play games this year, john hanke aka king hanky, ceo of niantic, we’re, doing this how to basic style? Oh, oh, no wait! This is fun i’m, a show director and gosh darn right. I am man. I got a camera. What wait what well? This is cool.

Where will i use this to like get in backstage? You know what i’m saying i like that? Oh we got a beautiful little poster here of this picture. Okay, we got. Is this a fanny pack? We have a giant sport fan: okay, i’m down man, jan sport, fanny pack, all i’m saying fanny packs are back, okay, get with the times and then under here, oh yeah, the swagu is dripping it’s, the official atlantic hat. I love pokemon, go oh, very cool. All right well that’s that so they get an antique um lit down and please enjoy the rest of today’s episode, where we do a whole lot of things and i’m gon na enjoy these packs of cards that we’re gon na open today and we’re gon na get A freaking, charizard and it’s gon na go crazy, so see you in the next clip and today’s. Video is sponsored by this game right here: dogfire heroes. This is a free to play real time. Hero squad rpg set in a lost world all right. So what is dark fire heroes? It’S, an epic game that allows you to build up your team battle through campaign mode and save the realm or battle in the arena and work. Your way up them. Leaderboards baby, which i love doing. The gameplay itself is riveting, with more than 50 heroes to choose from. There are infinite amounts of builds and strategies that you could use going up against other players or against the monsters taking over the world.

The campaign is handcrafted, not computer generated, so each and every level is unique. It’S different it’s, a new experience. Every time you go in to clap it up. Darkfire heroes has a super unique game mechanic for an rpg. You can experience a new way to control the battlefield with real time power aiming and fast, paced, thrills. Still, timing and precision is everything and speaking of the heroes. The heroes are a very, very fun part of this game, because they’re all super unique, which means you can build again: infinite amounts of play, styles and strategies so how it works. You get 5 heroes, five spells and your whole strategy is based on which one of those you got you got a tank. Do you got a range, you got ta heal spell. You got a free. What are you, what are you working with you know and to keep the game? Fun? Fantastic and fresh they’ve got monthly, live events with two around two major monthly updates, so, whether you’re trying to collect all the heroes build the biggest best strategy or work. Your way up those leaderboards darkfire heroes is an awesome. Rpg experience and the link to download is down in the description below big. Thank you to dark fight heroes for sponsoring today’s episode would appreciate you guys, check the game out fun time and let’s hop back in it. Now i’m gon na go save the realm and we’re gon na hop back in the video it’s zard week.

Baby, as i’ve mentioned before, we’re doing a lot of big breaks on the twitch channel we’re like a break channel pokemon go channel now, and this is officially dubbed as zard weak. So we’ve got sets like burning shadows, darkness ablaze, we’ve, got shining fates, champions path, hidden fates, a lot of fun stuff looking for some freaking charizards, so if you’re into it pop on a twitch and if you’re not let’s, get some freaky pokemon Applause. Yes, what we’re doing charging the car so we’re, currently in um, like again, like back in east l.a, picking up more cards, it’s gon na be a common theme uh, at least on the weekends not a weekend. Today, though, weekday special day charizard week on twitch big week, a lot of breaks yesterday, we pulled logging into pokemon go by the way, how’s the cluster it’s fantastic and a raid don’t mind. If i do 10 seconds, if i don’t have a raid pass, then we’re screwed Music, yes nicely done, we uh. We ended up pulling a in yesterday’s stream, which was two days ago when you’re watching this uh, a charizard v max from darkness ablaze, a shiny, charizard v from champions path, couldn’t believe it and a charizard gx from hidden fates. So, like the luck’s been on it’s been fun, the breaks are going well and pokemon go going. Amazing too. We’Ve got some really really cool clips to show throughout this video. Today of some really awesome catches, some great grabs we’ve been killing it on the live streams.

Lately now what we still don’t have as a part of this incredible fifth year anniversary event, i actually haven’t even completed part of the event. We need to catch a couple of uh starter pokemon before the week’s over we’ll check that out after i get this shouting down ramaka. Okay, also, this should be illegal. 24.9. Kilometers out of 25 walked this week, that’s just that is that irks me as they say in icarly. Is it okay? So the thing with these collection challenges dude, i like go plus a lot and then i just kind of forget about the rest of them and we now three days, eight hours, total chickarita, chimchar piplup, and this thing: what what pokemon is that again, i don’t like It whatever it is, i don’t like it well, whatever you saw, you saw some of the shinies. There we’ll show those clips in a second, but i got ta complete this, not because i want the rewards but cause. I want the badge man like i i want. I want the i want to show that i completed it, so we’ll have to do that, but maybe we get some starters here or some shirties. This is the one shiny that we’re missing out of this update right now it is balloon. Fifth year anniversary, balloon pikachu. It is the race to get the shiny for this guy, because, again, once this update is over that little five on the balloon will never be back, and the fifth year is a big year because you know, intervals of five are important to us uh.

So i we got ta like that has to happen and also i technically need one more shiny gallerian. I keep wanting to say gallery one more shiny dora maka before we complete the family, which is great and we’ve, been doing the melting box. Getting the luck there. Also, a fresh spawn right here, which is fantastic. This is just really really oddly rare um and the balls 181 268 168. We are getting ready, bigger and better for pokemon, go fest and we’re actually going to make a video this week talking about how to prep. For gofest, as well so just kind of stay tuned for that and oh and one big announcement, we’re going to be giving away codes for pokemon go fest. You can redeem this code, you get free access in a pokemon. Go fest codes like this one right here that code take that code put it in the code bar in your game. I think redeem it somehow and get free access to pokemon go fest over the next couple of days. The youtube videos, uh will be a small order. We’Re going to be hiding basically we’ll, be hiding uh little codes in the videos to get you guys. Free access into pokemon go fest. So if that sounds interesting to you, if you haven’t bought your ticket, actually what i haven’t let’s do that right now, if you haven’t got your ticket for pokemon go fest, you know you can’t afford it this year or you know what you don’t want to buy.

It or whatever um free codes for go fest in the next couple of videos, keep an eye out. Let’S just claim the free box. I i just i never ever claim it. Okay pokemon go face 2021 ticket i’m gon na buy it right now. Let’S. Do this? All right payment successful and there we go okay, so it’s done, we got it. The pokemon go fest ticket is now in our inventory there. It is this ticket uh a ticket to access pokemon, go fest on july, 17th and 18th from 10 a.m, to 6 p.m. Local time each day, wherever you are fantastic and then just as a reminder, i will be streaming the first two to three hours of day, one of pokemon go fest live on twitch. My twitch channel’s link is in the description. If you want to come out and watch pokemon go fest live day, one the first couple of hours and day two we’ll be streaming. The first, like four hours of the raid portion of the event grinding the shinies we’re gon na, be streaming mobile from a different place in the world, which will be very, very exciting as well and then also friday, night on twitch uh. Basically, my our my friday night will be uh saturday for new zealand in australia. So all my friends in new zealand and australia will be sending me. Raid invites to raids like dino gallery and ziggy’s lagoon gallery and ponyta the exclusive pokemon go fest day.

One raids, we’re gon na be able to do saturday night and we’re doing them live on twitch, so stay tuned for that it’s gon na be an awesome awesome week of pokemon go fest festivities. Now i got ta charge this freaking car and i got ta. Go pick up. Some packs wait, send five gifts, we’ll do the gifts. I really need to try to get uh lucky friends with jt gilly, because we’ve got like it’s it’s. You know we got ta do another lucky trade and also one huge tip i can get for pokemon go fest for getting ready, just open your gifts, so many free items, okay, send what what is this we’re gon na stand for the day? What do we? What do we, what do we even get from this? Okay tepeg, not the most exciting thing ever and then and then and then and then oh she’s, like random starters? Okay, well, i got ta go get some pokemon cards for the breaks this week live on. Twitch it’s zard week on twitch join the breaks. It’S gon na be freaking insane three zard’s pulled day one i can’t wait, i’ll see in a bit boom sealed cases. It means that the pokemon company wrapped it and then sold it to someone and then they sold it to me so it’s never been open. This is as legit as you can get for. Breaks let’s go also. Yes, i am. I am charging my car again.

I got a thing for charging my car, i know what it is wow and a very successful stream very successful day. We ended up getting from this set the shiny, charizard v max, which was crazy, so we’re doing another big break tomorrow. So it’s gon na be an awesome time. So when you’re watching on youtube right now come by the live streams today and come see what it’s like busting through tons and tons of packs and we’re, actually doing hidden fates as well, which i can’t wait for. Speaking of the live stream, we have some live stream clips of some new shiny pokemon that we’ve caught that are like kind of like the focus of today’s adventure. I guess sort of an adventure but uh enjoy these clips and i’ll see you on the next youtube. Video, where we actually go out, we hunt and we get that freaking pikachu and we talk about how to prep for pokemon. Go fest 2021 see you in there. Okay, sweet go plus, oh i’m, so yes, i’m! So happy this happened. Now you have no idea. How excited i am that this happened right here, oh god, right now, during the stream. Today we managed to do it shiny, darumaka, off the go plus. I listen, listen, listen, hey me and the go plus we have a little bit of beef. Okay, we have a little bit of beef right. We have exchanged words before we’ve, been cool at some points and not so cool in other points, but the fact that we just rocked that is insane.

I can’t believe it in front of 17 000 people. We go plus the brand new hard to find even harder to get shiny, darumaka let’s go man collapsing chat out of nowhere shiny darumaka. Ah i got ta. I got ta adjust the camera because i wan na stand up i’m staying well, the real mistake. Seven, please stand up. Okay, maybe like there how chad i’m six three i got! Ta adjust it for that. You know all right. I’M gon na get my standing we’re doing the standing desk for today’s event. I’Ve been standing desk in a while, oh that was why you know why i perfectly angled that actually, that was actually incredible. Let’S go. You know everything what’s lola week. What do you mean? Let’S go no way: dude the goat, plus hey you’re, getting a raise. Buddy let’s go shiny, whooper off the go plus while we’re in the raid and lauren’s here, for it i’ll. No, that was lolo luck, don’t even deny it. Okay, i love you. I got ta! Go all right, this is gon na be. This is gon na, be looper all right, loper love! You love! You see you later chat. You guys want to know what a wife looks like walks in says: hello, blesses, the shiny look walks out like it’s, nothing and i just mirror my phone screen onto my my pc and then i have a program called uh, streamlabs obs, oh my god.

We actually! Oh, my god, dude what the go plus is on one man, the gop, hey the mvp right here, chad, mvp mvp of a lifetime pokemon go plus. I can’t believe how good the go plus is doing right now back to back. That is ridiculous. Shawnee down let’s go dude, the go plus go plus god plus more like am. I right, go plus getting another shiny. On the day. The first shiny was whooper now we’re getting a shiny at meltan. Oh, my god, bro go plus o p.