This is shout out to your 10 30 and today i thought i would bring you all. Another pokemon go content and this time i’m going to be doing a discussion. Video talking about the possibility of another mythical pokemon that’s, going to appear for this year’s go fest when we’re doing this video i’m gon na be showing you all where the evidence are i’m gon na give my thoughts on it, etc. But first before i get into it, i do want to mention that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to my channel chance win a special giveaway if you’re, new and uh promoted. If my channel reaches 5 000 subscribers i’m going to play a game where it’s not received in nintendo switch also that first choice, pokemon, sword or shield with the expression pass. Other thing is that if my channel reaches ten thousand subscribers i’m going to pay a game where to see a big surprise, more details will be at ann’s video, be sure to check it out how much to go by sharing their friend spanish meal or commercial. At that bridgette with all that being said, let’s go and get into it. If you take a look at the screen next to me, i’m on go stadium’s twitter page link to this will be in the skin blow. So let’s go over what it has to say right here. Our recent data mine has suggested the appearance of hopa at pokemon go fest 2021.

We have confirmed with niantic that hopa will not be able to be caught during this event. Remember that data mines are not official and are subject to change. So what does this mean? You may ask well obviously that, like it says, hopa is gon na appear, but not the way that players hope for so it’s nice that we’re gon na be able to see it, but it’s also disappointing that if it ends up being true that we’re not gon Na be able to catch it, so hopefully it won’t take too long for us to be able to officially get hopa in the game. Most of you should know about hoopa, because it’s been around for a pretty long while, but for those are new and uh ruined it. So hopa is one of the gen 6 mythical pokemon and what’s neat about. It is two things. First, it can summon legendary pokemon by using the purple things as ring. The second thing is that from the original games, if you give a song to the item, it’s able to change its form, but you know for us in pokemon, go. They released two different forms at different variants, which, speaking of which apparently there’s been speculations that hopa’s uh different form is gon na, possibly be in tier five raids, which that does make sense because of its boobs and stuff. Now i am looking forward to go fest and it’s gon na be a lot of fun, guys there’s gon na be a lot of shiny hunting and hopefully i’ll be able to bring you all content and hopefully some point i’ll be able to live stream with you All because i know a couple of you guys have been asking me as to how am i gon na be able to live stream? Well, i’ve been working on it with obs studios at first i tried testing it, but fortunately it’s not been working so hopefully like possibly sometime this year or next year about to have everything all set up and build the live stream with you all that’s.

All i had to cover for today’s video. The purpose video is let you know that we could possibly see hoopa get released during this year’s go fest. I gave my thoughts on it, etc. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on everything covered here. Are you looking forward to this year’s go fest? Do you agree with the data miners? Let me know i appreciate it now for me, there’s part of me that thinks this is true, but there’s, a big part of me that this is not true, that we’re not going to see hopa that we at some point later on we’ll see hopa in another Form but fingers crossed that it won’t take too long for us to see. Hoopa and the other forum come to pokemon go once i do know information about it and if it ends up the day of minors being true i’ll be sure to let you know as soon as possible hope you all did enjoy today’s video and thank you all For watching, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give this video a thumbs up check out my channel subscribe and bell for more gameplay videos and, as usual, i will see you all in next video until next time.