So what do we have today? There’S gon na be also a bunch of other videos. You know i do too. I do i’m. Actually starting um well, i’ve been launching some content on a short and medium term, uh furnished rentals, you call them vacation, rentals or just really furnished rentals um. I do quite i’ve got a couple properties here in southern california, where i do that and we are right in the thick of super duper busy season. Um, certainly a good time uh busy time, but a good time to be doing it. Um and anyway, i’ve been doing it very long time, but what do we have today? We have um a video that we’re doing on investing and um. I just recently um in case you know you haven’t seen my channel before in my videos, basically um. I just recently came out with um. You know 50 stocks right so really call them 50 turbo growth stocks and then from there kind of have a top 10. it’s actually really 11, because i i wanted to leave bumble in there, but it’s really a top 10. You know stocks that out of that 50 that i have and i’m probably going to grow that list. I don’t really know. If um you know there needs to be more than like 100 in there. You know for let’s, say the remainder of 20 20 21, but um uh anyway. One of those top ten is actually uh.

You know a company that i’m doing the video on today and that’s roblox and the reason i i wanted to talk a little bit more about roblox is basically you know they’re recently public i mean they only went public um. I think in march yeah. So, in march of this year, 2021 and um here we are it’s pretty much uh pretty getting to be the middle of the summer right. So here we are it’s, almost the middle of july, so you know we’re, not quite at the middle of the summer. Just yet because it’s what ended june to end of september, so yeah we’re, not really quite at the middle of summer, but what happens is because roblox is so predominantly you know, kids, you know playing the um. You know the game platform uh. You know they’re up taking a a break from their uh, not totally but they’re, taking somewhat of a break. You know from playing their their video games because they’re going you know on on summer, vacation with with their families and with their parents right uh and then even you know college. You know not kids, but you know whatever young college adults are played a lot as well and they’re going on vacations as well, so basically uh the reason i’m it. That way is because it could be. You know, potentially viewed as as um. You know a good opportunity to buy uh, because you know the roblox prices kind of really hasn’t performed very much in the last couple weeks, right let’s, say since since june.

Actually, but i do have roblox in my top ten and the reason is, you know really simple. I mean if you think about roblox is just it’s just kind of hard to um. You know you just really can’t accept it. As you know, certainly a revolutionary company, um and um, and the reason is, is because they’re they’re basically considered the youtube of gaming right, a place where people can go there, they can play all sorts of games and then they can also, you know, launch their own Game, you know just like people launch their own videos like this video that’s going to go on youtube. You just create your own video and put it on youtube same thing with with roblox. You can create your own game and then put it on roblox and then other people uh can play it. So basically i want to take you into the handy, dandy spreadsheet i want to. I want to show you their numbers uh in terms of you know how their gross profits look and also go into yahoo finance, so you can check it out. But again, if you uh, i imagine that you’re at least somewhat familiar with roblox. But if you aren’t roblox is a very much a kind of an ocean of of of a gaming platform very similar to how youtube is an ocean um of um. You know videos of course, right um and it’s uh yeah. So people go on there to actually you know, play all sorts of pages to play, games and tend to actually create games and then um the people that that go on roblox use, a currency system called robux.

I actually didn’t even know what roblox was uh until actually this year, and i started my own um kind of a youtube channel where it’s it’s, i don’t really, you know, show my face or talk on the channel of the actual videos are made by somebody else And we put them up but it’s pretty crazy to see the it’s. Almost endless amounts of you know, games and content and everything related to uh to roblox. So let’s go ahead and take a look here: uh real, quick um at the yahoo finance um. So when i do my handy dandy spreadsheet, which is actually right here just in case you want to see it, i’ve got roblox um right here, um so they’re, again, they’re they’re, one of the 10 companies that i picked in terms of you know the top 10 Um turbo growth stocks uh that you know, could you know one to 10x uh? Well, they could 10x in the next one to uh to 10 years. But basically, this is where they are. They have a little bit of a lower year over year revenue growth rate of that that they, what they you know, really have as a company, and the reason is, is because what happens is a lot of times or some of the time uh companies like roblox Will provide a ttm which is a trailing 12 month um, you know, figure, um and it’s, not you know, it’s, not technically their um, their their fiscal year end compared to fiscal year end right.

So if you take a look at um, the roblox fiscal year, end 2019 and again roblox keep in mind. I mean they just went public in um in march of 2021 right. So if you take a look at and we don’t even have that they’re, not even on you know publicly, you know sharing what their financials were before the year of 2018, but um. If you take a look at their fiscal year, end 2019, which is december 31st and then to fiscal year, end um, you know 2020 uh and in case you don’t know what i mean fiscal is just. This is how that company – you know um considers a full year right, so some companies, like, i think, tesla they have their fiscal year end in june um and in this case roblox i mean it’s just like the calendar year, so they have their fiscal year end And the end of the year um. But if you take a look at it right so fiscal year, n um is you know from 2019 to 2020 that’s that’s a full like almost 82 growth rate right from 508 million uh up to 923 million, and then they show a trillion 12 months of over A billion they probably just wanted to show that you know that they’re now over a billion from a trillion 12 month perspective. But if you actually take a look at my spreadsheet um it i, i do, show a a 2 8.

You know or 24.49 year over year, but that’s not really um. You know, that’s, not really a true fiscal year end to fiscal year end right because fiscal year end to fiscal year. End is 82, so it’s really comparing you know the 20, the trillion 12 months to the end of 2020, which is which is not a technical year every year, it’s really just um a 28 difference. So again that might be them. Comparing to the the 12 months ended, you know at the at the end of march um because that’s, what they they reported, their um their quarter, quarterly earnings release uh during may they’ve got their next um quarterly earnings release coming up in april i’m. Sorry in august. So we still have a little bit of time for that, but what’s interesting about wrote about roblox is this is actually my tip rank. So i got my 50, my my 50 top turbo growth stocks in here and what i did just show you um. I have a profile on tip ranks, but i i don’t really have all of my uh. You know amounts or anything like that in there yet just kind of my picks but um i sort of according to the percentage gain, so the top gainer here is asana, but if you take a look at it, what’s fascinating is roblox is actually the worst gainer And this really started um in june. I think it was like early june or mid june that i i started.

This tip ranks um profile uh, but yeah pretty shocking that that of all the 50 roblox um. I guess, if you take a look at the last month, right there pretty much the worst performer, which really just means that hey, it might be a great time to potentially you know, to get in and and get an investment going there with with roblox, which is One of the reasons why you know i’m actually doing um the video today on roblox um, so uh yeah. So there you go so uh pretty much. You know: here’s here’s, the spreadsheet. You know on roblox um, like i said, they’re part of the top 10. You know turbo growth stocks in my list to actually 10x potentially 10x in the next one to 10 years. Um eight analysts covering them pretty much a strong buy. You know all around the true fiscal year, end of fiscal year end your over year. Revenue growth rate is actually over 80 percent and their uh gross profits. Uh, you know at you know right there about 74 and change uh. You know not that often you see, you know that height of gross profit aligned with that high of a year over year, revenue, growth rate, um so certainly compelling and recently hit um. You know over 1 billion in sales, at least from a trillion 12 month perspective. Um, you know their market cap a little bit high, even at the time of t they’re recording today here uh of um monday uh july 12th, it’s over 80 um, but yeah so but but you know, the reality is is that you know we’re looking at what? What a lot of economists, um and financial experts are saying it could be a very robust second half of 2021.

. You know if you don’t get in now. When are you going to get in right and it’s, the you know basically the youtube of gaming and they only went public in march, so there is um a little bit of a take for you um, a quick take for you on roblox, showing you some of Their financials it’s on my my my top 10 uh list in terms of um, the turbo growth stocks to 10x in the next one to 10 years and that’s robots. Let me know if you want to hear more about roblox. Also i’ve got um. You know, like i said my own roblox channel, where i do look different, like entertainment, videos about roblox, if you want to see some of those, let me know in the comments area too, if you like this, if you like, uh updates about stocks, if you want To um, you know see my my top 50 turbo growth stocks, uh and then um. You know of those the top of the top 10 stocks um, you know go ahead and uh consider subscribing to the channel um. You can also uh give a like to the button and then um and leave a comments as well. All these things are 100 free to to give me a like to subscribe and to actually leave a comment. If you want to hear more about roblox um, if you want to see some of the uh, the entertainment videos that have or hear more about the stocks, if you want to hear more about the 50 stocks that i chose um, so everybody all this information – i’m, Not a financial um i’m, not a financial advisor i’m, certainly not your financial advisor.

I do have a pretty solid background in investing. My first job out of college was mary lynch. I also did investment banking um after that, and then i did work for sun america. Here, in los angeles for three years, but me as uh, just as an investor um i’ve been investing since 1989 i’ve got uh, basically, four four 10x stocks or better. My top pick is actually netflix. I’Ve got an 80x return on that. When you look at their 52 week high, i got a 33x on apple when i purchased them in june 2007, when the first uh before the first iphone came out and then just recently hit the 10x on um. You know on amazon and microsoft from when i first purchased those and then tons and tons of singles doubles triples quadruple. You know home runs grand slams, all that, and i can tell you all about more about those. If you would like i’m, also going to put some links below everybody, i’ve got blueprint on investing, i got a blueprint on uh, you know credit and, and all sorts of things related to credit, uh and investing and i’ll put those links below.