There is a theory, power, cable, three type, power cable. You can use accordingly, power socket, which one you need it. There is one usb cable. You need for this printer installation open the printer from put out the printer from the box. This is very simple and beautiful. Printer, you can use this printer at your home and at your office open the wall tape here is your one. Cart is sp. Curtis model is what is the cutter’s model? We need to see this locator’s model is 107, a power, cable and plug in the power cable and usb cable. Usb cable need to be plugged for installing let’s move into computer. First of all, we need to download this driver software from sp website. We need to select the second one: Music go to the file, location and double click. The driver file diver software. This is very simple and easy to install press the next button and selected the both option. Both options: okay, wireless network connection, second one – and to select after that, yes, i will set up my computer. I will set up my printer wireless network, okay, first one i will select. Yes, i will configure this printer with usb cable using usb cable select. You can select the your network, which one you are using with your laptop okay, the password automatically taken from your laptop. If the laptop is connected with this knitter Music Music, i send the test base from my laptop let’s see yeah.

This is successfully printed let’s move into the mobile. First of all, we need to enter the apple store. Okay type. The search bar sp is not printer, app sp, smart pin. We selected the second option. Okay, download this. It will take little bit time. Please wait open the application smart printer next document. Scanner next continue continue. Hello here is one option: option you can see three days for tile and you can purchase this app app Music, okay, select the documents next photo print next draw photo press the documents on reference done and select. The printer which printer you want to select here is one printer. I will select the 107 okay now press the pin button. The document has sent to the printer. It will take some time for printing it. It is depend on your wireless network, speed that is okay. Now printed the now i will pin from whatsapp application, select the documents and share this file. Select you consider the printer and, after that print, okay, the this document also sent that has been sent. The printer also sent to the printer that is painting okay.