Out of 10 a masterpiece, this is perfection and gaming, and i have to say i say, it’s a good great game, a fantastic game, but not a masterpiece. This game does have some flaws. That is very noticeable when you’re playing the game. Like i said uh the yesterday video, i put out the videos to say how i bought this game, and i have not completed this game as of today, so it took me like uh two two days to beat it. I played some. I played played it yesterday and played it today and i’ve completed to complete it today and yeah we’re going to talk about it so i’m going to talk about the good first and the good would be the story. The story is pretty great, but it is like similar tropes and similar um multiverse, like multiverse type of stories. You would see, like other movies, that one that sticks to mine is that tm tmnt, the tur on teenage mutant turtles uh turtles forever. If you have seen that movie, it deals with like the different um one one generation of entertainment. The one generation of turtles meet up with two other generation of teenage mutant, ninja turtles. Then they all have the team up to stop the enemy of their multiverse, which is shredder, so they all the team up with the um to 2000 turtles that came up with like the 1980s, i believe turtles. Then they team, up with, like the the original, like the manga, with the white and black ones, and so this is very similar with this one like they have a counterpart.

They all have a counterpart where the counterpart is similar, but it’s slightly different, like for this one, um ratchet’s counterpart is rivet. The blue, um longbacks is what they’re called and they have to fight against the their villain, which is um the robot guy, as like i said, the story is pretty good. This is standard like multiple stuff right now, even a popular uh multiverse tv shows going on right now is disney’s loki, which is dealing with the multiverses as well, and the main character has like he’s different, a different version of himself different versions of himself. So it’s like this is real popular right now. The whole multiverse thing, so i said the story was really. It was good. It was good. I enjoyed it but it’s like nothing like this too surprising, you’ll watch a few of these type of movies or something that’ll be super surprising. The visuals are really spot on. The visuals are really great um, so i was playing it in um uh. I was playing performance mode where you get 60 frames per second, i don’t know what the resolution was. I don’t know if it was 4k. I don’t think it was 4k, but they do have a fidelity mode where you can play in 4k 30.. I can tell like that probably would look amazing, but i couldn’t do that. I couldn’t do 30 frames per second, like i tried to switch. I switched like, i played the main game performance and i switched to fidel like after i beat the game, and you can definitely tell the difference in the 30 versus 60 frames per second.

It definitely feels drastically different, so i couldn’t do the 30, but when you put it on performance, when you put on the fidelity mode, the visuals pop out – and i only have only my 4k tv isn’t – the greatest i could – i can only imagine if you had Like one of those uh, those like the c9 oled tvs and one of those expensive ones, the more expensive 4k tvs, this probably looks extremely gorgeous on those tv. So i give it that visuals are definitely on point with this game, it being like a pixar movie. Some people were saying saying that in like three views, it’s like a pixar movie, it does in a way it feels like a pixar movie like you’re playing a pixar movie you’re, watching like a pixar movie, play uh play out and you’re playing the actual uh characters Of that movie, so i give it that they give it like that pixar type of feel with the game, so good job, good job on insomniac and sony on this one. But we’re gon na talk about the negatives. Now the negatives of this game. The price point of this game is 70 bucks. There’S no way i would have paid 70 bucks for this game even after me completing it. I would not recommend this game with 70 bucks. It is way too short um unless you’re, just like a rich like she’s like super rich, you don’t care go right ahead, but if you’re, like the average person who um 70 bucks seems like a lot say when i was plus tax, i might add so almost 80 bucks that seems like for a video game to you.

I probably wouldn’t, wouldn’t, get this um right away. Like i said, i got miles off ebay for around 50 bucks total what i bought with like 40 and i got paid for shipping not charged for shipping and tax. It was like around. It came up to like 50 bucks, so save 20 bucks around 20 bucks off the. How much it’ll cost you if i bought it at retail, so save some money on that one. So i wouldn’t recommend it like the full price retail price um. Like i said, the game was enjoyable, definitely solid 10, but it’s too short, it’s, too short that’s. Another another negative is way too short. Uh. You can get you. I don’t care. If you care about the platinum, you can probably beat it if you play like twice, i don’t care about the platinum whatsoever, so once i beat it it’s pretty much gon na be done with it. Unless they release like dlc or something else, i might play it again, like maybe a few. Maybe i might play the game like a year later from now, but i have no intention of playing again right away, so that is that it is extremely short like you can like. I said i beat it the next day, so i’ve been highly disappointed. How to pay 80 bucks for this game, but i just beat it the next day. I’M, like wow i’m, like i just wasted 80 bucks, but it was a fun experience for that short experience.

It was a fun experience, the enemies in this game, like you, fighting us, the steep fight just the same like sub boss, the robot boss. A lot in this game, which was it’s like really you’re gon na, have like a different type of balls type it’s either. Like some sort of a big robot who’s, either standing with two legs or is like some big robot who’s flying who’s, always shooting. This is the same, the same thing and they play any like shoot. They throw other enemies at you. There was like little robot enemies at you or you probably missed the the huge t rex monster which, when i first saw it when i first saw the t rex monster like this. This is pretty cool. I got a t rex in this game, but then i do fight like the the fifth time, it’s kind of like okay. Now i was the same enemy. Is he gon na change up his attack patterns? No okay, then the same enemy, fighting against kind of like the same thing: how god of war? The more recent, the more recent god of war game? Why you think it’s the same troll like sub bosses, that’s how it is in this game like the same sub? Boss a few times unless it’s like the main villain that he fighting some a few times too, but this is like they differentiate. They differentiate the boss space a little bit but it’s kind of the same boss.

Over and over again, you do um. Let me see what else i don’t know i hated about the game. Oh, there was one point in the game where it’s like um, you ran an ammo. They are very stingy with the ammo, like i was playing on a normal difficulty. I was trying to freeze them through most of the game. It was like. There was one point he had to fight was like two of the sub bosses and i ran an ammo. I was like i had like no ammo i’m, like trying to run around the whole arena, trying to find some um some ammo it’s, like where’s the ammo at so you got that too, where it’s like because it’s, because you got so many different guns, it was Like they don’t give you like universal ammo for, like all your guns at once, you get like ammo for each gun independently. Once you like, open like one of those um boxes, you get it’s like a random which ammo you get and it’s kind of annoying. So you don’t, so it was like it happened like once it was like. I was like once i didn’t have any ammo but other than that um, but then again like like, i lost the ones, but i lost in that one boss fight because i had no ammo, then when i played the game, i played that part again. Like my weapons actually upgraded when you’re open to upgrade, you actually get your ammo back for that one weapon, if you ever, if you’re up, if your weapon upgrades are not fights so kind of a luck based thing, i got ammo back because my weapon upgraded.

So the ammo thing is kind of an issue it was like. It was only like that one boss fight that was, like other some other ball spikes i had was like. I was kind of running low ammo, but i still managed to beat the boss and that time frame, so so the ammo thing is kind of issue, but not really it kind of was a little bit like you got to be worried about the ammo i’m trying To think what else i didn’t like the puzzles were extremely easy. The puzzles in this game were pretty easy, which is a good thing if you like puzzles, i don’t really care about the puzzles that much in video games, so it was fine with me. It was actually like one puzzle towards the end. I had to actually look up but the rest of the posts. I pretty much figured it out just by playing the game um. I looked like i said, look at one puzzle and then i got kind of mad. I looked it up because it was like once i figured out how to do it like it’s so simple, so you like in other games clank, always has like a puzzle section in a different game. So same thing in this one i’m trying to think what else about this game before i conclude this video um, you got costumes, you can upgrade um. I don’t really get start going to costume stuff.

So, like the very anticipated helmet, your um, your chest piece your shoes, you can have like different um, armor and stuff like that, which upgrades different stats. If you want to get into that um, like i said, i barely started collecting myself to like the very end of the game, i was much like doing the game and start actually like getting like different armor pieces. Uh. You can customize your like. Well, like certain things, you can customize the color of there’s, like certain things like your wrench um, a robot that you have with you, but not ratchet and clank um, but not the ratchet robot that’s like a uh, the virus robot, you have so it’s, like certain Things you can customize, which is pretty cool, um that’s, pretty much it like. I said, it’s a solid game got the out of the way um yeah like it’s, an eight out of ten good for good job on the sumneck and sony for releasing this game um. They left off the game, left, opening cliffhangers, so obviously there’s gon na be a sequel to it, um or a dlc elise, where it talks about more of this rich ripped apart universe, stuff yeah, i mean i can’t really think of anything else. The game was solid. 8 out of 10., i wouldn’t recommend you, i don’t know. Maybe if you, if you’re just rich, you just want to spend money you’re going to drop 80 bucks but yeah.

I definitely. I wouldn’t recommend buying this at a full price um. But if you do have kids, though they’ll probably love this game, if you buy a ps5 for your, your um, younger, siblings or your kids probably get this game along with, like spider, man’s, rallies and they’re good to go so it’s, probably great for that audience like I said full price i don’t know like that’s it even my spider, man’s game. You probably beat that game within a day too so it’s, like i don’t, know it’s like they’re. Releasing these sonic releases. These great games, but they’re like showing me sure, like with this and that spider miles around us. Both those games are extremely short, that’s, probably where they were that’s, probably why they can crank these games up with so many games within a year, because they’re so short, but eight out of ten i’m gon na leave right there, eight out of ten. Now the mass feels like people like people were saying, um and it’s, also in the category that they don’t have too much competition like there’s, not too many platformers. Nowadays, i can think of this like similar to this. Back in, like the ps2 era, we had like a lot of platformers ps1, nintendo 64., probably ps2 every a lot of platforms, but nowadays we only have too many was like these little mascot characters like this, so solid cassava experience, um i’ll just leave it at that.

Um so yeah. That is my thoughts on this masterpiece. 10 to 10.. Some people are even saying this game is game of the year. I wouldn’t go that far, even though this gear isn’t that great so far with games, i don’t know if i like it more resident evil and also played massive election edition during this year. You know it’s an old game. I probably i don’t sell. Well, i won’t say i definitely don’t think i like this morning the mass effect games over as an evil uh village that dropped this year um i haven’t played return yet so i don’t know about that game. I can’t think what else came out this year. Bio mutant uh like this after, like gaming to your contender um, but i don’t know i guess you could put up in the game of your contender, but i don’t think it’s been a reasonable village. People are saying returning was really great. I don’t know if i’ve played that game yet, but game was solid, so i just i’m just rambling on at this point, so i can put it right there. Definitely your thoughts down below. If you have played this game what’d you think about it.