They didn’t do it uh, maybe i think a couple years ago they did. However, i could not log in and it’s, sometimes always when tonicon just happens and then well, you just never be able to get into long into warframe. To claim your will get your drops and look at it review it. Whatever you want to. Do you never get to do that, but i finally got the vaslock gunblade, which we’re going to first hand, look at the new gun blade. This is a melee weapon, the vas lock. So here it is. This thing looks very big, very huge, um nice blades to it they actually, these blades look like the saw i have. Maybe i should have never done that, but you can see the huge blades that you can see right here. Well, right here, yeah that’s a better way to look at it. Blades look just nearly the same as that very sharp and very detailed, so it’s, actually nice, but only the stats will tell so obviously melee weapon attack. Speed is one so that’s, actually pretty good uh. Pretty decent around attack, speed, crit chance is 19. We have crit multiplier, which is pretty decent, not looking so well, but pretty decent status 31 so has high stats because our crit chance is well pretty low and the fact that they did increase the status is really nice base damage. I already see the slash damage is 234, so that’s, honestly perfect.

I love how it has insane slash damage high slash damage so that’s, where most of the damage coming from puncture and impact. Not so great, then we have the projectile, which is crit chance, 90 or basically, nearly the same. Just the status is low, 10.3, so uh. Well, we have some good looking stats, but i think just the melee attack part of that is just well it’s off it’s. Very off, but well once we build it, then i guess we’ll find out how good it is. So this thing comes with only one aura polarity and no other polarities, so it’s another warf weapon where we have to polarize it. Every time put up polarity on it. So i hate it, but it does come with a orchid catalyst, so that’s something you don’t have to worry about, and that is very, very nice, so i guess i’m going to be looking forward to it, but not really not really at the same time. But i guess it’s going to be a pretty nice gun blade weapon, not realizing for tennocon 2021 uh. The relay will be hosted where the live stream will start at 5, 00 p.m. So that’s, where you’ll be able to pick up your armor set your staff skin. If you’re still watching tennocon livestream for twitch, then that’s, where you will pick up loki, prime because rebecca said it in the video that she in the livestream that uh you will be able to pick up loki.

Prime in the live stream for 10 o’clock relay at that tunnel, con relay, but i don’t think that’s not the case it’s still in the live stream. Still the live stream, so um yeah that’s, where you need to watch it but tenecon relay is where they host the armor sets and the yeah just armor sets the staff skin. All of that, so the new war will be showed in there hope you guys prepared. Let me know in the comments below what you think about that when it has been shown. Hopefully i pronounced his name right to this weapon, vas still lock, i’m, not for sure, if i pronounce it right in the beginning of the video but yeah very annoyed that warframe was not working properly. Not logging not be able to log in just to get your twitch drops. It always comes down to that with a problem with warframe, i swear it’s every single time but anyways, i guess it’s gon na be fine. I really want a new stance for this weapon because i i just don’t like it at all. I don’t like these stances, i think bullet dances. Everybody keeps telling me to use, but i still really don’t like gun blades like that, not at the redeemer and the shrapnel. I think those are the two uh gunblade weapons i prefer, but hopefully the vast lock can change my mind, but i don’t really know i mean this is not nearly a red crit weapon at all, but it might just be turned out to see something.

But i have no idea what it’s gon na turn out to be, but i think that’s really all for this video, the vaster lock, is now able to receive your twitch drops. You can now log into the warframe because well i’m logged in, and you see this video right now. So that tells me that everything is pretty fine right now, but yeah that’s. All thank you so much for watching guys make sure you’re following our all social medias. In the description below links are there as well and for twitch hit that like button, if you did enjoy the video and make sure you subscribe if you’re new to the channel, let me know in the comments below what you think about the vast lock, how it Looks well if you are testing it out right now, then let me know in the comments below but yeah that’s. All.