This is going to be taking place on july 17th from 10 a.m, within your local time until 6 p.m, and we’re going to be talking about the top pokemon that you want to focus on throughout the day now, there’s actually going to be a huge difference between Ticket holders and non ticket holders as far as the spawns are concerned – maybe you’ve already heard about that. But a little detail that you may not have known is that you’re going to have to actually use an incense if you’re a ticket holder to be able to get those special spawns for you. So it is very important for ticket holders to use the incense so that you can get those incredible extra spawns which we will be talking about today. I just had to mention that in the beginning, so you’ve got all the details for that along the way, while we’re talking about the top pokemon i’ll also be giving some tips for pokemon that i’m going to skip all together. For example, an apom is what i refer to as a ball hog, it’s extremely difficult to catch on the first throw so for me, i’m gon na completely skip it. So, of course, we’ll be talking about that throughout the list and talking about many more details as well, but anyways if you do enjoy this episode, make sure to smash that like button and subscribe without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the video Music.

So you may have heard and been very hyped about day two of pokemon go fest where all the legendary pokemon are coming back and people are just crazy excited about that. But you may end up overlooking the fact that on day, one there’s still going to be raids, going on and you’re actually going to be seeing mewtwo in as the legendary raid boss exclusively from july 16th until july 23rd, which means for day one of pokemon go Fest it’s simply just going to be mewtwo in as a legendary raid boss and because there’s going to be so many people kind of hyped about. Go fest it’s, going to be very similar to a community day like a guard trump community day, where there’s going to be a ton of people out. So you might as well take advantage of a ton of people playing the game all at once and focus exclusively as far as raids are concerned on the pokemon mewtwo, because a lot of people will be out there and you’re not gon na, be competing in day. Two there’s the potential that mewtwo may not spawn as much because so many pokemon could potentially spawn or they may be really spread out. So just be on the lookout for that and of course, if you’re trying to get yourself excel candies, then the more mewtwo rage you can do it the better. So i wanted to go ahead and mention that and then of course, there’s also going to be mega.

Gengar going on for day one as well, which ends up being a great counter, going up against a mewtwo, so you might as well go ahead and get yourself some of that mega energy that you need to evolve up to a mega gingar for day one. So i wanted to go ahead and mention that now let’s go ahead and dive into this we’re gon na be talking about the four habitats and what i would do specifically for the different pokemon. So i’ve actually got a lot of questions about habitats and what’s. Going up happening is there’s, simply just a theme that happens throughout the entire day and every hour, the pokemon that spawn are just gon na be different. So the first hour is gon na end up being jungle, which means that these pokemon are going to spawn for ticket holders and then for non ticket holders. It’S just gon na be like these three. There will be a couple more, but these are like the highlighted. Pokemon and then after the hour’s over these pokemon go away and a new set of pokemon end up spawning. So i wanted to mention that a lot of people have been kind of confused they’re worried. They have to go to a specific, like environment, just get out and play like normal, so we’re gon na be talking about this we’ve got jungle, desert ocean and then cave they will do it. Uh they’ll rotate. You know one two three and then finally, four and then they will repeat again so the fifth hour will also be jungle, but anyways let’s dive into the actual pokemon.

That is what you’re here, for so for the jungle hour, the top pokemon that i’m gon na focus on i’ll go ahead and kind of pick three roughly for each of the different habitats. Scyther is going to be a great one, a little bit on the rare side as of more recent time, but you’ve got the pokemon scissor, which is great in the ultra league, so get yourself the the right ivs you are going to have to use a metal Coat to be able to evolve up to a scissor, so that can happen at any point in time, though, but just getting scissor candy getting ready for ultra league that’s, going to be a solid option for apom i’m completely skipping uh, the catching of this pokemon it’s. A very difficult pokemon to catch and it’s what i refer to as a ball hog, if you will so with a palm. If you took part in the spotlight hour for a palm you’ll notice that you may have used ultra balls and you may have even used raspberries and you still were not able to catch the a palm on the first throw and then of course, if you ask Yourself, the question well what’s the point in catching an a palm in the first place, maybe stardust right but there’s, so many other pokemon that offer the exact same benefit that are easier to catch, that you’re more likely to catch it on the first throw.

So, for me personally, a palm is completely out of the picture if you want to go ahead and maybe do some checks or something and get yourself a shiny like if you, if you get yourself a shiny, then of course catch it, but i’m personally going to Skip it, i want to save my resources as much as possible for other pokemon that we’ll be talking about on this list. Frokey is in a very similar situation because it does have a low base catch rate, but the difference is sprokie could be worth it in the future if it gets a community day exclusive move which it most likely will. So i will be uh catching a froakie. Getting that ready for its future community day and then, of course, if we go ahead and talk about the uh event exclusive spawns. I think that this is a little bit on the weaker side, but the only pokemon i probably focus on catching is chat just because it’s regionally exclusive uh. For me, i don’t have access to this pokemon so i’m going to try to catch a few. So i can do some trades with people who don’t partake in go fest that way they don’t have to travel all the way across the world just to catch a little virtual pokemon, but hey that’s, just my opinion, but anyways. We go ahead and talk a little bit more about this. I think superior is a little bit of a trick because it’s going to be extremely difficult to catch because of its low catch rate and then, secondly, if it doesn’t have its community day exclusive move, what’s the point in catching it so that’s at least my opinion On it, it’s already had its community day so for me, i’m, probably going to skip catching this pokemon, just because i know it’s gon na end up using a lot of uh resources to catch it and then leafeon.

You know you don’t have to use a mossy lure module. I guess so. To that extent sure a little bit of value ludacola is just a fun pokemon to catch, but i don’t think people will be overly focused on it. So let’s go to move on to the desert mountain. This is going to be happening at 11 a.m in your local time and then i believe, 3 p.m, as well. It’S going to be the second rotation a lot of value out of this one. So, especially if you’re interested in pvp so skarmory and shieldon children evolving in a bad season, great for the great league skarmory great for the great league – and it can also be good in the ultra league. But you are required to have xl candies. So you’re going to need to catch an absolute ton of them, but hey if it’s spawning now is going to be the time to be able to do that and then finally, we’ve got the pokemon tyranitar, absolutely incredible to get yourself a tyranitar. If you end up getting this spawning in the wild, this is, of course, going to be for ticket holders. So, of course, make sure you use your incense, because that’s the only way you’re going to get these exclusive pokemon is through the incense. If you are a ticket holder, but with tyranitar, what i’m gon na recommend is. This is probably the only pokemon throughout this entire list. Besides mewtwo that we talked about that, i am 100 going to dedicate my pineapp berries to almost exclusively because if you end up getting this third evolution, pokemon you’re talking about 20 larvitar candy before even a transfer and then of course, you’ve got xl candies.

That will come along with it, so i think tyranitar is a huge way to take advantage of getting yourself the the ever rare uh, larvitar candy, so that’s at least what i’m gon na be doing. And if you only get yourself one or two i mean you’re. Still talking about 40 plus larvitar candy, so i am highly focused on tyranitar that’s easily going to be like one of the top pokemon that i want to uh definitely catch. And then, of course, you got a pokemon like flygon, but flygon’s a little tricky, because it from my understanding, the flygon that you catch during this hour, is not going to know the exclusive move. Earth power, which is interesting because there’s going to be a bonus throughout the entire event that if you evolve into a flygon, you can learn the community exclusive move of earth power. So if you catch it, i haven’t heard that you’ll get earth power. Maybe you will right, but it’s only focused on pokemon that you evolved during go fest that if you evolve up to a fly gun, you will get that exclusive move, earth power, so kind of an interesting situation and something to kind of keep in mind. You could catch it for candy purposes, maybe, but i don’t think it’s gon na have earth power but i’m, hoping that i end up being wrong and then, of course you got throw here. If it’s racially exclusive to you, then yeah.

You definitely want to catch that. One very similar situation to chat, and then, of course, if we go ahead and move on to ocean beach hour, some pokemon that i think are going to provide the most value. We’Ve got droutini, so dratini is going to be great uh to evolve. Of course, up into dragon knight great from the raid side as a budget, non legendary dragon option and then, of course, for pvp dragonite is just incredible, especially in the master league and then of course, you’ve got swablu. We did have a community day already for altaria. So it’s not going to know its exclusive community day move, but if you missed out on that, then maybe you get yourself one and maybe consider elite charge teaming at some point in time, but then the most value, at least in my opinion, as far as candy Is concerned is gyarados, so gyarados is going to end up saving you 400 magikarp candy for every gyarados that you catch so that’s a huge deal for newer players or players that just don’t see a lot of magikarp. So i imagine a lot of people being excited about that. Gyarados is great from the raid side, it’s also great from the pvp side, and of course it has its mega evolution made available and it does share the dark typing. So who knows? Maybe you could potentially get that ready and maybe end up using it for day two when you go up against a pokemon like mewtwo, then of course, you’ve got sock, which is regional, so depending on that may not be a lot of value too.

Just depends on where you live, but those are going to be kind of the pokemon that i focus on and then finally, we’ve got cave hour now for non ticket holders cave hour is easily the one that you want to focus on. So this is gon na. Be uh during the fourth hour, so this will be at 2 p.m and then it will also be the last hour of the event at 7 p.m. This is the one that you want to focus on, because the spawns for non ticket holders and, of course, for ticket holders right uh, but the these are going to be the best ones, because dino is just incredibly rare. You had to get a lot of them from eggs. For example, we had a fiasco like eight nine ten months ago about that, but this is gon na be a pokemon that people are going to be super focused on super rare cross. Your fingers get yourself the shiny variation of it hydragon. It really is just rare, that’s kind of like why people want to focus on it and then, from a utility perspective. We’Ve got gallerian stun fisk, which is so good in pvp in the great league as well as the ultra league, but to use it in the ultra league. You do need xl candy, so use this opportunity to catch as many as you possibly can and that’s kind of where the value uh sort of stops umbreon.

I just i feel like it needs. It does need last resort, so that’s going to be an elite charge. Team that you’ll have to dedicate gardevoir is in a very similar situation as uh the pokemon flygon that we talked about earlier, because gardevoir is going to learn the exclusive move. Synchro noise, if you evolve up to a guard of war during pokemon, go fest. But if you catch yourself a gardevoir, we haven’t really heard anything about if it will have synchro noise or not, but even if it does, you don’t want it, because synchro noise is not the most ideal move set for gardevoir anyways, but at least for candy purposes. Once again, that could be an option for you, but at least in my opinion, kvower is just the best for everyone, including non ticket holders, mostly just because of gallerian stun fisk, as well as dino heavy influence on the pokemon dino, and then something final to mention Is that we are going to be doing some special research that’s going to be for uh ticket holders, where you can get some pretty funny, pokemon uh, we we talked about it earlier, but you’ll still be able to get yourself a flygon and a gardevoir. But the difference is it’s gon na have a festive hat and we all like hats in pokemon go and then, of course you got gallery and zigzagoon and then we’ve got the gallerium ponyta that are going to have those exclusive hats as well uh to kind of Represent mellowetta but it’s gon na be a ton of fun throughout that.

So i at least think for me tyranitar top priority mewtwo raids, another top priority, and then of course getting some of those regional pokemon are going to be a huge influence on how i play day one besides just getting out there and grinding. But i would absolutely love to know which pokemon you plan on focusing on catching throughout day, one of pokemon go fest, make sure you, let me know in the comments section below and then of course, what pokemon are you excited about getting as far as shinies are Concerned, let me know in the comment section below, and i will see you next time, but not without giving a huge shout out to the supporters over at patreon. Thank you. So much we’ve got an exclusive raid server on discord where we’ll be coordinating for raids for pokemon go fest.