A news, pre tennocon twitch drops must do relink accounts. They have you know, watched the tenno live teaser, video blah blah. A lot of things right now are all about tennocon. That shouldn’t really be too surprising, but i got ta remind everyone as warframe has about linking your warframe account. So it looks like d e danielle posted a pre, tennocon twitch drops must do relink accounts, essentially since they used to have a different drop system on twitch and they swapped over to drops 2.0. If you haven’t already swapped over, you need to swap over and link your twitch and your warframe accounts together if you’ve done it before and you’ve gotten drops from the most recent campaign – you’re, probably fine, but if not let’s quickly go over this. I know a lot of people were asking in my video recently about how to do this, so i was just waiting for them to release a guide because it’s not too difficult or anything so i’ll just show you now right, hello, future tennocon viewers, oh geez, re, Linking your twitch and warframe account is necessary to receive this year’s tennocon twitch drops. If you have not relinked since twitch drops a 2.0. Please do so now, so people are asking how they can get all of the tennocon and all of the free things that drop from tennocon, and this is essentially it link. Your warframe account watch during tennocon watch during tennocon, live or tenno live where they’ll release and talk about the new stuff at the end of tennocon, and also join in the game in the warframe in game relays to get the free drops.

Even if you’ve had your accounts linked for a while, the release of twitch drops 2.0 made it necessary to relink your accounts in order to participate in drops here’s how to relink, and they have all the links here. Naturally, log into your twitch account that you use to watch warframe streams, unlink warframe, to twitch by clicking this link right if you’re already linked up, if not i’m, you don’t have to do that naturally, and then go to this connection find warframe listed under other connections. Click disconnect and then confirm by clicking, yes, disconnect yeah if you’re like connected to anything. Any of that remember to disconnect everything remember to connect your proper warframe account to whichever twitch account you use to watch streams. Log in on warframe with the desired account slash platform. You wish to receive the drops on a little typo there, but that’s okay go to warframe.com user and click. The link account verify both twitch is linked by checking the settings connections and make sure warframe is listed in the other connection sections and verify the warframe side by checking warframe.com. It should say, link to username and display your twitch username, and then you should be all set. So yeah let’s go check out the official website quickly, just because i want to show what drops are happening. So if you watch on twitch, you get the vast, lock. Gunblade – and this is just watching tennocon on twitch 30 consecutive minutes linked account and you get that gunblade right anytime and then when tenno live, comes on at 5 p.

m. That is when you can get loki. Prime. Add the gilded trickster loki primed to your arsenal by watching 100 live for 30 consecutive minutes, with the linked account so that’s. Why it’s so important to link your accounts right and then finally experience the in game? Tenno live relay, join us in the tenno, live relay, starting at 5 pm so same time as 10 alive here, it’s not all day it’s at 5 pm for a front front row seat to an immersive cinematic experience stay until the end of the show to get The ceremonial to nuke, longsword, skin and nuke armor set so most likely. I will be streaming this part myself and co streaming. The tenno live part and i think i will be streaming randomly uh before it starts, and you know just looking at the general stream here and there so feel free to stop by my youtube stream. If i am streaming, but i probably won’t start my stream at like 12 30 p.m, it’ll probably be more like two or three or four right e.t, because i’m, not in any rush and the main thing i want to watch live with, everyone is definitely tenno live The tenno live relay like that’s gon na be the fun stuff, whereas this is more of the community stuff, so yeah make sure to stay tuned watch. Sadly, you don’t get any drops from watching me on youtube sad times. I know, but it is what it is.

I’Ll be logged into my twitch account to watch them on twitch to get the drops and, of course, be in game to get the skins. So hopefully i’ll see you there. Thank you all for watching, remember to re link your accounts. I know people just wanted and asked about this. The last time i talked about it, so i thought i’d make this final reminder video. So thank you all for watching. I’Ll see you next time like if you like it dislike.