Founder and managing director gabe newell had teased the device in may and it has been made official now with shipping starting december this year, steam deck comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display, flanked by controller buttons and analog sticks on either side. It is powered by an amd, cpu and gpu and will be offered in multiple storage options. Steam deck price availability, steam deck is priced at ‘9 dollars, roughly rs 29800 for the 64 gbm internal storage option, five hundred twenty nine dollars, roughly rs thirty. Nine thousand five hundred for the 256 g bean me ssd internal storage model and six hundred forty nine dollars, roughly rs forty eight thousand four hundred for the five hundred twelve g bean me ssd model. As of now, there seems to be only a black color option for the steam deck. It will be available for purchase starting december this year in the us, canada, european union and the uk to stay up to date with latest top stories. Make sure to subscribe to this youtube channel by clicking the button above this video, the three configurations come with a carrying case, but the 256 gb and 512 gb models get some extra benefits. With the 256 gb model, customers will get an exclusive steam community profile bundle. The 512 gb model comes with a premium anti glare, etched glass, an exclusive carrying case exclusive steam, community profile bundle and an exclusive virtual keyboard theme. All three configurations are available for reservation, but only in the aforementioned regions valve has not shared any information on the international availability for steam deck.

Yet steam deck specifications features steam, deck runs on arch linux based steamos 3.0. That has been optimized for a handheld experience. It has built in quick, suspend resume feature allowing the steam deck to resume after waking from sleep you can install and use pc software and perform typical desktop tasks. It also allows you to install other game stores like origin,, epic and more. It features a 7 inch lcd display with 1280×800 pixels resolution, a 1610 aspect ratio, a 60 hertz refresh rate and 400 nits of peak brightness. It is touch enabled and has an ambient light sensor as well. Under the hood, the steam deck is powered by an amd apu. That includes a zen 2 based 4 core 8 thread cpu with clock, speed ranging from 2.4 ghz to 3.5 ghz and a gpu with eight rdn82 compute units cuse. That ranges from 1.0 ghz to 1.6 ghz. The apose power ranges from 4w to 15 watts that comes with 16 gb of lpddr5 ram and three storage options: 64 gbm psi, gen, 2×1 storage, 256gb, vssd scigen3x4 and 512gb vssd psi. Gen3X4. All three models have expandable storage via a microscard slot that works with south dakota sdxc and sdhc cards, the 256 gb and 512 gb options will be much faster than the 64 gb model and valve says the 512 gb option will be the fastest for connectivity, the Steam deck has dual band: wi fi, bluetooth, v5, a 3.5 millimeter stereo headphone, combo jack and a usb type c port that can be used to output the display on a tv or monitor it can do up to 8k at 60, hertz or 4k at 120 hertz.

In terms of controls, you get a deep pad. Two analog sticks, a bxy buttons, bumpers triggers two track bids and four additional buttons on the back that can be assigned in game. The steam deck has a built in gyro sensor as well. It works with an external keyboard or mouse, be it wired or bluetooth. You can also connect bluetooth headphones to the steam deck valve has packed a 40 whr battery in the steam deck. That is said to deliver between two to eight hours of gamma play the usb type c port supports 45w charging as well. It has stereo speakers and a dual microphone array in terms of dimensions: the steam deck measures, 298 x, 117 x, 49 millimeters and weighs 669 grams. There will also be a dock that will allow you to get external display connectivity via hdmi or displayport wired networking. A usb hub, etc.