Can i tell you about space jam? Please tell me about space gym honey. Are you ready to come on and slam i’m, not sure? If i welcome to the slam you’re about to get slammed, let me tell you when it comes to humanity and the contributions we make as the works of fiction fiction, space jam’s the best we’re like you know what we need right now in this world. We need looney tunes, michael jordan and danny devito that’s right, so the movie starts off with, like michael jordan, as a kid being like i’m gon na i’m gon na play basketball, where you got michael jordan, double dribbling across the basketball court and he’s like Music, and Then it goes to michael jordan, playing baseball like swinging baseball, bats missing and the baseball team’s like youtube. Michael, we like you yeah, he uh he changed up his career, then george newman from seinfeld was like hey. George did a good job. What he’s, like who’s? George george, hey michael jordan, he did a good job bro. I was driving back over my corvette and he’s, like hey fetch this thing stupid from jurassic park because he’s in jurassic park, yeah and then the dinosaur shows up and ghosts and fetches and sticks. If you think we’re gon na fight, michael jordan or the velociraptors from jurassic park, velociraptor some grass support. No, oh my god. Really. You think so. Yeah sell me on it. Michael jordan’s got arms show your case.

Michael jordan can stretch his arms and slice them because he’s got cartoon force: hey that’s, a spoiler we’re, not there. Yet we’ll get there. So michael jordan’s, michael jordan’s, all sad because he’s like oh no i’ll, never be baseball. Then we fast forward to like mountain that’s, correct, which is a random space. Planet that’s, like it’s, a theme park, it’s a theme park and danny devito’s like and i got ta make my money, charlie charlie. From always. Suddenly, today the video’s like um what what? What? What should we bring tomorrow on mountain he’s like movie tunes because looney tunes are popular right now said no bundy ever and he’s, like we’ll we’ll, go to looney tunes world and we’ll bring them back so that michael jordan’s golfing? Yes, he is with bill murray and then lenny kravitz or the the tall white guy lenny lenny lenny he’s like just like lenny from the simpsons lenny hi, homer, so it’s, not who that is, but it’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll we’ll get along. So the the tall white basketball player and bill murray are playing bass. Golf golf with michael jordan, michael jordan’s, like i’m gon na shrink, this hole and he sinks the hole and his spoilers bugs blind with a magnet and a bat and a golf ball and then bugs bunny. Like lassoed, michael jordan, down the hall, jordan went down that hall and he’s, like oh wait before that. Before that even happened, the aliens from warren mountain showed up right.

Yeah they’re, like olivia, are our prisoners and bugs buddies like yeah what’s up guys, stupid freaks, yeah, yeah, you’re, small you’re small. What you’re gon na do what you gon na do about it? I’M i’m uh i’m, a big rabbit and they also like we got guns and then bug mine’s like well. We don’t have guns and looney tunes well, but not at least not lasers. They do have guns, though they do have guns, but not not not advanced gun. So so the michael jordan gets roped down to the golf course, because apparently the lunations live in the par three and up golf. Why do they want um, michael jordan? They’Re, like michael jordan, we need your help with playing basketball, they’re playing basketball well, because the looney tunes are like well. These aliens are small, so we’ll, we’ll we’ll get the aliens to play. Basketball against us and we’ll beat them, but then the aliens went out and they stole the powers from other basketball players and they became tall and ripped and sinful okay, yeah yeah. They started watching mtv, so the aliens the small aliens became big aliens and they’re like oh, you want a slam. Well welcome to japan, konichiwa well michael jordan’s like well. I guess i’ll help the looney tunes because cartoons are cool before we do. We would be remiss without doing some furry furry stuff and lola bunny’s, like hey guys, hi. I got cleavage check it out, that’s true i’m, a girl which makes it easier to sell this poster yep boobs.

So then, all the buttons can actually play basketball like she’s. On team and then the aliens showed up and they’re like we’re the mean team with the man let’s, do a basketball team, let’s do a basketball tournament and whoever loses has to be a slave it’s. Just one game: it’s just one game and then danny devito is like wait. No, no. They have to go get jordan’s michael jordan’s, pants, first daffy duck and bugs bunny ran off to my michael jordan’s, home and they’re. Like yeah what’s up doc. We got ta, we got ta go, find michael jordan’s, pants and his shoes, and everything is that what he says that’s a little bit more donaldy and there’s a bulldog day that causes trouble and michael jordan’s kids help out they’re like you go bucks bunny and then The game begun at first, like it was kind of evenly matched when michael jordan’s playing the game, getting some points here and there. Well, while all this is happening, what’s going on back in in the regular world, the basketball players are trying to find out who took their powers. Yeah they’re like going to psychics and doctors and and the nba games were shut down because we can’t have nba games while there’s a virus. It was like five other human players or like we are our powers, help us and the powers were belong to aliens and the aliens were using them. It was denied the big old throw down what about uh newman from seinfeld.

He was digging in the golf course. What was he doing digging for oh he’s, showing up to the game he actually dug. He dug so deep that he showed up to the basketball game. He’S, like michael fashion, stick stupid. Oh no, i’m gon na fall, oh god, so newman was there and he’s like i’ll play and then the game went on. It was like cheating at this point. Is it even basketball? Is it even basketball? I i beg you, the question because it’s like they’re, like smacking, each other and it’s, like marshall, there’s, a foul and then they smash my marshmallows, like this isn’t basketball, they’re guys in the second quarter. They’Re, like michael, give me your secret stuff, which is like steroids and the bugs gets really strong and he’s like we got ta use our our tune force to beat the bag up the bad aliens and like sen, your 70 sam and elmer fighters, shooting the aliens With their guns and it’s like how’s, this basketball regulation how’s, how is marvin the martian even here right now? Well then, danny devito is like time out time out these. These cartoons are winning too much and then michael jordan walks out and he’s like. If you win, you get to keep me, but if i win, i get to keep me and then danny was like. Well, i got nothing to lose so i’ll take the deal well. What michael jordan wanted his friend’s talent for basketball right? He wanted the talent from the, because the talent was stolen from the aliens yeah and they have dudes to have their talent back and then danny devito’s like sure deal, uh, crush them and the others were sponsored.

They, like body slammed bugs bunny or lola bunny and bugs like whoa watch out and lola’s like oh, no bugs. I love you kiss me michael jordan’s, like okay. We got the game down to the last and then bill murray, no george, newman newman from jurassic park. Walks out he’s, like fetch the sticks too, and he throws a stick and makes a three pointer and then they’re like okay. We almost got that and then like bill murray walks. Saying look at me and bill murray is like uh we’ll. Well, we’ll drive the ball to the front and the michael jordan’s, like we’re on defense, dude and bill meyers i’m gon na get the ball back, get to michael and we’ll win and then michael’s like, i believe i can fly and his arm grew really long. It’S kind of scary actually it’s like an alien armor. How did that happen? Well because bugs money’s, like dude you’re, a cartoon when you’re in this world you’re a cartoon, there’s, no there’s, literally no nothing to lose here. You’Ll you’ll live forever, like you can blow up and you’ll be fine. Michael jordan’s arm stretched out like 50 feet long. The aliens were like trying to drag him down, he slammed dunked it and then the aliens are like, oh and then they’re all like getting yelled at by doing that you’re, just like oh, i forgot my pass and then and the microphone like. Why do you all put up with this guy he’s like cause he’s, bigger and they’re like wait, we’re big we’re, it we’re big aliens and they beat up many devito and there they played with rock and they blew them up and then and then the aliens who Were being nice were, like, oh we’ll, give our powers back to the other basketball players and put it back in the ball and then the alien’s like? Can we stay with bugs bunny and they’re like sure? Why not we need intern and then michael jordan’s talking to books, hey thanks for basketball and he’s like and what’s up thanks.

You, brother, michael jordan, left and he’s, like i’m gon na go play baseball i’m gon na fall over. So michael jordan is like i’m ready to go back to baseball. I hop in the spaceship hold on looney lunations i’ll, see you in like never and then they flew off to baseball and george george george foreman, michael michael, what john josh and jeff and josh michael jackson from drake and josh walks out the spaceship with no leg. Introducing michael jordan he’s like thanks, i’m back and then he won the baseball game. No, he lost it and he’s like, but then he’s like yeah baseball’s for for babe earth, babe ruth bars. So i’m gon na go back to baseball basketball and i’m gon na win. Because cartoons told me to and then you and then he won, then he slammed dunked on lola bunny and said i don’t think personas are christian and then he they looked the camera and said: hey.