Do you think traveling to space is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below jeff bezos will fly into space with his brother mark bezos. On the first human flight launched by his space company blue origin, bezos founded blue origin in 2000 and in a few weeks time the company’s sub orbital launch vehicle new shepard will take him to space. The spacecraft made its first uncrewed flight in 2015 and has so far completed 14 missions. A crude flight for new shepard was originally planned for 2019, but the ambitious timeline proved to be too difficult to meet and the plans were reset to 2021. Despite the delays. Blue origin is prepared to take the lead over competitors like virgin, galactic and spacex when it comes to commercial space flights virgin galactic space plane, vss unity completed its first manned flight in may 2021, and the company has claimed to have sold 600 tickets to space. However, no timeline for a commercial flight has been given as of yet elon. Musk spacex, on the other hand, has always been more interested in sending humans to mars. The company announced a commercial lunar mission in 2017 with a view to sending people around the moon in 2020. However, the plans haven’t materialized so far a new date for a six day. Lunar mission is set for 2023, when the spacex starship will take nine passengers into space. The whole trip is paid for by japanese billionaire yusaku meizawa, who is now on the lookout for eight volunteers to share the experience with him, but back to blue origin and jeff bezos.

So why exactly is he flying to space jeff bezos posted a video on instagram, explaining that he has dreamed of traveling to space since he was five years old? He will be on his way to fulfill that dream soon. But the motivation behind his flight is much more significant than that in april, blue origin missed out on a 2.9 billion dollar nasa contract to return humans to the moon. The contract was instead handed to elon musk’s spacex bezos accused nasa of being biased and has protested. The decision on government forums by announcing a trip to space bezos has his eyes set on becoming the first billionaire in space beating his rival elon musk. New shepard will launch from blue origin’s west texas facility taking jeff bezos mark bezos and two other guests on an 11 minute trip to the edge of outer space. The flight is scheduled for the 20th of july commemorating the 52nd anniversary of the first apollo mission to the moon. Unlike astronauts who wear spacesuits when traveling in space, the passengers on this automated flight will wear only a jumpsuit and take their seats by the windows. To gaze into outer space, as they experience three minutes of weightlessness a seat with the bezos brothers has been sold in an online auction for 28 million dollars. The winning bid will be donated to blue origins, foundation club for the future. Seven thousand people from 159 countries took part in the bidding process for a month.

Participants must meet qualification criteria set out by blue origin in order to be considered for a ride. The requirements include an ability to deal with heights, walk on uneven surfaces and handle up to three times the individual’s weight. The passengers will also have to sign several waivers and complete a special blue origin training program before taking their seat on the new shepard after 15 flights into space without any major complications. The trip seems to be secure enough. However, space travel is inherently filled with danger, which is why none of the insurance companies across the world have stepped forward to ensure the flight or the travelers. When re entering the earth’s atmosphere, a spacecraft’s external temperature can reach as high as 2000 degrees celsius, which might be too hot for the insurance companies at such temperatures. Astronauts and the spacecraft will experience an immense gravitational force and a lot of pressure will be exerted on the vehicle. However, the capsule is pressurized to deal with such situations. A crew escape system is also built into the spacecraft which isolates the capsule from the booster. If an issue is detected, the system can activate safely in any phase of flight. New shepard is a tried and tested spacecraft and, while there’s no way to absolutely negate the risks, the short flight is expected to safely make its way back to earth. Jeff bezos might be traveling to space to make a statement to his rival billionaires, but a successful mission can open doors for more accessible and affordable space exploration in the future.

What do you think about jeff bezos’s plans to fly into outer space? Do you think space travel will become accessible to everyone in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.