Well hello, there and whats up Reaction Faction, It’s Deadpool. Dont forget to smash that subscribe button and follow me on Patreon. Last week. You all really liked my Cruella trailer reaction. Video., Where are the f dogs, So this week Ill be reacting to a trailer for a movie which I honestly thought came out like a year ago, Free Guy. Apparently it’s this August.. We also have a guest reactor this week, Korg who was NOT my first choice, but apparently everyone else was too busy over on Disney Plus., Say hello, Korg., Hello, Im made of rocks.. Thank you for having me Paul. Sorry, youre dead., Jesus Christ. Let’s, take a look.. My name is Guy: Oh hes, named Guy, like the movies title. Thats, pretty clever., Is it Ive got a best friend.. This is the greatest cup of coffee of all time. Oh HO Mondays, am I right Joe. You said it Guy. Ok, lets lets just pause for a second and let everyone comment quotFirstquot or quotthis. Trailer gives away too muchquot or Ryan. Reynolds is just me, which is super insulting by the way. All done, And I work at the BA AANNNK Everybody down on the ground. I thought I had everything I needed., But then I met her. Ohhh Ohhh Jodie, Comer Jodie Foster God. I love her, so much. Ohh. I hope they dont fridge her. Whats fridging, Well, its the practice of killing off or hurting a female character in order to motivate or torture.

The main character also know as Deadpool 2.. Thank you for asking. Ahhhh.. We call that bridging. Sh sh sh sh shhhh. Everybody down on the ground. Everybody except you. Me Theres, something inside you Guy.. They expected you to just., Looks like a hostage situation. Put these on. OK. Fine.. Oh my God. What are these trick glasses or something Its about trick? Glasses, The glass tricker. This world it’s, a video game. Youre, not real., Waste that motherf …, Oh, oh God, And the guy responsible for this world …. Any thoughts on our villain, Korg Uhhh, looks like hes got. Four arms. And the two lower ones have got gloves. On. I like him., You have a Disney Plus show dont. You f face, Oh God, Ooooo Trademark, infringement. doesnt. That mean nothing. You do matters. I am sitting here with my best friend trying to help him get through a tough time.. Now, if thats not real, I dont know what is.. I know this world is just a game. Huh …, Look at him go in that little blue shirt.. Oh his face is so punchable. Thanks Guy Im going to be the great guy. Wow enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity. Off you go This whole good guy routine is ruining the game. Wooo Terminate him Thats Taika Waititi.. He sees quite nice actually. A rabbit.. Maybe this is the live action Thumper. We all haven’t been waiting, for. Jump, …, Juuump Jump and catch the ball.

Nope Ahhhh, useless., Wow body, airbag., Love it.. I can’t die Something bads going to yup there you go. Ok, this looks fun in a …. In a last days of Fox fire, sale, kind of way., Not sure if it was worth diverting Canadian Cumberbatchs little mind away from my next movie. Or …, You know what Im going to give it uhh Ill, give it four out of five avocados. Korg. I was raised by avocados. – Oh my God, just kill me now. Any uhhh, any tips on uhh … getting into the MCU there. Korg Uhhhh … Have a dream. Uhhhh … Chase it. Lose that dream. Just sabotage all sorts of happiness in the pursuit of that dream.. Climb up to the peaks of that mountain and when you get to the top land at the bottom and realize youre never going to achieve that dream. And at that point check your emails., maybe youll get something from your agent saying Marvel wants to talk. Yeah. I preferred Dark: World.