This is one of the best trolls i’ve ever pulled off and their reaction when i revealed that it was a prank, were priceless. No way you just trolled me again dude. Why do you always have to control me tripping bro? I thought this was actually information. I’Ve seen a lot of people comment that i should make my own live event with the giant ufo in the sky. If you guys want to see that video next, let me know by dropping a like on this video now, let me show you guys the plan for today’s video. I spent a really long time thinking about how i can pull off this troll without them getting suspicious i’m going to call youtubers and ask them if they want to do a challenge with me for a youtube video. I will play a solo game, but they will get to control my fortnite game. They can basically tell me where i need to drop. They can just out of nowhere say, drop all your weapons right now they can say anything and i will have to do it. Obviously, if they want to control my game, they need to see my game, so i have a reason to screen share without it being suspicious at all. In the middle of the game, a big head will appear in the distance and it will say show me what you got if you guys didn’t know, this big head is from a rick and morty episode.

In that episode, a big head appears out of nowhere and causes a lot of disaster in order to get rid of it. Rick and morty performed a song called get swifty yeah that’s. Pretty much all you guys need to know let’s start making the scenes for the troll before we get started. Today’S video is sponsored by dragon city. Drank city is free to play and available on both android and ios, but also windows and amazon collect over a thousand different ranks and build your own dragon city breed two different ranks to get new ones and feed them to evolve. You can train your dragons and take them to battle in order to make them more powerful. There are different pvp modes that let you fight against your friends and challenge other dragon masters. There are several events every week to discover and play new adventures. Maze runner grid heroic race, which one is your favorite make sure to. Let me know in the comments down below you can find many of your favorite youtubers in dragon city such as dream, george, not found, and many others. If you want to try out dragon city for yourself, make sure you click the link in the description and by clicking the link in description, you will also get a special free reward that consists of 15 000 food plus 30 000 gold, plus, on top of that, You will get the very rare citadel dragon so yeah, thanks again to dragon city for sponsoring today’s video.

If you want to find out more about them, make sure you check out the links in the description for the first scene. I just have an overlay of a head appearing in the sky from there it will teleport me onto a different location, which is the actual live event. I basically recorded myself in game just moving around a little bit and moving my camera. I then motion track this entire footage. That means i could place any object in the scene and it would perfectly stay in there. Even if i move my camera like, for example, this ammo crate right here, which is actually fake. Okay, i hope you guys didn’t actually realize that, because otherwise that would be a bit awkward anyways. Using this technique. I then placed a bunch of heads in the sky and also made a constant stage for rick and morty. Oh yeah morty. I actually also made a fortnite morty skin, which looks kinda real, but to find out if it actually looks real. I decided to troll ninon with it, so i just played a couple of games with him off camera and now i’m just going to ask him what his favorite battle pass. Skin is, and hopefully he asks me back what my favorite skin is and if he does so, i will say it is morty dude i’m, so hyped for the lebron james skin dude that that’s going to be sick, lebron james. I feel, like they’ve, put out some really cool skins.

This season, i know like dude. The battle peskys are crazy, which, which are the bell pass skins, is your favorite honestly. I really you know like the little alien girl. I really like that. One what’s yours um. I, like morty, actually morty’s pretty cool 300 morty. You mean ray the one you’re wearing no morty from rick and morty. I think you’re getting the names mixed up. I i don’t know it’s morty, like yellow t shirt like bluish pants. What that’s, not in the game? That’S, not even the battle pass it. It is in the battle pass, no that’s, that’s, rick sanchez tier 100. Just look at this and then tell me it isn’t 200. What it literally says it right here, that’s there’s, morty right here, wait what what is he doing in the battle pass? Tier 100 is that did they add, that is that new? Is that a new update, it always has been more than one yeah. All i see is a rink, but you don’t, oh you don’t have rick, you have morty what i’m so confused. Why is my panel fans different than yours? I have rick and you have morty what’s going on. It must be a glitch. Your game must be glitched or something bro, it’s morty doing the default dance. Oh, my god! Why does it look so sweet nah? I’M? Just kidding, i made the skin it’s it’s fake, oh bro. I can tell when you did the dance.

What is that what’s going on with his arms and everything? Okay? So there was definitely room for improvement on the dance, but other than that it went pretty good. Now, let’s call some more youtubers and do the main trolls yo what’s up hi, skye yo. Is that true mix yo what’s up ghouls yo what’s up? I have a challenge for you: hey i’m, always down for challenges. So what is it you get to control my fortnite game? Whenever i open the chest, whenever i try and pick up stuff, you can tell me, if i’m allowed to pick that stuff up or, if i’m not allowed to pick that up, you can control my entire game. I mean it sounds easy enough. Is there like any twist or anything there’s a twist if i manage to win the game, while you control my entire game, you have to send me a gift, but if i cannot win, then i have to send you a gift. Are you down for the challenge? I’M super down there’s, no way you’re gon na win this while i’m controlling you, oh, this is gon na, be fun. Dude, i’m gon na make you do some crazy things. Are you down for the challenge? I’M down let’s. Do this all right um? Where do i have to drop? Where should i land hi? I think you should land let’s go for retail row, retail bro, all right, man uh! You have to land at coral castle, coral castle – oh my god – that is the worst landing spot ever hey i’m.

Not trying to let you win, i got ta, get this free skin uh. I need you to deploy your glider right now right now, yeah. Why? Right now and uh you’re not allowed to skydive. You have to land like this, like this, but i’m gon na be in the air for like 20 minutes all right, let’s see it let’s see it. Oh pump shotgun got that pump grab that bulb great anyway. I’Ll drop that it’s great, oh big pot, let’s, go as if you’re taking that big pun. No! No! No! Oh my god. Are you serious. Let me get that loot, real quick! Oh, my god, smg uh, yo, tur mix i’m gon na need you to drop that gun right now. No drop that gun. What? Oh, oh, my god, you know, i’d have any mounts: the mats dude. Probably oh, my god, what’s in here, oh nope, nope nope! Are you serious? Can i at least take the shield sure? Okay, i shoot him it’s face way. I got him. Oh, my god, i’m. So cracked, i didn’t know he was that much of a plot wait. What is that show me what you got wait? What is that show me what you got? What is this Music hello? You get schwifty Music, hey they’re singing this song from the rick and morty episode, get swifty no way, that’s so sick. I think that’s from the rick and morty episode. I’Ve actually seen that hello.

Is this the fortnite like cutscene? Oh wait, wait! Wait! What is this wait? Look at look at morty, i think that’s, a weak fortnite skin that’s, not even out yet there’s, no way dude. How are you seeing this right now? Dude? Where are these heads everywhere, they’re, so creepy? Oh, my god, wait is that happening for you too. You got ta, launch a game bro. What oh? I got ta open this. I remember this episode, there’s no way dude. This is so sick. He didn’t even announce it or anything. How did that just randomly happen in your fortnite game? What in the world is that i like what you got good job she likes it wait why can’t, i see a name in the bottom is that a video bro bro dude that’s, not even dude there’s, no way you just trolled me again: dude that’s, it i’m Leaving have a good day, i hate this. Why do you always try? Why do you always have to draw me? Germans, bro, you can’t, keep doing this to me. It looks so real. How do you do this? I don’t get it this took forever. So if you enjoyed please subscribe, don’t forget to check out dragon city.