2021 is on the 17th and 18th of july 2021, from 10 a.m, to 6 p.m. Local time day one of pokemon go first, is catch day and day. Two is rage day before we start. I may pronounce pokemon really bad during this video. Sorry about that um. Also, please like and subscribe and let’s start. I also may look up like this because i’m, looking at the script and yeah like and subscribe, this took me a while to make and let’s get into it. First, let’s talk about the price to participate in day two and the actual raid you don’t have to pay to do the raids, but for pokemon go’s fifth anniversary ticket prices have been reduced from fourteen dollars to five dollars. If you want to get all the exclusive features you know you may want to buy the tickets pokeballs wise i’d say you need quite a few to catch all the exclusive pokemon for everyone ticket or not they’re, going to be habitats. That cycle every hour and we’ll get each of those habitats twice: the first habitat being jungle, sporting pokemon like scyther, apom, froakie and more the second habitat being desert mountain spawning pokemon like scar, money shield on hippo, tats and more the third habitat being ocean beach spawning Pokemon, like drautini sua, blue amamo, marlow i’ll put it on the screen here. I can’t really down sorry and the fourth habitat being cave spawning. Pokemon such as rock and roller glaring, skunk, fish, dino and more raids on saturday will feature pokemon like them.

On top kratos and dino, plus glarion ponyta and glarion zigazu will be wearing special costumes um when in the raids pokemon related to music, such as chimichu crickets or de nilo, like i’ve, had an interesting pronouncing. Please and the special costume pikachu will be appearing in the wild throughout the entire saturday. It doesn’t matter what habitat you’re in uh. We also get a free t, shirt for your avatar uh. The new shinies are wisma chimchio, ordinio and time poll for people who bought the ticket on the day. You’Ll get a special research story, like always so like a special research task, you also get encounters with a mythical pokemon. Um you’ll also receive some special avatar items. Like a pose and t shirts, you can either choose pop pikachu or rock pikachu, and that will determine which background music will be playing. In the background of your game. Uh after you complete the special research you’ll also get to fill out the rest of your musical group. Where you pick the larry and pony title glaring, zig, zoom, garniva or flygon. All these pokemon were dressed to impress and social costumes uh. I don’t really get this, but i guess we’ll find what that means out in here all the time the global challenger in it is back this year. So if um, if you have the ticket, you can unlock bonuses for the hour, so it may give you like times three cash starters times.

Three xp catch xp you’ll be able to complete collection challenges, each each themes for each habitat. So you must collect all the pokemon, it says to catch, and once you get it, you probably get a reward. If you have the ticket during the habitat rotations you’ll get the pokemon that everybody gets, but also your uh. These pokemon will be attracted to incense in the jungle hour, it’ll be an unknown f and then g ludico, chatot, leafeon and superior in the desert mountain hour. It’Ll be flaring. I know unknown f, unknown g tyranitar flygon and throw in the ocean beach hour. It will be gyarados, viperine, osmaril, unknown, f and ng and salk. In the cave hour it will be umbreon, unknown, f, energy, garvinor, absol and gao venatarlia. So obviously now i don’t know how to say that uh these pokemon, if it’s on an incense, will be higher chance of being shiny. If you have the ticket shiny, unknown, f, shiny, throw and shiny salt will be making their pokemon debut this event. If you don’t have a ticket, you can now get these pokemon as shiny okay, let’s go on to day two rage, time all trainers ticket or not. On day two, it will be focused on raids, like i’ve already said, um before i get into the actual pokemon you’ll be able to get from raids, uh and all the other info i’m going to talk about raid passes. This is only for people who have the tickets once again, this is only for people who have a ticket.

You can spin gyms to get 10 passes, complete time to research, to get eight uh. One of those event, bundles containing three sets. 21 raid passes um plus any extra you may have so that’s, pretty cool and that’s a lot you’re getting your money as well for five dollars. Also, if your ticket holders will be getting an extra 10 000 xp women complete raid. So since they’re all going to be legendary, that’s, two ten thousand plus ten thousand twenty thousand and on a lucky egg, where you get time to do, that, will be forty thousand xp uh, so it’s, pretty opie uh. All pokemon attracted to incense on the saturday will also be attracted to incense on the second day: okay pokemon so here’s a sheet it’s, really cool sheets in in wind hour, which is 10 to 11 a.m and 2 to 3 p.m. Local time we’ll have mewtwo hello, latias, latios, reggae gas altered form, guaratina, ceresilia and therian form thunderous in lava hour, which is 11 a.m to 12 p.m, and three to four p.m. Local time we’ll have moultrie’s entei heat trend, rush, ryan, groudon, regirock ferry inform landorus and yi vitorial. I don’t know how you say that one in frost hour, which is 12 to 1 pm and 4 to 5 p.m. Local time will be kyogre, lugia, articuno, susquehanna, reggie ice palkia korean. I don’t know how you say that one you see me spirit and aself, which are the regionals and you can find them in regional countries in thunder hour, which is one to two p.

m, and five to six p.m. Local time, we’ll have zapdos right. Ryoku register requires uh, dilga, therian form, thundurus, zekrom and zernius and uh note uh, mythical pokemon will not be uh, be not be appearing in five star rates, so this is both days ticket or not. Uh all laws will last three hours: it’s half the hatch distance. For eggs, pokemon from 7k eggs will include iggly, buff, shingling and ordinio and more event exclusive field, research, trust and special on map visual effects like the confetti from last year. On both days, if you have the ticket, you can open gifts or spin poke, stops to get special event stickers and take snapshots on both event days. For a surprise, and maybe like in like one of the new shinies will pop up or uh. I don’t know an unknown will come up in the snatcher, like some egg orders um. So that is everything admit you need to know about. Pokemon go first, uh 2021 um comment down below what pokemon you will be trying to get um. I think personally, i think you’ll be getting trying to go for mewtwo. I think i’m also going to be going for londorous, because i need for a challenge uh, i might go for lugia, uh, palkia uh. Definitely a uh, i might go for rylu. I might go for mult trays i’m gon na try go for all of them, but those are the main seven i want uh.

I might go for cryogen too. The rest. I pretty much have uh so yeah comment down below what pokemon you’re going to be getting from the raids um.